Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best this holiday season.

If you are like myself and are heading out later to do some last minute shopping today, try not to end up like this guy and get lost in the mall.

From the National post article; "Mr. Dion's next appearance with Chinese media at a mall in Markham faced similar troubles. A greeting party at the Markham Chinese Cultural Centre waited patiently before sending out a rescue party to find the absent leader, eventually locating him wandering through the mall's labyrinth of Chinese restaurants, knick-knack shops and bubble tea stands looking for the centre's storefront office with a bemused expression on his face. "Who is that?" asked the owner of a small Chinese grocery as Mr. Dion was guided past by local Liberal MP John McCallum."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

If this is all they have...

If this is the type of thing that the Liberals think is going to help them win the next election, they are going to be in for an unpleasant surprise.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rebranding the B team

Only Dion and the Liberals could call a group, that the media was referring to as The B team just a short time ago, as the dream team.

Highjacked by the left

As I was reading reaction to the recent firing of Canadian Wheat Board president Adrian Measner and the debate about the CWB (Dion's reaction here, and some other 'so called liberal' opinions can be found here, here, here, and here), and I have come to the conclusion the the Liberal Party of Canada is no more. Yes, there is some entity out there masquerading as the Liberal Party, and we all just watched that nice little show from Quebec where they elected a new leader, but it is not the same Liberal Party that Canadians once knew as it has been hijacked by the far left from right under the noses of true liberals.

How can anyone that likes to refer to themselves as a liberal be supportive of this abomination called the CWB and claim to believe in fairness, freedoms or anything else that is written in the charter of rights? I can understand this type of reaction from the NDP as the personal freedoms which they like to tout must inevitably be tossed aside in order to reach the socialist utopia that they dream of, but coming from the Liberals it becomes more proof that they have veered way to far to the left of center.

To deny a grower of a certain crop (wheat) within a certain geographic boundary (west of Ontario) the right to sell his product to whomever they see fit is just about the most un-liberal thing I can think of and not something that any liberal can honestly defend. Spin away, but don't do it while looking into a mirror as lying to yourself is not a healthy thing to do.

It is getting harder and harder to tell the Liberals apart from the NDP, and it is even harder now that the great 'renewal' has taken place.

The left has not only become fully entrenched in the party, but it looks like they have taken over and are setting the direction the Liberals, who could once claim to be a centrist party, are now heading. Bob Rae is writing policy, and if not for some sly dealing between Dion and Kennedy at the convention, Rae could have easily been elected the leader of the party over the much more centrist candidate Ignatieff. Think about that for a minute, Bob Rae is going to be setting the direction of the Liberal party in the future, Bob Rae!!

Jack Layton should indeed be worried as the Liberals are going hard to woo his base, and so to should all those Canadians out there who still think of the LPC is a centrist party.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

He's Back.

This looks interesting; Jean Chretien is back.


Dion ready for an election, but not just yet.

Right from his first day as leader of the Liberal party Stephane Dion has been saying that the Liberals are preparing for an election, but it looks like he is taking a pass on the first potential opportunity.

Stephane Dion says that the Liberals will not support a Bloc non-confidence motion calling for a change in our Afghanistan policy, and will vote against the motion.

Whether or not the motion even could bring down the government is debatable but it is nice to see that Mr.Dion is not going to jump at the first chance he can for an election. The reasons are only known to him and even if it was perhaps a bone for his new deputy leader, the reality of the latest poll, or just the fact that the Liberals are not really ready for an election, it was the correct decision to make.

Even Jack Layton looks to be in agreement as well.

Friday, December 15, 2006

So called........

The Lib bloggers are looking a bit euphoric because PM Harper used the words "so called greenhouse gases" in his press conference earlier today. From reading the blogs over there you would think that they have finally hit the jackpot and now the Canadian public will surely see that that this out of context quote somehow reveals the evil right wing, neo-con agenda.

Like hyenas on fresh kill, they are continuing to play the only card the Liberals have and that is to portray the conservatives as the spawn of Satan in order to divide and scare Canadians And in typical liberal fashion they are playing fast and loose with the facts.

Forget for a moment that the quote was very selectively taken from a much longer answer to a reporters question, but it is that the lib bloggers are inferring that the words "so called'' are in a negative context and somehow reveal PM Harper's deep thoughts and bias that make this nit picking and a stretch to say the least. When taken in context it is clear that this is not what the PM implied, but with the concern of the lib bloggers over this, it begs the question.

If using the term "so called" by the PM is supposed to somehow reveal a bias or his deep thoughts; would you not consider that the continuing use of the term "so called war on terror" by CBC news is also showing a bias or unsolicited editorial comment as well? Tomorrow can I expect liberal bloggers from all over Canada to call on the CBC to stop this blatant display of bias as the words "so called" must ,by themselves, show the bias of those that spoke them?

I didn't think so.

More free advice to my liberal friends. File the scare tactics in the waste basket as it not only makes you look weak and frightened, but it is the same losing tactic that you tried last election and it will net you the same result.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Senate Reform Bill

Pm Harper announced just a few minutes ago that he is tabling a bill on senate reform.

More from CBC here. This should make things interesting for the next little while.

CTV now has the story up here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bill 257, bad for everyone

Bill 257 is a private members bill from the Bloc Quebecois that if passed would ban the use of replacement workers during strikes at federally regulated businesses. This disaster of a bill should not be allowed to pass, and I advise you to check how your MP is planning to vote, because if it does it would give too much power to the unions and could in fact paralyze the country.

Far from being just a bill to limit the use of replacement workers, Bill 257 not only puts limits on what an employer can do during a lockout or strike, but it also puts limits on the union members themselves by not allowing them the choice to go work at their own jobs inside the company. It would force people in unions to strike even if they did not want to, which while bad for free choice and the workers, would help increase the strength of the union. Is it any wonder that all the unions are in favour of this legislation.

As for the employers, this bill would effectively shut them down for the duration of a strike or lockout. During a strike an Employer would not be able to hire any replacement workers, allow any member of the striking union to cross a picket line to work either at his regular job or even at another job in a different location, import his own employees from other locations to fill in , or allow any employee or management to do the job of a member of the striking union.

Did you catch that last line? No one, including management would be allowed to do any job that was performed by a union member. The only thing an employer would be allowed to do during a strike essentially would be to make sure the furnace was on so the pipes do not freeze and lock the doors. A union strikes and the employer shuts down; a unions dream but a nightmare for the rest of us.

Think about that for a moment. The union would not only have the power to shut down telecommunications companies like Bell and Telus (what about 911 service?), but could also shut down air travel in this country completely on a whim. Unions usually choose to strike at the moment where they can do the most damage to their employers and subsequently the public; think postal unions who seem to always go on strike just before the Christmas season, or better yet when was the last time a teachers union went on strike in July when school was out?

This bill give all the power to the unions, does not level the playing field, and has the ability to cripple our country and must be defeated. The Liberals and their new leader Stephane Dion have not yet decided on which way they will go on this, but so far Liberal MP Denis Coderre and few others are looking to be favour of this legislation.

How is your MP planning to vote?

News stories: Here, and here

Blog stories: here, and here

Your comments are as always welcome, and I would like to ask my Liberal friends their opinion on the proposed legislation as well.

Liberals after Jack?

Some speculation in liberal land about where Bob Rae should run for a seat in the next election, and Jack Layton's riding of Toronto-Danforth has been mentioned as a possibility.

I know that the Liberals are still trying to blame Jack for the defeat of Paul Martin's government, while totally ignoring the millions of Canadians who did the actual voting, but isn't targeting a leader considered a no no in political circles?

If they do decide to not target Jack, Bob Rae could always go just across the inner harbour and try his luck here?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A good week

From my perspective as a political junkie I would have to say it has been a great week. From last weekends leadership races in both the federal Liberals and the Alberta PC's, right up until tonight where I was at a little local meet and greet for like minded conservative individuals; it has been been a full week.

A big hello to some of you who I may have met earlier tonight who are checking out my blog for the first time; feel free to leave a comment and drop in anytime.

From the blogging prospective I couldn't be happier. I was lucky enough to have been the first to get posts up on the Blogging Tories on more than a couple of occasions and got the scoop so to speak. Not to toot my own horn as it has more to do with luck than anything else, but being the first one to post something feels great and more so knowing the talent that is here on the BT's. My stats are way up as well and I would like to thank everyone who popped in to have a look around and check out my little soapbox.

Have a great weekend everyone and although my blogging will be light due to my work schedule, I look forward to what the next week will bring.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dion on anti-Semitism

For Immediate release
December 8, 2006

Statement from Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion Regarding the Anti-Semitic Comments Made Against Bob Rae and Arlene Perly Rae

The hateful comments made against Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae and his wife Arlene Perly Rae at the Liberal leadership convention in Montreal are reprehensible and will not be tolerated within the Liberal Party of Canada.

Canada is a nation founded on diversity and tolerance for people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds. The Liberal Party of Canada celebrates and promotes this diversity and tolerance.

There is no room for abhorrent comments such as these within our Party. The individuals who made these despicable and prejudiced comments are condemned by myself and Liberals throughout Canada.


For further information contact:

Andre Fortin
Press Secretary

I await his response to Mr. Graham's Goebbels comments.

More on the Nazi thing and the MSM

There has been some concern among conservative bloggers about the lack of MSM coverage of Bill Grahams comparison of the new government to Nazis (currently less than 10 stories found) versus that of the infamous dog story.(over 400,000 hits)

The answer to this concern can be found in the facts of the 2 different events, and we know the media is all about the facts. So listen up my conservative friends while I try to explain the differences that justify the difference in coverage by the MSM.

In one of these we have clear video evidence of not only who said the slur, but also exactly what was spoken. While in the other instance we have no video of the speaker of said slur, but do have an enhanced audio tape with added sub titles to help you make out what was said in this top quality audio recording. Surly anyone who heard the tape could hear this.

In Hansard, the official record of the House of Commons, we get a nice concise word for word record of one event, while the other event is not recorded at all, almost as if it never took place.

The two comments themselves are also very much different both in spirit and meaning. In the one, anyone sane could figure out that 'you already have her' not only implies a dog, as well as who it was aimed at, but also the pure viciousness and women hate of he who spoke those vile words.

While in the other instance it is not so clear as to what was really implied. First off, the word Nazi was not spoken, so I have no idea where that came from. Also saying that the conservatives "were reading from a textbook" cannot possibly be considered a slur, but instead should be considered a compliment because we all know that reading is good. And lastly how could anyone possibly confuse this Gobels guy with a Nazi?

So my conservative friends, let me sum up by saying this; the MSM is all about the facts, and in this case the facts speak for themselves.

Liberal Comedy Classics or the N word?

Not that N word; Nazi.

Today the laugh a minute former temporary leader of the LPC, Bill Graham, compared the Conservative Government to Nazis, stating "The government members in this House behave as if they were reading from a textbook written by Mr. Goebbels when he was preparing for power in Germany," "It's disgraceful. . . It's dishonourable. . ."

This guy has a career in comedy locked up when the voters of his riding decide to send him packing. Just yesterday I wrote about another joke that Graham made in a speech at the LPC leadership convention last Friday; where rumour has it he was given a nice torch light parade by some of the delegates. This Graham guy is hilarious. If he would just mess up his hair a bit more he could be Canada's answer to Kramer or maybe he is just a Dick.

When you think comedy, Think Liberal!!


Bill gets some support.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bob Rae target of anti-semitism @ LPC convention

Was Bob Rae the target of an anti-Semitic smear campaign at the LPC convention last weekend in Montreal? It sure looks like it after reading this from CTV.

Somehow this does not surprise me.

ht to Ace from the comments @ SDA

This LibBlogger has some thoughts as well.

A few Random things

Hunter has a nice post up about the wheat board. I guess this is another one for the 'party of the charter' to twist themselves in knots over while denying the hypocrisy of their position.

Dion promises to reinstate the wheat board. Ok fine, but why stop there. If it is such a good idea to keep this top heavy monopoly going, also promise to include ALL Canadian grain farmers in the process as well, and not just those west of Ontario. After all the talk today in the house about equality, rights, freedoms, and fairness, it is the only right thing to do. Chance of this actually happening of course is zero.


Rick Mercier does a little number on the Liberal convention here.


Speaking of the LPC convention, how did this little nasty comment from Bill Graham escape unnoticed?

Bill Graham: "but you sit along way away from the Prime Minister of Canada. I sit in the House of Commons and it's two swords lengths away according to the measurements that, of the times And there are days that if I had the sword..." applause from the crowd.

Nice one Bill, jokes about stabbing the PM always make for a good laugh and show what a classy guy you are. I am wondering if Mr.Graham got these guys to write his speech for him?

Not funny at anytime.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Passport please.

Stephane Dion holds both Canadian and French citizenship, big deal or not?

Many Liberal supporters don't seem to see an issue with it as this topic has been making the rounds over the course of the day, but its not the votes of hard core libs that Dion has to worry about. It is the votes and thoughts of the average Canadian voter that should matter to Dion. Trying to dust this off as nothing, or name calling and labeling those who believe that there should be NO doubts at all about the loyalty of a possible Prime Minister of their country, would be foolish.

Free honest advice from a conservative, so take note.

Deal with this now, and tell the 'new guy' to turn in his French passport* as soon as possible. This is not the ideological hill to die on.

Spin all you like, but do so at your own peril.

End of free advice.

edit Dec 7th

* as pointed out in the comments. I would like to note that Mr.Dion does not actually possess a French passport. I will have to take their word for it because I have not been in Mr. Dion's sock drawer to dig around looking for it.

My point still stands though, and it would be best to just do the pragmatic thing and fix it. This subject is not going to die and it doesn't help that your favorite Liberal and mine, Belinda Stronach as well as Liberal MP Paul Sazbo both think he should dump the extra citizenship.

Updated: They continue not to get it. here here here here
The head cheerleader can be found here

Good comments here from Andrew Potter at Macleans h/t from one of the few lib bloggers who sees this for what it is, Nav Purewal

Another day another update: A few lib bloggers are starting to see this in a different light.
here here


Another and possibly the last update as it seems that Dion is willing (in Liberal speak) to toss his French citizenship. CBC has it here, and I called it here.

If he would have followed my advice from the beginning the time wasted over the last few days, looking not very leader like, could have been spent attacking Harper or re-selling Kyoto to Canadians.

So with him caving like this, do those that 'appreciate the fact that he is not bending to pressure' think he wimped out?

Delayed, but why?

Was the long delay in the passing of the Federal Accountability Act of the Liberal dominated senate done with a purpose in mind?

Check this out and render an opinion for yourself. Globe and Mail Story here. It looks like it is time once again to follow the money.

Big hat tip to Canadian Patriot at Defend Canada

Premier Stelmach

Congratulations Mr. Stelmach on your well deserved victory Saturday night. You were not the first choice on my ballot, but my second place vote was counted in your favour and you have my support.

I would have loved to have seen Jim Dinning's face the moment he realized that Ted Morton was the candidate that was going to be knocked off the ballot. There was no way in the world that JD was going to pick up more second place votes than Stelmach had from Morton's supporters, and he knew it. Priceless.

Looking at the numbers: Of the 41243 first place votes Morton received, 3o307 had made a second place choice. Dinning was the second choice of only 4227 of those voters, while Stelmach received 25813 votes or about 85% of the total.

So much for all this split party nonsense I keep hearing about.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Do you think it is easy to make priorities?"

Remember these words (approx 2:30 into the video) and expect to hear them often in the near future.

 (UPDATE: above link now dead but here is another video with the quote =)

Alberta, get out and vote!!

Today is the day; it's your chance to decide who will lead the PC Party of Alberta and become our next Premier.

Late edit: This quote has to be saved and perhaps may be the most biased question ever asked at a debate.

Mia Sosiak asks
“Mr. Morton, you’re perceived as a far-right candidate. You’re opposed to same-sex marriage and you are endorsed by some religious groups,
including Concerned Christians Canada. As leader, will you push your personal principles down the throats of Albertans or will you compromise your own beliefs to reach out to those with more moderate views? Which is it?”

Thursday, November 30, 2006

JD wants it too much.

If Jim Dinning loses the leadership vote on Saturday will he run in the next election and sit as an MLA? I would love to see anyone (in particular the MSM) ask him that question.

I have made comments in this blog in the past about why I do not want Jim Dinning to be the next leader of the Alberta PC Party, but I have never stated what really bothers me about him. So here goes: He wants it too much, and he has run his campaign thinking that it would be a coronation (not to be confused with the Quebecois nation).

I really do question this guys motives, which appear to me to more for himself than for the good of Alberta. The Paul Martin comparison again raises its ugly head when you look how Martin was driven to become PM at any cost, but once that goal was attained he had no idea what to do with the position and we had to live with the results. I fear that Dinning is cut from the same cloth and will not do a good job as the Premier of Alberta; which is standing up for Alberta and doing what is right for the province. If this guy would have actually campaigned with ideas instead of trying to maintain his 'chosen one' status and not rock the boat, I might not now be so worried. He didn't and has not shown any signs of leadership ability and therefore is not worthy of my vote.

I want someone who will stand up for Alberta, and yes that includes standing up to a Harper government. I want to see real ideas, real leadership and most of all a real commitment to this province, her people, and conservative principles. For myself that man is Ted Morton and on Saturday after working a 12 hour night shift I will stay awake and go cast my ballot for Ted and for Alberta.

Oh and it also doesn't hurt that Ted drives the lefties (from all over the country) nuts. Their dislike of him in itself is a good reason for Alberta conservatives to cast their ballot for Ted.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Closer than we thought?

The Politic has a nice piece up on the relationship between Paul Martin and Jim Dinning that is an interesting read.

The comparisons between the two men have been made in many places, but the relationship between the two has not been fully made public and would be very interesting to many Albertans.

Speaking of comparisons; it looks like Jim Dinning is going to try using the same type of scare tactics that his buddy Paul tried in the federal election against Stephen Harper. Desperate moves by a man who already has reached the height of his popularity and knows he is in trouble.
I expect more of this type of thing over the last few days of the campaign, and I also expect that it will backfire on JD as well.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Kennedy is a Liberal

Gerard Kennedy looks more and more like a Liberal leader as he announced that he will oppose the motion from PM Harper to recognize Quebecers as a nation within a united Canada.

Wow, what a show of leadership. He waits days to see how support for the motion pans out and how the other leadership candidates feel, looks at his 2% support in Quebec and his failing campaign, and then decides to be only candidate against the motion in an effort to gain votes.

What a joke, he wouldn't know leadership if it bit him on the ass, but in all fairness he has shown that he has learned a few long standing Liberal principles; say anything to get elected and have no real plan of your own. Sounds like he is indeed LPC leadership material.

Some things even disgust your common criminal

A burglar breaks into a house, a short time later he is calling the police giving them information as to where they can find a video camera and a note.

Read the rest here.

The burglary remains unsolved.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Final first ballot results

Here are the final results for the first ballot of the Alberta PC leadership race.

Final results of Saturday's Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership vote, with all 83 ridings reporting:

Jim Dinning 29,470
Ted Morton 25,614
Ed Stelmach 14,957
Lyle Oberg 11,638
Dave Hancock 7,595
Mark Norris 6,789
Victor Doerksen 873
Gary McPherson 744

Edit: Link to results by riding graphic from thepolitic.

The back room games have begun as fifth place finisher former cabinet minister Dave Hancock has thrown his support behind Stelmach.

It should be a fun week for everyone but Jim =)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's voting time

In about 5 minutes I will be heading out the door and casting my vote for the next leader of the Alberta PC party who in turn will also become the next Premier of this great province.

The weather is crappy as the temperature currently sits around the minus 23 mark and looks to be heading lower, the roads are still a mess with the winds and drifting snow from the last few days having taken their toll, and I can't find my good gloves for my walk to the polling station at a nearby school. My situation is not so bad, but I am beginning to wonder how the weather may disrupt the turnout and how this could effect the outcome of today's vote.

Local organization and the ground game are going to be big factors today, but perhaps it will be the commitment level of voters that will make the difference. I guess time will tell, but those candidates with large rural support and those whose support might be best categorized as soft, may be in for some disappointment when the results are announced.

Now where did I put those gloves?

Friday, November 24, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

At least if you are a conservative that is.

Did anyone catch the press scrum after the PM's announcement regarding the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, in Montreal earlier today?

Do yourself a favour and read or watch it now. Paul Wells has text of it here. CTV News video here and here.

The PM knocks another one over the fence, and in Gilles home park no less! Also as a little stocking stuffer, the PM looked very media friendly in doing so.


Another gift, although from an unlikely source, would be Rick Mercier's rant this week. Rick sees what everyone else in the country sees with the position the PM has taken on China and human rights; that is everyone else but the Liberals. Ht: to another late night blogger, Jarrett .


Earlier in the week we had the announcement about reverse onus for bail being granted those arrested for gun crimes, at which lefty Toronto Mayor David Miller and Ontario's Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty stood by PM Harper as he made the announcement. Combine that with the standing ovation the PM received in the House of Commons earlier in the week and you can see that the spirit of the season has overtaken the opposition and the PM's detractors. Well, it is either that or people recognize good policy when they see it. I lean more towards the good policy argument myself, but it is the festive season.


Also from earlier in the week, Canadians of present day as well as those of future generations received a bit of Christmas cheer when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty gave us his financial update. Paying down the debt is good, just take a look at your credit cards in January and try to tell me different.


All in all it has been a wonderful week to be a Conservative, and Prime Minister Harper has given us all a look at something Canadians haven't seen much of under their trees for a number of years. Leadership folks, its called leadership and it's a gift that keeps on giving.

Paying down the debt

In an economic update delivered to the House of Commons finance committee, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the government will continue to cut income taxes and will reduce the GST by another percentage point, to five per cent, not later than 2011, and Flaherty hopes to eliminate billions of dollars in net debt within the next 15 years, calling it "a matter of fairness for future generations."

Sound financial strategy that is the correct thing to do (there has been a lot of that lately from the new government) . It is common sense that we pay down the debt in the same way millions upon millions of Canadians try to do for themselves every month. Paying out money, that could be going elsewhere, as interest is stupid and most Canadians know this; but not all seem to see this basic financial truism.

Jack Layton is one such Canadian, and he called the plan "reckless." While I am not surprised at this answer coming from a socialist like Jack, I am surprised that he considers what millions of Canadians try to accomplish with their own finances, the same people he claims to represent, would be considered reckless. You are out of touch Jack, at least with those who have jobs and pay taxes in this country.

This is not the first time the Conservatives have made debt reduction a reality in their short time in government, but Jack was upset at that one as well. Go figure.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Leader of a country

It has been a few days since I have had any time to pay attention to the news, much less string together a few sentences and make a blog post, but today I had some spare moments and it looks like my timing couldn't have been better.

Today Canadians have again witnessed something they are not used seeing on a regular basis from Ottawa and their federal government. To quote Craig Oliver, "In what maybe his finest moment since becoming Prime Minister; Harper trumped a separatist motion, on Quebec independence, with one of his own." To put it in my words, Stephen Harper displayed leadership and has shown again that indeed he is the Prime Minister of Canada and of all Canadians.

For all the fears from the opposition during the last election campaign of how much of a monster he was going to be, the reality has been very much different. Pandering to special interests is not how this guy does business. On almost every issue the PM has taken a stand, based not on what the polls or even his so called 'base supporters' desire, but on what was the correct thing to do.

This motion trumps the Bloc's motion, gains big support in Quebec, received positive reviews by the MSM, has done something long overdue, pisses off many of the so called base, and in a very ironic bit of fallout, may just have saved Michael Ignatieff's bacon and that of the Liberal party who have been torn apart over the "Quebec nation' issue. Today's motion is just one example, income trusts another, and the foreign policy stance of this government has taken on more than a few issues has also shown that sometimes the right thing may not be the popular thing to do.

This guy just keeps continuing to impress me, and today I think he may have impressed an entire country. Not everyone agrees with him, but none can argue that is has not shown leadership as the Prime Minister of Canada, and is nowhere near the right wing pandering monster that he has been portrayed as in the past.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I want to go back home

I am beginning to wonder if I have entered another dimension where everything is backwards. Case in point the latest news with China. I watched John Manley (among others) today on tv trying to state that the PM is wrong for trying to stand up for human rights in China, and that this might hurt Canadian trade with the worlds most populace country.

What the %%$#? I thought the Liberals were the ones that stood up for "Canadian values", and that worrying over potential lost dollars from trade was something the CPC, or the 'party in the back pocket of big business', would be concerned about. Money over human rights from the Libs? Perhaps it is China's support of Kyoto and the environment that the Liberals are trying to defend with their peculiar actions, but it is strange stuff indeed. I am almost expecting an evil Mr. Spock to knock on my door any minute now.

It is nice to see that the Liberals have finally learned that how you treat and respect your trading partners can effect the economy, but it also makes me wonder where this worry was, or even is, when they constantly bash our largest trading partner with whom we share a common border with.Crazy bizzarro stuff to be sure, the next thing you know the Liberals will be inviting US politicians to speak at their leadership convention.

Bring me back to my dimension please; this place scares me and is making me lose my mind. Here the 'nazi like neo cons" not only support the Jews but they are trying to clean up the environment, and I swear that just the other day I heard that Bob Rae was running for the Liberal leadership against a guy who lived in the US for over 20 years!

Beam me up Scotty, take me back home.


Some associated links

Chucker sums up why there will be no fallout with our trade with China. * A word of warning, if you own a dollar store you may disagree with his views.

Adam Daifallah questions who the party of human right really is.

Lets see the plans

All this hot air (sorry about the very over used pun) over the environment is really starting to get to me. It would appear that this is the issue that the opposition feels is the CPC weak point and they are doing everything they can to go for the jugular.

Great strategy, but pointing out problems is always easier than coming up with solutions and so far I haven't heard much from the opposition parties about what they would do about the problem. I will exempt the NDP from this as they do have the makings of a plan and they are trying to do something about it by working with the government on the clean air act. Kudos to Jack and the NDP for doing something other than just flapping their gums as the Liberals have been doing because the polls show the environments is becoming an issue with Canadians, all while ignoring the fact that they had their chance and did nothing.

Lets see what you got Libs, show us how you will save the day. The only thing you should remember is that buying carbon credits in the absence of real change isn't going to cut it.

Andrew Coyne has a nice post up on his blog on the subject and of course does a much better job than I could ever do getting to the truth.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Our Prime Minister continues to impress and surprise me. Story here.

Stephen Harper is unlike any politician we have seen in this country for a long long time, and those that think he fits into some kind of preset mold, or those that underestimate him are making some very big mistakes.

"I think Canadians want us to promote our trade relations worldwide, and we do that, but I don't think Canadians want us to sell out important Canadian values," Harper said. "They don't want us to sell that out to the almighty dollar."

The left must be going nuts.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A roast isn't just a chunk of meat.

The Ralph and Belinda Show (which I blogged about Wednesday) continues to make waves today as it gets more blog time and the MSM tries to make a big deal out of it.

Lighten up people; this was a roast and comments such as this are not only common place but they are also more or less to be expected from the guest of honour and those that roast them.

Why any MSM organization would choose to run a comment/joke made at a roast as news makes for an interesting question. Do they not know what a roast is, or could it be for some other reason like pure shock value, for ratings, or....? I do not know the answer, but using quotes from such an event is not only bad journalism, it should make these reporters former journalism professors slap them in the head for being so stupid. News is supposed to be based on some type of truth and reality; at a roast reality and truth are left at the coat-check in exchange for a few non politically correct laughs.

I know Godwin's law did not exist when this clip from one of Dean Martin's famous celebrity roasts was filmed and I doubt that something like this would make it on tv in today's politically correct world, but I can imagine what the headline might look like in the paper the next day if it did:

Scooby Doo a Nazi!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

EDA Update: Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont

On Nov 2, current EMB MP Mike Lake received news that he had been acclaimed as the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate in Edmonton - Mill Woods - Beaumont for the next Federal Election.

For those not familiar with the situation, Mike was expecting a challenge from Tim Uppal for the nomination, but that did not materialize as Tim Uppal has decided to try his luck right next door in the EDA of Edmonton - Sherwood Park, where current MP Ken Epp has announced he will not run in the next election. More info here.

And a final update to this story: Tim eventually went on to win in Edm- Sherwood Park in a tight race, and congratulations are due. Well played Mr.Uppal, you have proven yourself to be good politician and will do well in Ottawa as the MP for Edm-Sherwood Park.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ralph does it again

At a roast last night Premier Ralph Klein again said what was on his mind when referring to Belinda Stronach stated:

“I wasn’t surprised she crossed over — I don’t think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body,” said Klein. “Well, except for one.”

Here is a video link to the quote, and another if the first disappears.

Love him or hate him, he will be missed.

Grapes gets booed.

In the news today, Don Cherry was booed in the House of Commons by some Quebec MPs as he was recognized by the Speaker of the House.

Come on people, show a little bit of class. This is not the American national anthem here, this is Don Cherry.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A bad week continues

First my portfolio need a trip to the ICU and now I, along with everyone else in my house, have come down with the flu.

Nothing like laying around watching CPAC all day and not having the energy to blog. Hopefully this will be over soon, but in the mean time if you have a chance go get yourself a flu shot. They are not 100% effective but if it save you from the misery I am going through it will be worth it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Income trusts, a late opinion.

With the recent change to income trust tax law let me say this on behalf of my portfolio, ouch!!!

To say I took a beating is an understatement, but having watched the ups and downs over the years has me less worried than those who recently entered the game. 4 years is a long time for recovery and the already taxed payments will continue to come in.

It was a move that had to be made and in a rare multi-party moment of unity almost everyone agrees that it had to be done. The ugly part of the news was that it was promised during the election that the Conservatives would not tax income trusts, which referred to the Liberals teasing the market by saying they may do it but backed off doing the right thing for political reasons; and do not forget the market did tank, losing 23 Billion in income trust values. Well, to be truthful not everybody lost money, but the RCMP are still looking into this matter.

When Bell and Telus started making noise about going the income trust route with the expected tax loss to government to be more than 1 billion dollars added to the speculation that the banks would soon be next; the situation was indeed different and the government had to take action even if it meant breaking an election promise. Politically this sucks, not because it was wrong thing to do, or that the situation had indeed changed requiring the changes, but because the optics of a broken promise will not be good.

The Liberals are milking it for all they are worth in an attempt to make something stick, but when most Liberals agree that this was the right decision, it makes the strategy a bit lacking.
""We agree with the long-term destination ... what object to is the dishonesty and the process. It was not necessary to have a $25-billion meltdown to get to that destination," McCallum said. As if the months of speculation and uncertainty the Liberals showed on this file in the past was a somehow an example of how things should be done, give me a break.

Last point on all of this was something I had noticed. Every comment I heard on this story when it broke contained a phrase similar to this: 'this decision was unexpected'. Yes it was, and not even those on Scott Brison's blackberry email list were privy to the news in advance this time.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sex offender set free

From CTV just a few minutes ago. Malcolm Watson, 35, who was sentenced to three years probation for sex offences in the US and plea bargained a deal which allowed him to serve out his time with his family in Canada, has been set free by a Canadian judge reviewing his arrest by the Canadian Border Service agency.

Time for a new sign on our border. Welcome to Canada, all criminals welcome.

A few from todays news.

Some Canada Post employees have assumed the role of censor over your mail and refuse to deliver "anti-gay" mail. So for all the Canada Post employees out there, it isn't your job to read the mail and decide if its content is proper, it is your job to deliver it.

Whether or not it is hate literature is up to some kind of judicial body to decide, posties and left wing bloggers should not be the ones to decide this type of thing but yet some feel that it is somehow their responsibility. Again the alleged 'pro rights' people of the left go out of their way to stomp out others rights because they think they know better. Imagine a conservative refusing to deliver a NDP mailer to people on his route, me thinks his union would not be backing him up.


With all the coverage on the Peter Mackay 'a gesture is worth 1000 words' story and how the conservatives hate women comes this little story about a group of people who really do hate women. An Australian Imam comments that appear to be justifying rape is in hot water when he stated "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside ... without cover, and the cats come to eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat's?"

I tried finding this story on CBC but came up empty, but I did get 13 hits for the Mackay dog story, go figure. I guess blaming the victim in a rape and calling women meat does not rate when compared to a non story about a dog in the eyes of Canada's public broadcaster, or maybe it is just because they are not cat people?


Those cartoons are back in the news as a Danish court spoke out in favour of free speech. Free speech again wins out, at least for now.


As Joe Pesci would say "yoots on the rampage" and Paris is burning. Does anyone want to take a guess on the majority religious preferences of said yoots? Nah, I wouldn't want to speculate since the press is doing such a good job avoiding this very question and doing their politically correct best not to get firebombed. Who am I to state the obvious.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lyle has a Secret

I've Got a Secret Mr.Oberg, unless you are auditioning for a new version of an old game show, this does not look good on your leadership abilities. Come on man, you are running for the leadership of this great province, try showing some.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Whopper of the week from the Star

From a Toronto Star article about their own lack of coverage on the recent resignations and turmoil at the Star, comes this beauty. (emphasis mine)

"The Star does not quote unnamed sources who make critical comments about others — and that's as it should be, since readers would have no idea who the sources are, nor if they had motive for mischief-making.

Excuse me while I wipe away my tears from laughing so hard. It is no wonder the paper is in trouble. Judging by what was written it looks like their own staff do not even read the Star, because if they did they could never have written the above BS.

What constitutes an unnamed source? This from the same article:

"They pursued the Globe angle, but unhelpfully quoted "sources close to the Star," "some sources," "a Toronto shareholder who asked not to be named," "a source close to Torstar," "a source close to one of the five families," "another source close to Torstar," "analysts," "insiders," — some confirming, some denying, friction at the board"

I know I have seen all of the above examples used in the Star in the past , and even a quick search today reveals plenty of examples of unnamed sources in recent stories as well. Oh the irony.

But then again I am not a member of a professional news organisation so what do I know.

Link to Proud to be on the article

Monday, October 23, 2006

Round up Time

I have been busy at work (not that anyone out there cares) , so I will now do a recap of some of the events of the last week that I was unable to comment on due to that pesky thing called work.

The environment was a hot topic with the release of the clean air act. The response from the left, including the clueless Liberals, was for the most part typical and worse yet was an example of playing politics with a serious issue. Steve Janke has a nice post here about the politics of the environment.

I used the word clueless about the Liberals because the facts about their environmental policies speak volumes about the all talk no action party. Stephen Taylor does a good job as always busting up Liberal spin on the CPC plan when they themselves have no plan. Spending billions of taxpayer dollars buying credits on some kind of global carbon market is not a plan, it is just plain stupid, but just another example of a Liberal 'big plan' that goes nowhere and costs us all bigtime.

Even some the candidates for the LPC leadership agree with me,"the chosen one" Iggy said "We didn't get it done", and Ken Dryden added his "we didn't get it done", (approx 7:50) when speaking about the Liberal record on the environment. This of course sent former environment minister Stephane Dion into a tizzy where he whined "This is unfair" and this gem at the end "do you think it is easy to make priorities?" (Video here approx 2:30)

That last comment from Dion could be the entire CPC election campaign for the next election.
"Do you think it is easy to make priorities?" I don't know Stephane, ask PM Harper as he seems to be able to do it just fine. It kind of sums the differences between the two parties in 9 simple words doesn't it?

Garth Turner was big news for a few days and while I managed to be the first of the Blogging Tories get a post up on the breaking news of his suspension, I did not have time to comment on the subject.

This move should not have come as a surprise to anyone who has read Garth's blog, and even less of a surprise to the man himself.

Garth, I have always respected you, but you acting surprised at this decision is doing no favour to your credibility. You blog is full of examples of where you admit that you are aware of the conflicts, including examples of the warnings, so drop the act and get on with what you want to do. I still have faith in that you will do the right thing, and wish you the best in your decision.

By the way; this is an honest wish on my part, unlike some of those from the left who want to be your new best friend, not for you or your views, but for political gain, I do wish you the best in the future.

Byelections. PM Harper announced that 2 byelections will occur on November 27, 2006. The reaction? You guessed it, outrage from the Liberals, the party famous for calling elections at opportune times for political gain, is upset the PM has called for a vote in ridings where the CPC have little chance of winning. The same Stephen Harper that wound like fixed election dates for the general election in an effort to avoid just what the Liberals are claiming he is doing. The only solution would be for the PM to allow the power to set the date themselves, but I think they might be outraged by that as well.

The dog story: This thing has some legs to it, which is even more reason why he should have just apologised for making a stupid off the cuff reply and be done with it. It also continues to show what the MSM in this country thinks constitutes news. Outraged Liberals seems to = media time.

Early Liberal policy on Afghanistan. This story didn't get play in the news that I expected it would, but that does not make it any less damning.

Is there nothing that these guys do not play politics with?

EDA News:Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont

The nomination meeting for Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont will be held on November 22nd 2006. All paper work must be filed by midnight Nov 1st, and party memberships must be purchased before Nov 1st to be eligible to vote at the meeting.

For those not familiar with the EMB situation; the current MP for EMB MP Mike Lake is expecting a challenge from the yet undeclared Tim Uppal.

I am proud to state that I am supporting Mike Lake in the nomination and if anyone is interested in supporting Mike, they can purchase a membership by calling 465-(edit) before the deadline at the end of the month.

More to follow as the information comes in.

I will bring this up to the top tomorrow, but the latest is that Tim Uppal will NOT be making a challenge in EMB. He has his eyes set on another prize next door in Edmonton-Sherwood park where current MP Ken Epp is planning to retire.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I missed out on my 15 minutes.

I was going to comment on the big 'dog' story the other night but instead ended up updating the site to beta blogger, and in doing so missed out on my shot at fame.

Blogging Tories in the news

Life goes on, and it looks like I will have to wait for CTV to visit again; that is when they find the time.

I am aware that they are very busy at CTV, with reporting how the CPC are tied with the Liberals (Oct 18th), or that women don't like the CPC (Oct 21st). So busy in fact that they missed another poll entirely.

Hey CTV why not do a story about why this poll has not made CTV news at all.

For those playing along at home, I have a challenge for you. Go to CTV, CBC, Google News or any other type of search engine and search for the word 'poll', and try to find the above mentioned poll. Compare to the number of stories found with the other 2 polls mentioned above.
Notice anything strange in regards to the number of stories on the respective polls?

For added fun search out the word 'dog', count the number of MSM stories and see what the MSM considers as news.

Somehow I doubt CTV will report that.

Oh and FYI, I do not get my "talking points" from anyone.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Garth Turner Gets the boot

Breaking news from CTVnewsnet states that Garth Turner has been suspended from the conservative caucus.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

You be the Judge?

Canada should be looking beyond the US for trading partners or so says Liberal blogger Werner Patels. Included in among his reasons for doing so is because this woman "is showing more and more of her hostility towards Canada in her remarks."

I know it is hard to believe but Judge Judy has become anti-Canadian and now we must take our trade elsewhere.

Shocked? I know I am as this development in Canada US relations was previously unknown by myself, and I am sure it was to many others as well.

There is more including "the Americans violated a post-1812 treaty and commenced military operations in the Great Lakes region, poisoning Canadians' lake water with tons of lead in the process." and this bit "The Bush administration is playing nicy-nice with Stephen Harper, but once Harper's back is turned, out come the daggers from behind."

I leave will leave you to be the ''judge" if we should drop those Canadian haters to the south, but will offer one last bit of advice. Gerard, this guy looks like cabinet material so you had better snap him up before one of the other leadership candidates grabs him for themselves.


Friday, October 13, 2006

From the Anthill Oct 13th

Some thoughts on a few various topics:

The Oilers are looking a little better than some had predicted. Tonights game against San Jose was a doozy. Down 4-1 about half way through the second period the Oil came back scoring 1 in the second and scoring 4 more in the third period to give them the 6-4 win. Ryan Smyth not only scored a natural hat trick but did so in a mere 2:01 breaking the old record of 2:18 held by, guess who?
I guess you have to add my name to the list of child abusers as well after this UN report was released earlier today. h/t Why doesn't the left just come right out and say parents no longer matter, and declare that the state must raise all children.


The proposed legislation on repeat offenders looks good. Some of the usual suspects are coming out against the legislation and I hope that they remind people of their opposition to this when they are going door to door in the next election.


My Name is Earl has to be the funniest show on TV, it never fails to make me laugh.


Stephen Harper says the darndest things, and continues to play the Liberals like a violin.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

The 'Memo' Revisited.

Remember that memo that was 'leaked' to the Toronto Star a few weeks ago regarding how the conservatives view the potential leaders of the Liberals and the next election campaign?

This quote from the Linda Diebel article has a little more meaning today.

"Finley, a key Tory war-room strategist in the last federal election, says Ignatieff (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) "worries me most." However, a hand-written margin note by an unknown person adds: "Puts his foot in his mouth too much. Will be problematic (for Ignatieff)."

So it comes as no surprise that Iggy has done it again. The spin goes on from some of his supporters, but the damage has already been done. How much damage is anyone's guess, but this cannot be a positive for his campaign.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not compatible

Some people draw pictures in Denmark, and in Tehran they firebomb an embassy. Another over reaction brought to you by the Religion of Peace.
Would someone remind me again how this type of thing is compatible with 'western culture'?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Cut them all off

Lisa over at Dust my Broom has posted some thoughts on the funding cut to the Status of Women, and I am in agreement with her thoughts on the subject.

Being a man with a testosterone poisoned mind I have learned to tread lightly on this subject so not to appear to be keeping the sisters down, but it is clear that the SOW does not, nor possibly could it represent all women.

They are a special interest group that only represent a FEW, and if the FEW want to keep it going they had better pony up the cash because it is unfair to the REST to have their tax dollars going to prop up select groups while ignoring others.

In other words,' you can't fund one without the other', and unless the government wants to run a deficit it would be impossible to fund every type of advocacy group out there, both existing and those that would suddenly arise knowing they can get some cash. I think I can speak for most Canadians when I say that we do not want to fund the "Committee for Redheaded Norweigens who like Squirrels a bit too much"

The Liberals do not like this very much because groups such as the SOW only survive by creating victims, and the nanny Liberals then can hold a nice press conference to announce their support for the victim(s) and pass out large amounts of cash for unaccountable programs in an effort to appear to care, results be damned.

The word 'results' is not even in the Liberal vocabulary, but this should not be surprising considering that this is the way the Liberals have governed for years, and the only result has been billions of dollars spent with little in the way of accountability for the money.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Gap

Bill Graham, leader of the leaderless, eats some crow for the remarks he made in his attack of the new chief of staff of the environment minister, Darrel Reid.

I guess that since the Liberals have no real ideas or policies of their own they have to resort to the gutter politics of attacking people and spreading fear, but even this they manage to screw up as the above noted apology shows.

Keep up the good work. Canadians are watching and they are seeing an even wider gap forming between the Conservatives and Liberals style of governance.

This isn't going to help that gap either, but goes to show that these guys continue to think that every tax dollar not only belongs to them, but that it also must be spent.

Like I said earlier, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Refugee board judge busted

An Immigration and Refugee Appeal Board judge has been caught on camera trying to gain sexual favors in return for approval of a refugee application.

Story here

The video which was shot by the womans boyfriend has been forwarded to the chaorman of the IRB and the judge in question has been suspended ( my guess is with pay) and the matter forwarded on to the RCMP.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

From the Anthill Sept 29th

Our PM never stops impressing the hell out of me. Earlier today at the Francophonie summit PM Harper showed not only that he is a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, but he also did the right thing by getting that resolution changed. The right thing and the Canadian thing.

This bit from a comment left on Chuckers blog made me laugh and spoke volumes.

"What Harper did today was, regardless of the MSM best efforts to play it low key as possible without looking conspiratorial, remarkable. He stood top representatives of 52 other nations on their ears and made it stick. On his best day Paul Martin couldn't stick a wad of gum to the underside of his office desk."

You can always tell when Prime Minister Harper is doing very well when a story as widely covered as this gets totally ignored by our Liberal blogging friends. Sure they have that 'Super Weekend' thing going on, but they always seem to find the time to criticize the PM no matter what else is going on in Liberal land.

By the way, doesn't that 'Super Weekend' title sound a bit too American like with their Super Tuesday? I thought Liberals were against that?
You can follow along here


This is nice; Iggy wants to put Bob Rae in his cabinet .


Joe Volpe fined 27,486,889.10 Lira for violations of Liberal election rules.

His response here

Hang in there Joe, they may be out to get but you might yet have the last laugh as the other leadership contenders come begging for your support.

Speaking of Liberal rules; how much in total fines were levied over that adscam thing?


This brings back some memories as Norad intercepts Russian bombers.


If you have not yet seen this interview with Rona Amborse on Duffy today, I suggest you watch it. This government is again proving that it is very different than that last bunch who pulled the wool over the Canadian eyes by just winging it for 13 years.

And lastly for tonight, this bit from Rex Murphy on Kyoto from October 22, 2002. h/t PTBC

Enjoy your weekend

Friday, September 29, 2006

Off Balance

It is like the LPC took one too many punches to the head and are stumbling around the ring off balance.

All of this due to one little piece of paper referred to by many as "the memo".

Liberal Bloggers are quite active on this and seem to have varied opinions. See here, here here, here, here, here. There are many more but you get the idea.

The candidates are into it as well. Rae and Iggy

And we cannot forget the MSM

Damn, this is entertaining watching both the spin, mixed with paranoia and over or maybe under analysis over one little paper from the CPC.

Not relating to the memo but still on topic; here is a video look at Bill Graham trying to get up off of the canvas after a round with the PM.

h/t OfficiallyScrewed

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Feminism and me.

It would appear that I have been tagged by Joe Calgary to give 'five things feminism has done for me.' I am not sure if I should be honoured to be tagged or to call my lawyer, but either way here goes.

1. Feminism has, or should I say has tried to make me feel guilty just for carrying the Y chromosome. I am told me and my kind are all potential rapists, that as a man I am above the glass ceiling in the working world, and that despite the basic laws of nature I should not look at attractive women.

2. Feminism has shown me that no matter how many of my tax dollars go to so called women's groups, these groups will never represent all women equally.

3. Feminism has caused the near extinction of what was once considered to be basic courtesy and manners. I fear that I might be taken in front of some kind of tribunal if I dare teach my son to open a door, give up a seat, or to never strike a woman.

4. Feminism has shown me that stupidity and intolerance are not just traits found in males.

5. Being out of ideas for my last response, I asked my wife the question and this is what her response was. "Feminism has downgraded the role of mothers."

She then added that this answer would not be what I was looking for, by assuming that I was after only positive comments for whatever I was up to on the computer, but it was her first thought on the subject.

I think her comment sums up things rather nicely, and again reminds me why I love this woman.