Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dion ready for an election, but not just yet.

Right from his first day as leader of the Liberal party Stephane Dion has been saying that the Liberals are preparing for an election, but it looks like he is taking a pass on the first potential opportunity.

Stephane Dion says that the Liberals will not support a Bloc non-confidence motion calling for a change in our Afghanistan policy, and will vote against the motion.

Whether or not the motion even could bring down the government is debatable but it is nice to see that Mr.Dion is not going to jump at the first chance he can for an election. The reasons are only known to him and even if it was perhaps a bone for his new deputy leader, the reality of the latest poll, or just the fact that the Liberals are not really ready for an election, it was the correct decision to make.

Even Jack Layton looks to be in agreement as well.

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wilson said...

Good to see that once again Duceppe and his separatist party was made irrelevant by all 3 Fed parties sticking together in Canada's interest.
-Quebec is a Nation
-Mission in Afghanistan

I hope this trend continues.
This should illustrate to Quebecers that the Bloc is going nowhere, aand can do nothing!