Friday, November 30, 2007

To the 307 Liberal Riding Presidents in Montreal....

Please have some sympathy for this man, Allan Armsworthy, as you party put on a brave face to cheer on your "leader" this weekend in Montreal.

After all, poor Allan has nothing to do until after the next election when the good Liberal supporters of Central Nova will again get to choose for themselves a Liberal candidate; instead of having Dion unilaterally decide that the Liberals are no longer a national party and that they should support a nazi obsessed person from another political party instead.

So please do enjoy your party, but also remember to take some time to think of Allan and all those other abandoned Liberals in Central Nova.


A bit of NON truth in advertising from the Liberal Party of Canada website linked above:

Central Nova:

"Your riding is currently not held by a Liberal Member of Parliament. Here are five ways you can help the Liberal team win back your riding today.
  1. Join the Liberal Party and help us make Canada a better place.
  2. Become a volunteer and create change in your own neighborhood.
  3. Make a donation to help us fund our next election campaign.
  4. Spread the word about the Liberal vision for Canada with your friends and neighbours.
  5. Stay informed — sign up for Liberal e-news and learn more about what the Liberal team is doing for you."
So exactly how are the Liberals possibly going to "win back" the riding if they have no candidate running? Maybe they should add a number 6 to the above list.

6. Get rid of Stephane Dion and bring democracy and leadership back to the LPC.

Now there is some truth in advertising.


All you can eat pasta, cooked up by KHS

I noticed that a few people have jumped all over the new revelation by Karlheinz Schreiber that there was no pasta business "All this nonsense with the pasta business is five years later...."It had nothing to do with any pasta business.... It didn't simply exist...."Pasta had nothing to do with it. It was for light armoured vehicles."

Interesting because this is what he said under oath in testimony in 2004, Mr. Schreiber said under oath: "I was involved in the pasta business and enriched Durham semolina products and this is the moment when I spoke to him about Archer Daniels. And he provided me with some material on it," he said.

According to an affidavit he swore on Nov. 7, Mr. Schreiber expected the former prime minister to help establish a light armoured vehicle factory in Nova Scotia. When the deal fell through after the Liberals took power, Mr. Schreiber said -- up until yesterday -- that he then expected Mr. Mulroney to help him promote a business he incorporated in June, 2001, called Reto Restaurant Systems International Inc.


Another day, another bit of sworn testimony changed to suit the current needs of KHS.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Entertainment tonight from the ethics commitee, sort of

Thanks Mary. I am standing a few feet away from the doors to the ethics committee room where Karlheinz Schreiber is expected to testify later today, and all I can say is that you can feel the excitement in the air as people start to file by on the red carpet. It is a who's who of media celebrities as they gather to cover an event that the average Canadian could care less about. One thing you can say about the Canadian MSM Mary, is they know where their bread is buttered.

The security is tight today as the throng of reporters busily attempt to interview anyone who walks by, or in the event no one is walking by, themselves. I just talked with the CBC's Nancy Wilson about today's events which see called "very interesting", and we both agree that their has not been this much excitement among the press in Ottawa since the PM had his last press conference. I wanted to speak with Blogging Tory Stephen Taylor, but some members of the PPG ran him off with a pitchfork when they spotted him earlier in the day, so he was unavailable for comment.

Still plenty more to see today as, oh wait, look over there; I see Jane Taber and CoJo doing as who is hot and who is not on fashion segment. Both of them are wondering if Mr. Schreiber will be wearing his orange jumpsuit today or a new suit that his lawyer Edward Greenspan picked up in Chicago on business recently. On the other side of the red carpet I think I see Mike Duffy interviewing Jim Travers, no wait, it looks like Don Newman is interviewing Travers, no wait again, Duffy and Newman are now fighting over who is going to interview Travers, oh the humanity. Good thing that Chantel Hubert has now stepped in to separate the two or it could have been very messy.

It is indeed a media frenzy here Mary! or perhaps circus would be a better word.

Before I go I will leave you with this bit of breaking news. I just ran into Ben Mulroney doing a bit for CTV, and he promised me that he would be doing an exclusive interview with one of the big names from the hearings. I couldn't get him to reveal the name, but he promises that it will be big, your guess is as good as mine so I guess we will just have to wait and see who it is and ignore the idol chatter until then.

Back to you in the studio Mary, or was that Cheryl?

Toronto: the fishbowl

I think most are already familiar with the recent poverty report from the United Way which claimed that 1 in 3 Toronto families live in poverty. True or not, I am not to judge, but I think this report, and the expected response from socialists everywhere, offer up a golden opportunity to prove that pie in the sky elaborate government programs do not work or even come close to what they intend to do.

Put Toronto in a fishbowl and conduct the grand experiment.

Let Premier McGuinty pour tons of money into the targeted problem, and encourage him to do so even if it means increased taxes. Lets encourage Mayor Miller to continue on with the grand ideas he already has to deal with the poverty issue and come up with a few more as well. I would hate to have someone say that it could have been accomplished if we only had a few more dollars, so lets have the PM open up the cheque book for the a short length of time to pay for all of these wonderful ideas until the experiment is over.

Then we can sit back and look into our fishbowl and see the true utopia that is Toronto; where poverty and all that stems from it, like crime and various other social strife, are history.

Come on all you on the left, this is your chance do what Cuba and the Soviet Union never could do and prove that socialism works. Put my money where your mouth is and lets see what happens when your slogans are put into action.

I already have a good idea how it would turn out, what do you think would happen?


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kevin Rudd's position on a post Kyoto agreement

Australian Labor Party leader and newly elected PM Kevin Rudd: "I have made absolutely clear that we would need to see clear-cut commitments from the major emitters from the developing world for us to become party to that agreement" Source

Sounds an awful lot like the position of PM Harper doesn't it?

While I am on the subject, how is it that liberals and other assorted lefties are so adamant that Canada, even if other countries like China and India do not do their fair share, must shoulder the burden on climate change no matter what the consequences?

Compare that to Afghanistan where liberal logic dictates that we must abandon our task because we are doing more than other countries? Confused? I think the left are as well, but that has never stopped them before.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Karlheinz Schreiber, the rider

After some deep sleuthing in places better not spoken of in public; I now present the rider from:

Karlheinz Schreiber, The Cross Canada Tour. Now in it's 8th hilarious year.

1. Limousine to and from the Committee hearing/s.

2. Bail.

3. 3 cartons of DuMaurier Lights.

4. The Justice Minister must delay his deportation.

5. A pretty little flower pot of white gardenias.

6. At least 2 days to review papers.

7. A 10 litre glass bowl filled with Smarties* in the dressing room. Under no circumstances are there to any blue Smarties or I just won't talk.

8. ........

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Linda Diebel's challenge: 6 months later.

Bumped with update scroll to the bottom.

May 17, 2007 "Give Stephane Dion another six months before deciding whether he's a leader or not, says a journalist and author of a new biography of the Liberal leader." source CTV

6 months have now passed since Linda Diebel gave her interview to CTV in regards to her then new book, Stephane Dion: Against the Current Viking Canada, 1 edition (May 12 2007),
and I was curious to see if her own opinions had changed on Dion's leadership, and whether or not she feels Canadians opinions had changed in the last 6 months since she issued her challenge.

After a very promising initial reply from Ms. Diebel; she has not replied any further to my questions. I do not want to guess as to what her reasons might have been for not going any further in our communications, but I really not surprised given the last 6 months in the political life of Stephane Dion.

If you are interested: Video link to CTV Question Period interview with Linda Diebel.


Update: Canadian Cynic has taken me to task for the above post and rightly so. It was very naive of me to expect any liberal to actually mean what they say and stand by their own words. Silly Ardvark.

Also in the comments at CC , I received my first death threat:

"Speaking as a 'Liberal' ( actually I'm not I just hate morons and hypocrisy ), maybe we should start executing people like Alberta Ardvark so that conservatives will know they can be killed too. Otherwise they might all just turn out to be traitors."

but as CC was alluding to in his post, I do not have to worry about what liberals have to say, as this clown didn't even have the conviction to stand by what he wrote for even 1 minute as he/she/it added the line "Just a little joke.. ha ha."

Ha ha ha, indeed.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

No judge in Canada

By chance I happened to talk to a Crown Prosecutor last night and asked him a question. I asked him his opinion of the Karlheinz Schreiber story and he had a really nice answer that I would like to share with you all.

He said that no prosecutor would ever put Schreiber on the stand as a witness for the prosecution because he lacks credibility with his ever changing stories, and that "there is no judge in Canada who would convict anyone" based on anything Schreiber had to say.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Late Night T&O

Thoughts and opinions with a few links for Nov 16th 2007.


As promised in an earlier post, the great Steve Janke has more on the details of the old in and out.

The airbus story goes on and on, and like myself, Bob Fife thinks all of this is only going to benefit Shreiber.

"Mr. Schreiber is saying that he's not trying to use the court system to delay his extradition to Germany," CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said Thursday.

"That's just completely unbelievable."

Fife said Schreiber has had opportunities over the last 15 years to come forward with any allegations of wrongdoing.

"If he knew about this meeting with Mr. Mulroney he should have told people a long time ago," said Fife.

"The only reason he's talking about this now is that he's on the doorstep to being extradited to Germany."

My guess is Mr. Mulroney will also do well himself in all of this, and the liberals will again not be happy the longer this drags out over time.


So the Liberals might be revisiting something else other than the GST. Could this be the issue that gets the Liberals up off of their hands? Just do your jobs and fix the damn thing up in committee. All parties basically agree and if you can't do what you get paid for and work together on such a small bill, then lets get on with the election so things can be accomplished.


Some fake news to outrage the masses. This kind of thing of course has gone on before, but yet so few are aware of it because they get their news from the MSM.


Dr. Roy has a little bit on Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia. Even with all of its problems, I think I will stick with Canadian law thank you very much.


Speaking of Canadian justice; There is a big difference between a volunteer army and one that drafts people into it. The SCoC agrees, Elizabeth May and Shirley Douglas are outraged, Keifer Sutherland had no comment.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Late Sunday thoughts on timely topics

This is something that has bothered me for some time on the GST debate. We always here that 'economists' like/support the GST, but nobody ever seems to go into why they like it so much.

It is pure and simple; the GST may be the 'perfect tax' when compared to all other taxes out there. If you were trying to design the perfect tax vehicle, I think the GST would fit the description perfectly. Think about it; for the most part the GST collects money that has already been taxed once, and no one escapes paying it. You get to tax money a second time, and everyone including both the wealthiest and the poorest of Canadians of every age group and ability has to pay it. What is not for an economist to love about this. Come to think of it, this might be why the Liberals love it so much as well.

The so called in and out non scandal has not been such a hot topic recently but some Liberals still feel that there is something in it for them to keep it going. Interesting; I think something is in it for them, but when it finally does arrive I doubt that they will be very happy about it. As a person who is much more in tune than myself to what is happening recently told me; Why do you think when the Liberals are done asking questions on this in question period, that the NDP and Bloc do not jump on board and ask their own questions on the subject to nail the government? Hmmm, why is that? More on this to come.

As promised.

Airbus. Why is everyone taking the word of Karlheinz Schreiber to be the gospel truth lately? If there is one person who stands to really gain anything from a long drawn out costly inquiry it is Karlheinz Schreiber. Does anyone else think that this guy might confess to having Jimmy Hoffa in his freezer if he thought it would keep him in this country longer than he should be? He has been fighting extradition to Germany for about 7 years now in an effort to keep German authorities from getting their hands on him and showing the world just how much of an upright citizen he really is. Half of what he says contradicts his own previous accounts, much of it before the courts, and the other half he has conveniently saved for just before he gets Das Boot right out of the country.

The latest is that Karlheinz Schreiber wrote a letter to the PMO possibly containing more details about the entire affair, the PMO denies this but the Liberals think they are on to something and are again outraged. I must say I am shocked as well. How can it be that the PM does not read each and every piece of mail he receives, especially letters from people who are about to get deported and have matters before the courts. I think the Libs must be confused with how things used to be done at the PMO that they forgot that there is now someone else in the big chair who does things a bit differently.

Not that it matters much but something else most seem to forget is the 2.1 million dollars that Mr. Mulroney won in that libel suit against the Liberal government was donated to charity.

I think the PM is doing the right thing by announcing a probe into this matter, and if there is indeed something more to all of it, I think it will be well handled in a responsible way.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More than 116,000 Canadians

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders Fields.

- John McCrae

I remember those that have fallen, and those that have served.

The Toronto Star has other thoughts. H/T SDA

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Big Squeeze

From one side the Conservative Government, and from the other the NDP, who are trying to portray themselves as the official opposition since the Liberals have decided to sit it out.

From CTV: "OTTAWA -- NDP Leader Jack Layton has won the backing of the prime minister to hold a nation-wide referendum on the abolition of the unelected Senate, "

Now sit back and see what the Liberals, both in the House and in the Senate, decide to do. Hang on to your hats folks, the fun has just begun.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Abducted child is found safe, and now....

Good news as the baby that was abducted yesterday has been found and has been reunited with her parents. Nineteen-year-old Brenda Batisse, who allegedly took the baby girl, has been arrested and is facing abduction charges.

So using my psychic abilities I will predict how the story will unfold over the next little while.

First their will be relief that the child has been found and returned safely.

A discussion will ensue about how to tighten up hospital security so this kind of thing never happens again.

Next will come the discussions about the crime itself and what kind of punishment should be dealt out. During these discussions, the soft on crime left will ignore the crime itself and the premeditation involved. We will hear how the alleged abductor had a hard life and that it really is not her fault, but rather that of society that caused the alleged abductor to behave this way, and as a result this woman should not be sent to prison. The left will bring up the sex of the alleged abductor, and how society treats women in general, as a 'straw man' in their zeal to do what they think is the correct thing.

These arguments will be effectively shot down when it is pointed out that all these feelings of sympathy for the alleged female abductor would not be the same had the abductor been a man.

Update: While I was not totally correct with my predictions the courts come through in the appeal as her sentence gets cut in half.

Sign o' the times

I have a feeling we will be seeing this one again in an election campaign.

In what could only be described as a dumb political move; Dion again demonstrated his lack of political/leadership skills by saying, that if the Liberals are ever returned to power, he might rescind the cuts to the GST made by the Harper Government. Wow! What an election platform plank this will make. Good luck with that one my liberal friends.