Sunday, August 06, 2006

Doctored Photos and other BS

LGF has a must see of doctored pictures from Reuters showing Beirut, or rather someone's photo shopped version of Beirut.

I think that this will get some play in the MSM tomorrow, but Reuters will claim they were duped, apologize and expect it to go away after a day or so. I suspect though that it will be around a bit longer than they want it to.

More from the wacky media today: Slick editing picked up nicely by Stephen Taylor.

CBC doing what they do best

the CBC regrets the above story ----added Aug22


Updates: Aug 7-8

Perhaps more doctored photos from the same photographer, before he was first suspended and then fired by Reuters.

This is the Reuters statement on the Beirut picture that started it all. Note that at this point the photographer responsible, who how had received a bonus for the his work with the Qana pictures, here and here, was only suspended and not yet fired.

Not much from the MSM at this point besides the Reuters story reprinted by other MSM.
(at the time of this post only 34 matches on Googlenews search for Reuters dealing with this story, of which only 5 of these would I define as MSM sites.)

Update Aug 9th: This could become a full time job updating this post if the blog world continues to expose suspect photos.

And so the story continues.

The MSM can not be enjoying this at all.

Aug10th update:

Video of the now famous 'Green helmet' as director from German TV

Building destroyed July 18th, or perhaps July 24th, or maybe it was August 5th?

Aug23-24: Adding yet more as the blogosphere continues to show up the MSM for again not doing their jobs.

Fake Ambulance Attack

All your fakes are.... ht Stephen Taylor

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