Friday, April 27, 2007

Martha Hall Findlay: Smacked down on Duffy

Yesterday Martha Hall Findlay got smacked down again on CTV Newsnets Mike Duffy Live (Video link at the bottom of this posting), but this time it wasn't from conservative John Reynolds.

This time it was NDP strategist Joy Macphail who knocked Martha around like the political lightweight she is after MHF tried using the very tired old Liberal line that the environment problem (and basically every other problem as well) would have already been fixed if Jack Layton wouldn't have pulled the plug on the Paul Martin government. Yes folks, she is taking lessons from Scott Reid, who regularly makes a fool of himself on the Duffy show with among other things, his blame Jack Layton for the election crap.

To paraphrase:

Macphail: It wasn't Jack Layton who pulled the plug on the election; Paul Martin himself stated he would call an election in February 2006. So are you suggesting to me that the Liberals would have resolved the climate change issues, and meet Kyoto targets in the additional 30 days before Paul Martin would have scheduled it? Stop spinning on such a serious issue.

Martha totally ignores the facts about Martin calling an election for Feb 06 and stumbles out something about how the Liberals could have been kept alive if the NDP had supported them.

Macphail: "Paul Martin called the election for February 06. Did you forget that? Is he so dishonoured in your own party now, that you forget what Paul Martin did?"

Martha tries to speak but FLINCHES (watch for it) as Macphail adds : "What, has he been wiped off the face of the earth from the annals of Liberal history now?

MHF again avoids the facts and calls for action on the environment now.

The segment goes onto the Afghan prisoner story and again MHF totally avoids answering the question, this time from Duffy, and goes into preprogrammed spin about honesty.

A true Liberal and part of the Dion dream team in action; avoid the facts, do not answer questions, change the subject, but most of all just keep spinning.

Watch it here, you will be glad you did.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Liberals miss the good old days?

I find the Liberals to be full of nostalgia as of late for a time when they were still in power. For them everything was rosy and much better than it is today, take the Afghan prisoner ruckus that the Liberals and their close friends are trying to milk for all it is worth as an example.

Care to join me in a trip down memory lane......

Does anyone remember this picture?

For those that do not, this picture is of Canada's own JTF 2 in Afghanistan with prisoners that they had taken and was published Jan 2002 (AP / DarioLopez-Mills) .

Please note the date of the photo January 2002. A time where the Liberal led Government of Canada was not even admitting to Canadians that we had troops in Afghanistan; never mind that they were already involved in active combat and were taking prisoners.

When asked in QP about how Canadian Forces would deal with prisoners, PM JeanChrétien said "You are asking me a purely hypothetical question at this time." totally unaware that the event(s) had even happened and having no idea what was going on with prisoners. CBC NEWS SOURCE

The Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, the man that sent our troops into war, did not know what our forces were doing on the other side of the world in the name of Canada!

Good times, good times.

A more positive note for the Liberals was that after a few years in Afghanistan, and after numerous prisoners were handed over to the Afghan authorities, the Paul Martin government negotiated a prisoner transfer agreement. Does anyone want to guess why the Liberals negotiated that deal? Could it be that allegations of coercion and torture just did not start in March of last year when the CPC took over, and that this has been an issue from the time Chrétien first showed all that "Liberal compassion" for the Canadian Armed Forces in question period?

That same transfer agreement, which was good enough for the Liberals, remained intact right up until yesterday when the Conservative Government negotiated the right for Canadian authorities to visit all detention facilities to check on prisoners. Why this was not in the agreement in the first place is beyond me, but maybe while those Liberals are going back down memory lane they could ask themselves why they didn't add this clause when they negotiated the deal!

Thanks for the memories, Liberals.


On another related point; I am getting tired of Liberals deliberately misleading Canadians on the role of the International Red Cross with Afghan prisoners.

From a Liberal Press release: "...Minister O’Connor told Canadians the Red Cross was responsible for monitoring the treatment of detainees, until the Red Cross came forward to confirm that was not its mandate."

This from the ICRC: "According to its international mandate, the ICRC visits detainees held as a result of armed conflict and other situations of violence being held by the Afghan authorities and forces such as the United States and NATO. Delegates regularly assess the conditions of detention, the treatment of detainees and respect of their fundamental judicial guarantees."

I don't think the truth could be any clearer. The Liberals again are lying for their own political gain and while lying may bring back memories of the good old days for many Liberals, it just goes to show the rest of us that the Liberal good old days should be remembered for what they really were.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Environmental Sustainability and Me.

Yesterday over at Exactly Right, I read that Ontario is going to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs by the year 2012 in an effort to help save energy, and today I see that the feds have announced a similar plan.

With all the environmental talk that has been coming at me from all sides and sources as of late, and perhaps being a wee bit inspired by Stephane Dion's much repeated words about how money can be made off of a green environment; reading the above stories about the proposed ban has caused a light bulb to go on in my head.

Effective 2012, I am going into the incandescent light bulb black market. It will be a few years before it really gets going but like the shrewd capitalist I am, I will start marketing immediately.


Do you have a chandelier?

A flood light in your yard, or even a flashlight?

Have you been losing sleep about how Kim Mitchell will light his patio lanterns after the ban?

Well worry no more good people of Canada, because the Ardvark will soon be able to help you deal with this draconian ban on Thomas Edison's greatest gift to all humanity. We care not for authority or rules, we just want the good people of this country to be able to bask in the glow that is incandescent light. Coming soon to a back alley or parking lot near you!!

Watch this space for details.

Environmental and economic sustainability are not just slogans of the Liberals, they are what I am all about and I have the record to prove it.

Act now and Ill throw in some social justice for no charge.

What would Dana Carvey say?

Well, if he was in character as the Church Lady he would probably say:

"Well isn't that conveeeeenient"


Steve Janke does it again as he looks at the timing and very convenient relationship between Michael Ignatieff, the second-in-command of the Liberal Party of Canada, and Amir Attaran.

You may know Amir from his recent 'very' media friendly statements on the Taliban prisoner story. His last press conference consisted of the very same mud the Liberals are now throwing at the government in an effort to find something, anything, to stick.

Nice timing.

A little tease from Janke's blog:

He brought his troubles to Mr. Ignatieff, who gave him office space and mentoring support until he could find another academic home. "Michael stuck up for me against some extremely nasty attacks," Prof. Attaran says.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boxed in: The Mark Holland saga continues.

Those found boxes garner more attention, this time from the Western Standard. Steve Janke has the entire article here.

The stink continues.


related links: More at Angry in the Great White North
Christian Conservative related.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Did Mark Holland mislead the House?

And why did the LPC edit their website? Decide for yourself, and take the time to read on to refresh yourself with the entire story, because it is starting to stink more and more as time goes on.

From Hansard April 17,2007: Liberal MP Mark Holland:

"Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the question of privilege raised by the member for Lanark—Frontenac—Lennox and Addington on March 29 concerning the issue of files left behind in the offices of the Leader of the Opposition when this office was occupied by the Conservatives and the Alliance before them.
The member for Lanark—Frontenac—Lennox and Addington wanted assurances that the said files had been returned and that none of them had been distributed. In the question of privilege, he also wanted confirmation that these leftover documents were treated with extreme respect.

First, I wish to confirm that all remaining documents were returned to the sergeant-at-arms on April 10.

Second, I can also confirm that these documents were not copied or tampered with in any way. Only one Liberal researcher looked through the files in question and this one staffer is prepared to state under oath that he did not copy or mishandle the said documents in any way.

I would also like to address the allegations made by the member for Lanark—Frontenac—Lennox and Addington that the documents in question were already packaged and waiting to be shipped. The only labelled box contained videotapes of the 2004 Conservative election ads and all other materials were found in desk drawers and cabinets. These have also been returned.
Once again, I can assure the hon. member that all documents in question have been returned to the sergeant-at-arms and were treated with extreme respect."

From Mark Hollands web site this copy of a fax from the 'leftover documents' in PDF format. It sure looks like a copy of one of the documents 'left behind' and in the possession of the LPC for at least 12 months, but what do I know.

This entire story stinks the more I look at it, and I am starting to think the Liberals might agree with me because 2 items that were prominently placed on the Liberal Party of Canada web site dealing with this story have now been deleted.

A link to the PDF file of the above copied fax hosted on has now disappeared, and a link to the video of the set up media event of MPs Mark Holland and Marlene Jennings returning these documents / boxes to the PMO has also been deleted from the official LPC website.

A screencap of the PDF file formerly hosted on, as found on Scott Tribes site.

Google cache of Liberal TV April 15th. Screenshot below.

To make some sense of this lets look at story from the beginning.

March 22nd. Holland calls for Stockwell Day to resign and produces the copy of the fax. Press release on Hollands site here, and the LPC site here*. We have no idea where the document/s came from at this point other than what MarkHolland's press release states: "Mr. Holland was referring to documents that came anonymously into his possession indicating that former MP for Okanagan-Coquihalla....." (*Note the links to the document no longer work on the LPC site.)

March 26th. Holland and Jennings hold a press conference display some of the documents and then take them down the street to the PMO. Liberal Press release here (Note: link to the Liberal TV video of the event has been removed from the PR within the last 2 days). So we now learn how the Liberals came into possession of the documents and that the Liberals reviewed them as they are aware of the documents contents. So much for being come by anonymously. Of note this statement; "Mr. Holland said the Liberal caucus is retaining possession of some of the documents to determine whether or not they contain other issues that are in the public interest."

Once this story became public some questions started to emerge as to why the Liberals held on to these for over a year, and even more damning, the video used by the LPC showed that some of the documents were marked confidential and at least one of these boxes was labeled and addressed for moving to the new CPC offices. A Step to the Right has a little different version of the Liberal video here. Soon this story had a life of its own as the video was removed by the Liberals from You-tube for copyright violations (story here and here)

On March 29th MP Scott Reid rose in the House on a matter of privilege as some of the information used by Holland and Jennings in that press conference included files on himself and that the Liberals were still retaining some of the documents.

April 4th. Even though in his press interviews he seemed to know much of what the documents contained, Mr Holland was maintaining that he had little or no contact with the personnel files and launches a libel suit against Ezra Levant for a story he wrote for the Sun.

April 10th: According to Mark Holland all the remaining documents are returned. Presumably after having been examined by the LPC.

April 16th? The Website of the Liberal Party of Canada removes links, the PDF file, video from their site.

April 17th: Mark Holland responds to the matter of privilege (at top of this page). Scott Reid replies with even more questions about the matter and brings to light more inconsistencies regarding just how the files were found. on March 26: The Liberals discovered the documents in the research bureau that the Tories vacated "three months" after the election, according to [the member for Ajax—Pickering]. [The member for Ajax—Pickering] said the Liberals didn't get around to sifting through the boxes of abandoned documents until recently because it was not a "priority" at the time. The Liberals incorrectly assumed the boxes contained nothing but garbage.

April 2 edition of The Hill Times: These were files and documents that we found in files and desks. The boxes that they were put in were left behind as empty boxes that may have been used, but most of these were just files that were left in drawers, left on tables, and left in haphazard ways all around the office.

Unnamed media: The hon. member for Ajax—Pickering] said the Liberals are keeping approximately 10 other boxes of documents the Tories left behind... As for the remaining 10 boxes, [the hon. member] said the Liberals would continue to examine the contents to ascertain whether or not there's anything in them in the “public interest

Remember Mark Holland had just stated "... that the documents in question were already packaged and waiting to be shipped. The only labelled (sic) box contained videotapes of the 2004 Conservative election ads and all other materials were found in desk drawers and cabinets."

For myself, I find too many inconsistencies in the story to find it entirely believable, but as I stated earlier, "what do I know?"


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I call BS

I call BullSh#t on the new Liberal ad (found here)

From the ad comes this statement "They said he couldn't do it" and my question to ANY Liberal Party official, Liberal supporter, members of the media or just about anyone else is:

Who exactly said that?

I will not ask what "it" means exactly so not to cloud the issue any more than needed, but if you do have an answer to the above feel free to set me straight about this little piece of propaganda.

Please provide links, quotes, sources, napkins or anything else that may be relevant to support this official statement from the Liberal Party of Canada.

Speaking of "it". What was accomplished during the Montreal climate change conference? Read the press release here. The Invisible Hand nails it here. More talk, more study, more of just about everything that the Liberals are famous for, including a lack of actually getting anything done.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The NDP choose their Candidate for Central Nova

From the CBC Louise Lorefice of Antigonish will represent the NDP in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova, where the Liberals recently agreed not to run a candidate.

Now because the situation is so "urgent" and "there is no time to waste" and because Elizabeth May is so committed to non partisanship; will she announce she is stepping aside so the new NDP candidate, whose party finished second in the last election, can defeat Peter Mackay?

I didn't think so.


This is interesting if it is true. It looks like the NDP constitution does not allow Jack Layton to pull a May/Dion type deal even if he wanted to.

What does the Liberal Party constitution say about the same deal? According to Warren Kinsella, Dion is breaking the rules. Hopefully links to follow.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Attention Imus..... or maybe not

Hawaiian Legend Don Ho died today at the age of 76. No word on whether or not his hair was nappy.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Unanswered Questions about the Dion/May pact

A few questions for Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion.

For Ms. May: As leader of the Green Party of Canada, are you committed to try to form a government and become Prime Minister? If not, why have you not told your own party and Canadians what your goals really are, and explain to Canadians why they should vote for a party with a leader who has no intention of trying to form a government.

From this Green Party Press release the answer to the above should be clear "We recognize that a government in which Stéphane Dion served as Prime Minister could work well with a Green Caucus of MPs, led by Elizabeth May, committed to action on climate."

For M. Dion: If as stated in the press conference that the there is NO time to waste and the urgency of the current situation requires immediate action; are you prepared to, at the earliest opportunity, call a non confidence vote or do everything in your power to have an election? If not, doesn't this "urgency" just look like more political games to the Canadian Public?

For Ms. May: You have stated that this deal was "open and transparent" and that there were no backroom deals. Why have you been hiding the fact that you have been trying to work a deal with the NDP along similar lines?

For M. Dion: What happened to the commitments made at the Liberal Convention to a 308 seat strategy? and Is what you have done even legal within the Liberal Party constitution?

For Ms. May: You have stated over and over that this is deal is an example of cooperation and is for non partisan reasons. How than can you reconcile that with the following, from an article from the Toronto Star? "Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has vowed to make Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay pay for a controversial decision to merge the former Progressive Conservative party with the right-wing Canadian Alliance."

For M. Dion: Are you planning to refund any or all of the money that Liberal Party members from Central Nova have given in donations or for party memberships, now that you have given up on the riding?

For Ms. May: If this deal is for the greater good, why not now step aside from the race and allow the NDP candidate (runner up party in the last election) to win the riding from Mr. Mackay?

For M. Dion: Along the same lines as the last question for Ms. May. If this deal is for the greater good, why is it only good in Central Nova and not in any of the other 306 ridings across this great land?

For Both Ms. May and M. Dion: Why did the Liberals run a candidate in the London by election against Ms. May? How does the excuse that this is a long standing 'tradition' apply now but not then?

Thank you for your time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dion and May: aka The New Red Green Show

Rumour has it that sometime later today Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May will be holding a joint press conference to announce that the Liberals will not be fielding a candidate against May in the next federal election. CTV has the story here.

Wow; Dion is demonstrating his leadership skills again as he shows a total lack of respect for every Liberal supporter in Central Nova. I wonder how the local Liberal EDA is taking to the news that all the work they have done for the LPC in the riding has been a complete and utter waste of time and effort all because the dear leader Dion has dictated it so. I think the sound of Liberal Party Membership Cards being ripped in half is echoing all across the riding right about now.

To think that some Liberals wonder why they are having problems at the grass roots level. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

My apologies to The Red Green Show.

Update 10:40 am: I just watched the Red Green show live on CTV Newsnet and it is now official. May has just sold out her own party and Dion has taken the 308 riding strategy from the Liberal convention and tossed it out the window.

From TABaker

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breaking: Belinda Quits!!

Just now from CTV. Belinda Stronach has decided not to run in the next election.

Press release here.

With the numbers we saw yesterday showing Dion is not even the top choice among Liberals for PM, is it any wonder that more and more MPs are leaving the good ship Dion as hit heads for the rocks.

I wonder if ol' Belinda has had any second thoughts about that faithful day when she walked into that press conference with Paul Martin. What might have been indeed?


Salt: Global National confuses Canadians Even More.

A Global National news story just may have confused Canadians on how to reduce their salt intake. Some background: A study from Stats Canada came out today stating that Canadians are eating too much salt for their own good.

This is something that we all should be paying attention to because increased salt intake has been linked to increased blood pressure (hypertension) which can also lead to numerous other serious conditions including among others, stroke and kidney disease. The recommended amount of salt intake for an adult is 2300 mg per day but the study found that the Canadian average in 2004 was closer to 3100 mg or almost 1/3 more than the maximum recommended intake! High salt (sodium) intake is a very serious problem to be sure, but the solutions are so simple that with just a little education Canadians can easily reduce their sodium intake and by dong so greatly reduce their risks for hypertension related diseases.

Education is the key but earlier tonight on Global National a story on the study may just have confused more people than it helped. Watch the segment here (under Tuesday Apr 10th. Note link will only be active for 1 week). While you watch the segment listen for when Hannah Bourdreau says the following "Health experts say read the label. If salt is listed in the first four ingredients, that means there is too much; so pick something else." and pay close attention to what he video shows while this is being spoken. Below is a screen shot of what has me concerned.

Did you notice anything wrong? I know some of you have figured it out but I am guessing that many if not most of you have no idea as to what my beef is with this story.

Hannah talks about ingredients yet the video is not showing the ingredients list but instead is showing the nutritional information. Call it nit picking, but if you are supposed to not eat anything with sodium listed in the top four ingredients and you look to the nutritional label as replacement for the ingredients list; you are going to either give up even trying to reduce your sodium intake or die of starvation because sodium, by law, is almost always listed forth from the top. I looked all over the house tonight to find a nutritional label that did not list sodium (give it a try yourself) in the top 4 but was not able to find even 1 item that qualified, or in fact one that contained 0 mg of salt.

Overall the story was well done and covered the basic points, but due to a short 10 second bit of video, the message and the concept as to just how easy it is to reduce your sodium intake may have been lost entirely to numerous people. In a country where many already find nutritional information labels confusing, poor editing of news stories is certainly not going to help out the situation.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Libloggers review the new LPC Quebec ads.

Dion and the The Liberals have released 3 radio ads in Quebec to help bolster the sagging hopes of Stephane Dion and the LPC. Below are the reviews from a couple of prominent Liberal bloggers on the subject.

Antonio from Fuddle Duddle has his take here. A couple of notable quotes: "Did we just witness the same election in Quebec as Stephane Dion? I think the message Quebecers sent is that they want to get rid of the federalist/sovereigntist debate, not elect the poster boy for one of the sides, nor the poster boy (Gilles Duceppe) for the other…"

“If Stephane Dion and the Liberals are attacking Stephen Harper, is it because they are afraid of something? Afraid that Harper has delivered on his promise to Quebec to fix the fiscal imbalance? Afraid that Harper delivered on UNESCO? Afraid that Harper affirmed the status of Quebec as a nation within Canada? Afraid…to stay out of power?"

Be sure to check out the comments, in what has already been a very bad week for Jason Cherniak continues as Antonio smacks him around a bit more.
Jason Cherniak a dit...

Your criticisms of the ads might be fair, but your complete obstinancy on this stupid "fiscal imbalance" thing makes it difficult to know for sure.

Try to at least think about the other side of the argument.

4/05/2007 12:22 PM
Antonio a dit...

remember Jason, these ads are aired in QUEBEC, where the population does not believe the fiscal imbalance to be a myth.

Also, Harper promised to fix it...

You heard Flaherty. It's fixed!

Maxime Bernier C'est fini!

La Presse "Le dossier est réglé"

everybody and their dog believed the fiscal imbalance existed here in Quebec.

well except one person...and his dog too...

4/05/2007 12:31 PM
Jason Cherniak a dit...

And why don't they believe it's a myth? Maybe because no provincial federalist party made the effort to show that the separatists were lying?

Accept the premise of your opponent's argument and you will always lose.

4/05/2007 2:34 PM
Antonio a dit...

jason by that logic, your opponent can never be right...which proves your logic to be that of a partisan hack.

It means your thinking is governed not by your own morality, but by that of the party's...

4/05/2007 2:57 PM

Calgary Grit gives his opinion here on the ad campaign.

My favorite quote from CG: "I'm sympathetic to the fact that most of the people who used to handle our Quebec ads are in jail these days but surely there's someone in the province who could have done better than this?"

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Best of Ardvark: From October 1976

Time might be short this week for blogging and with the House not sitting I figured that it is time to go back deep into the archives for another Best of Ardvark.

This entry from The third week of October 1976. Enjoy.

So does anybody else think that the next Olympic summer games in Moscow might just be the last one ever? After that financial fiasco in Montreal, I cannot see how any future games will ever be able make enough money to cover the cost of construction, never mind hope to turn a profit. In case you haven't figured it out I am still a bit upset about Canada not even winning a single gold medal in Montreal; even more so after that skinny Romanian chick took home 3 golds herself and scored all those perfect 10's. Dad says that most of those commie women are probably more like Klinger from MASH than real women. Mom hates when Dad says stuff like that.


School this week has not been that great, and who would have thought grade 6 would be so hard. Here I am finally at the top of the elementary school food chain and because my marks are so bad I have to study all the time and do not get to enjoy all the benefits of being the big 6th grader. Getting total control of the monkey bars at recess has been a long term goal since grade 2 for most of us. Math as usual is giving me troubles but science is not only getting harder it is also starting to really scare me. Mr. G is teaching us earth science and yesterday he made us all read the Newsweek story about the coming ice age. Great, by the time I am forty I am going to have live in an igloo and probably have to take a dog sled to work every morning. Depressing to say the least.


In politics this week we finally got to see Joe Clark in action against Trudeau after the summer break. Some feel that Joe is not going to turn out to be much of a leader, but everyone forgets that he has always been underestimated and he will grow into the job. He did beat favorite Claude Wagner and that Mulroney guy in the leadership race in February so who knows.

The Quebec election is next month and I think Bourassa will pull out a victory, because if René Lévesque wins I suspect we will be dealing with this problem for probably the next 3o+ years.

Speaking of elections, there was also a by-election this week to replace former Liberal Finance Minister John Turner who quit the Liberals in protest over wage and price controls. I can see why Turner was so upset with Trudeau on this one after PET attacked Bob Stanfield during the election campaign by saying the PC's were going to implement W&PC's, and then Trudeau turned around and did it himself. Dad says that this is just typical Liberal politics, but I really have not paid that much attention to know if it is true. I may be young and naive but if they keep saying one thing and doing another; the label of being hypocrites might just stick to the Liberals for some time.


I think that is about it for now as I have go watch Happy Days in a little while. We just got a new console TV that has a turntable and a radio built right in, and since the Fonz moved over Mr. C's garage this season the show has been a must see. My Brother says that the Fonz must be Canadian because he is always saying "Eh" all the time. I hope the post office takes him because his future as a comedian is not looking that good.

One last thing, I know I have been on record in the past stating that those tartan clad pretty boys, The Bay City Rollers, are probably gay ( 2007 Edit: In 1976 this was a common put down so please no letters) and that their music sucks, but I just love their new cover of Dusty Springfield's old song. I just had a crazy thought; wouldn't it be nice if somehow I could let you guys listen to the song and read this at the same time, that would be so cool. I doubt I will be able to see anything like that in my lifetime because I hope all of the scientists would be working on saving the planet from another ice age rather than on silly ideas like that, besides I doubt it would ever be popular anyway.

(2007 edit)

It is a good thing that this computer dairy thing will never catch on, because if some of this stuff ever became public, it would be hard to live down.


(2007 edit) Dusty's Version from 1964
another from Dutch TV

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cherniak interviews himself?

Currently at the top of the Liblogs home page this "news release" written by Jason Cherniak?

NEWS RELEASE (Posted at/Publié à 2007-04-03 10:32 EDT by/par Jason Cherniak)

Website with Liberal videos expanding fast

Harper’s Conservatives won’t know what hit them

Toronto, April 3, 2007 – Yesterday, the Harper Conservatives opened their new campaign headquarters. It is 17,000 square feet and so expensive to maintain that the Tories will not even discuss the cost. Meanwhile, Liberal bloggers who make videos for free on their home computers are fighting back. Since last week’s launch of a website to display home-made Liberal videos (, Liberal bloggers have been creating more than one video a day.

“The Liberal Party might not have enough money to spend on pre-election advertising, but that won’t stop Liberal bloggers from fighting back,” explained Jason Cherniak, president of Liblogs. “We have been doing what we can to support Stéphane Dion online and this Liblogs video page is only our most recent step.”

Liblogs is the operating name of a non-profit corporation, Blogger Support Services. For over a year, it has been hosting a list of Liberal bloggers at, where Canadians can scan the headlines of the posts of over 250 Liberal bloggers at any time, on any day.

“This new video page is in addition to our main blog service and Liblogs News, which highlights a selection of some of the best Liberal Blog posts once a day,” said Mr. Cherniak. “Liblogs videos will allow Liberals from across the country to use their creative talents and express their support for the Liberal Party in the most modern manner available. It is great to see that it has taken off so quickly.”

All media inquiries should be directed to:

Jason Cherniak
President, Liblogs


Monday, April 02, 2007

New Dion Drinking game. ™

Ok, I think I may have discovered a great way to not only get drunk, but to also allow many of you the chance to actually make it through one of Stephane Dion's speeches without the usual urge to harm yourself that come with listening to Dion.

Loosely based on the famous ''Hi Bob" drinking game, I decided to jot down a few rules and then give it a road test to see how it would play and make necessary modifications in the name of science.

The following is a live blogging of the first test of the new game:

First the basic rules: Any time Dion uses any form of the word ideology, you take a drink. The same applies for the use of the word agenda.

A good start, but it may need some fine tuning to turn into a national pastime. Now it's time for the trial. Beverage ready and the speech about to start, so here we go.

Nothing yet, the usual introductions and the subject of the speech today is the Canadian Wheat Board. OK, only seconds in and we get our first "Because of ideology, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is determined to kill the Wheat Board." (drink taken)

So now Dion is going on about the history of the CWB. "
Cleanliness'', What is he going on about? We are not opening up a restaurant with raw wheat here. "But Stephen Harper is attacking the Wheat Board, because it doesn’t fit with his rigid ideology." Ah ha!! Another one, this time with an adjective. New rule added. ( 2 drinks taken)

...and filled the spaces with his ideological cronies." Holy crap that was fast (Drink taken)

So now Dion is talking about the recent vote on barley, a vote that Mr.Social Justice is not going to honour. "
I know a little bit about clarity." Clarity, damn I should add that in as well. (Drink taken)

At the end of the day, the Conservative government isn’t interested in democracy, and it isn’t interested in doing what’s best for farmers." Huh? The PM is the one who is going to listen to farmers and let their votes count. You are the one not interested in democracy.

Dion is now going on how important the CWB is to farmers. Ya sure it is but so are their opinions Steph. "
There’s so much at risk – all because this Prime Minister is forcing his ideology down farmers’ throats, no matter what." (drink taken)

The same ideology that dislikes the Wheat Board dislikes other kinds of agricultural support too." Oh crap, that was only mere seconds after the last one. (Drink taken) Time for a refill! Good thing I stocked up before it started.

and a government that care more about ideology than helping farmers." Yee ha!! (Drink taken) They are coming fast and furious now; I barely had time to crack off the cap.

A bit of a side track as Dion brings up equalization. Hey, pal lots of talk but I notice that you didn't say anything about what you would have done. For a guy who doesn't even acknowledge a fiscal imbalance this is rich.

Protecting that future starts with fighting back against Stephen Harper’s ideological attack on the Wheat Board." (Drink taken) Is it getting warm in here? (shirt removed)

It serves you, not some neoconservative agenda in Ottawa." I declare a new rule! any mention of neocon requires you to finish off your sweet sweet beverage. (Remainder of beverage happily ingested) Time for a new beverage.

Ohhhhh, andwhat about if he brings up Bush? That would call for a double. Hey, I missed an agenda (drink taken) I should write this down but I can't find my pen.

Let’s tell him to stop forcing his ideology down your throats. Let’s tell him to show some respect for farmers, and some respect for democracy." (Drink taken)

The speech comes to an end.

You know I have herd much about Dions poor English, but he is sounding just fine to me and i can understand him prefectly.

I think I had better finsh this off later because uh....
Did I ever tell you guys that I love you? I really do, and it aint the booze talking either. I remember when i first starte #g (unplanned nap)

End Live blogging


Play responsibly!!