Thursday, March 22, 2007

Smackdown today on Duffy

My kingdom for a pvr, hopefully someone else grabs this and gets it up because it was a beauty.

John Reynolds, talking about the so called "smear" yesterday where the PM stated his wishes that the Liberals would show more support for our troops, laid a smackdown on Martha Hall Finlay.

MHF was going on about how bad the 'smear' was and Reynolds took exception noting that conservatives have been constantly smeared by the Liberals for years and ended the Duffy segment with this line.

"Thats politics, grow up"


John Reynolds is having a good day for being quote worthy. This from a CTV story on the latest poll numbers.

"Former Conservative MP John Reynolds, one of the prime minister's closest confidantes and the man who will run the Tory's next election campaign, was buoyed by the positive reaction to the budget.

"I like winning -- and we're going to win a majority government," he told CTV News."


Anonymous said...

This post needs more youtube.

hunter said...

I was laughing when he smacked her, it was priceless. Great job by Reynolds, Martha is still smarting. It was a classic, and yes, how do you capture these moments and put them on youtube?

Better yet, Duffy talking to a reporter in Hedi Fry's riding, made a statement about crosses to burn! That had me laughing too.

Anonymous said...

NO! Please if Duffy "grows up" any more the fat f##ker may explode!

Anonymous said...

It was a very fair comment , and very accurate. What a pile of Whining Squalling cry babies. Someone should send the Liberal party members a soother.

They finally get a taste of what they dish out daily ,and act like someone spilled their milk.What a pile of wusses. Then Dion has a conference to illustrate his petty antics.

These guys are to much. They are really becoming the laughing stalk of Politics. John Reynolds got it right on Duffy Live "GROW UP"

Ardvark said...

I checked out the CTV website and they only have the radio guys(where Rutherford nails it), and that 73 yr old guy Dion tossed from the party before any vote has taken place on the budget. So no official CTV version out there, and maybe next year with my new tax breaks I might be able to upgrade the family antique, err computer.