Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don't hate us because we are beautiful.

And some people wonder why Alberta does not vote Liberal. If painting Stephen Harper as evil doesn't work, why not just smear Alberta. Don't forget to read the comments for the 'common liberal man' opinion.

For an all inclusive, progressive, uniting, social justice party; those Liberals sure have a big hate on for Alberta.

March 15th update: Feel the love Alberta, feel the love. "Lucky for Steve he has Albertans. Igf (sic) Hitler had Albertans he wouldn't have needed to burn down the Reichstag."


bigcitylib said...

When you guys can consider a 5 cent a litre gas tax without threatening to seperate, I will stop making fun at your expense.

Lycan Stark said...


When the Liberal's hero P.E.T. flips the finger to them, and smashes their province with his NEP and the wheat board, how would you expect them to react? Now these Liberal hypocrites show how much contempt they have for Alberta when they elect Parties that are not Liberal. And now, despite all the Liberal have done, Alberta is booming. No wonder they tell the Liberals to **** off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bigcitylib, a 5 cent a litre gas tax wouldn't do anything to Alberta, it would only effect the consumer you idiot.


wilson61 said...

Poor Libs. Lose power and at the same time realize Ontario is no longer the center of the universe.

Ardvark said...

Forget the fact that Alberta has never threatened to separate, you are not making fun of Albertans as much as you are making light of a serious medical issue for some kind of cheap political reasons. Grow up.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I ain't sure if yer beautiful or not but I don't hate anybuddy.

A coulplafew points I'd like t' make --

Lycan sez "And now, despite all the Liberal have done, Alberta is booming."

I ain't in Alberty but from what I hear-tell, it's these here tar sands that's the biggest boom goin' on, right?

I ain't a Liberal but I lived under a Liberal gummint fer 13 years an' I paid attention t' what was goin' on. The Liberals is the ones who made the tar sands development possible with $1.4 billion a year in tax breaks. Here's a little bit on that from the National Post.

Environmentalists, the NDP and Bloc Quebecois have repeatedly called for an end to programs introduced in 1997 -- when Mr. Dion was minister of intergovernmental affairs under Jean Chretien -- that allow oil companies to write off their start-up costs with breaks on taxes and royalties.

While it helped kick-start development in the 1990s, critics say the industry is making record profits and no longer needs government assistance. Opposing parties have frequently assailed the Tories in the House of Commons as friends of the oil industry, despite the fact the tax breaks were put in place by the Liberals well before the Conservatives came to power.

NEP was decades ago. PET's been dead fer years. Tar sands development is now. Liberals in Ottawa kick-started the tar sands. Don't hate 'em fer helpin' make Alberta rich.

Over t' the BigCityLib's boog, I posted a coupla comments an' they weren't anti-Albert or anti-anybuddy. When there's troublems in Alberty, like in Ft Mac with the syphillus, I reckon it's a troublem fer Canada. That makes it every Canajun's troublem an' I reckon name-callin' an' regional one-upsmanship crappola don't do a dang thing t' solve the troublem.

I ain't been in Alberty since 1973 when OI was young an' handsome. I'm gettin' old an' wornout now an' I might never get t' yer beautiful province again before I cash out. I live in Ontariariario an' I vote fer Earth Mother Lizzie May an' her band o' treehuggin' Greenies. When Alberty suffers with social troublems, I feel yer pain on accounta it's Canajuns who's sufferin'.


Ardvark said...

Jim Bobby, your comments are always welcome here, and I agree with your last 2 paragraphs. This divide and conquer crap does nobody any good, but unfortunately it is something that we see all to often in politics.