Thursday, March 29, 2007

Editing at Liblogs. Including "the list"

A couple of recent edits from our friends at Liblogs.

First, the List of Libloggers that were in on the famous conference call. A list that has been deleted from JC's blog, but with the wonders of the internet is brought back to life here for your viewing pleasure.

Michelle Oliel
Scott Tribe
Jeff Jedras
The Sir Robert Bond Papers
Calgary Grit
A View from the Left
Tonton Coquillage
Rolling Back the Tide of Extremism, One Post at a Time
Rob's Random Thoughts
Red Tory
The Dan Report
Woman at Mile 0

A couple of questions. Do these now represent official Liberal policy in their writings? Is it just me or did most if not all the people on this list support Dion in the leadership race?

To be fair to those that took the time to reply in the comments I will answer my own questions from above.

Do these now represent official Liberal policy in their writings?

No, I never did think that the call was anything, pure rhetoric on my part to push a point about how it looks.

Is it just me or did most if not all the people on this list support Dion in the leadership race?

I guess it was just me. Ok I fess up. I knew that many were supporting other candidates from reading them during the race. I was just fishing.

Another edit, perhaps for a different reason this time. This one courtesy of another Liberal blog foottothefire. The post found below has been deleted from the blog as of the time of this posting.

"Posted at/Publié sur foottothefire on/à 2007-03-28 20:55 EST

Is there anyone in Canada who actually believed the Wheat Board Vote wouldn't be cooked by Stephen Hitler?
Trudeau warned that there was no other democracy more vulnerable to takeover by a dictator than our own; the devil has arrived.
This is what an Alberta conservative can do for your country.........."

Tolerance, thy name is Liberal.


Torian said...

you rawk!
i tried looking last night, but only could go with my memory and named 3 of them.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

Actually I supported Bob Rae.

Jason Cherniak said...

Sorry, but you're wrong.

Ardvark said...

Wrong how? Wrong list? Did I get up on the wrong side of the bed? Was it the wrong use of the word 'famous'? ( Perhaps I could ask Denis Coderre if I should have used the word 'infamous' instead) Was I born on the wrong side of the tracks? Did I make wrong assumptions about the 'tolerant' Liberal post made by foottothefire? Did I go the wrong way, or is there just something wrong with this picture?


Anonymous said...

Wrong. I like, Woman at mile 0 supported Bob Rae.

I want to be very clear that the positions I take on my blog are that of my own and do not represent the Liberal Party of Canada or the Ontario Liberal Party.

Ardvark said...

Looking closer at the list it is clear that many did not support Dion, just like the 80%+- of delegates at the convention, so indeed I was wrong to ask that question in the post.

It is a perception thing I guess Michelle. Just think how you (and many other libloggers) would respond if the situation were reversed.


Woman at Mile 0 said...

Yes ditto on that point Michelle. My views are also entirely my own.

Cerberus said...

Damn web! How are you ever supposed to hide the truth when it can always be retrieved by clever bloggers!!


Nice find Ardvark.

Just for the record, it was just a call where a few bloggers got to ask some party people some questions and not the other way around (i.e. for the purpose of telling us what to say). It's the party reaching out to hear from its supporters. It's going to get rolled out to others eventually.

And also for the record, most of those bloggers were not Dion supporters... before. Now, of course, we are all foursquare behind Captain Canada.

Happy blogging!


p.s. You do know that aardvark is spelt with two "A"s, right?

Ardvark said...

Hey, are you making fun of my detective work? Holland ain't the only one who wants to be like Nancy Drew, but I broke no parliamentary rules getting my info =)

To be honest it took about 5 minutes to find the list on the net. When will people figure out that once you hit send you cannot take it back.


Ted see the bottom of my blog for the answer to your question.

A BCer in Toronto said...

As I look at it again I see there was a distinct lack of Volpe supporters on that list. That's the real scandal here Ardvark! :)

And what Ted said.

Ardvark said...

Can I quote you on that "real scandal" comment Jeff?

Joe Volpe fans have a right to know the truth!!!


Jason Cherniak said...

You're wrong because I never said who was actually on the call. You might as well accuse everybody on my sidebar as being in the pocket of the party. Stephen Taylor included.

Ardvark said...

Jason, are you denying that the list I posted was the same one that you posted on your blog before you had removed it?