Friday, March 23, 2007

From the Anthill March 22nd 2007

Another from the Anthill post because there is just too much to discuss and some great links are calling out to be saved.

A new poll out today, and the few Liberals supporters that remain are not taking it well, or so says Neo at the Halls of Macadamia. Watch it here at CTV while it lasts.

From the same story (and news clip) John Reynolds has his second quote of the day. The first was when he told Martha Hall Finlay to "Grow up" after she was complaining about what a mean guy Harper is.

Here is his other quote from the above CTV news stories."I like winning -- and we're going to win a majority government."

Some comments from David Akin's political blog at CTV that made me laugh.

"Joe Comuzzi will be proud of this decision for the rest of his days. Stephen Dion will be lamenting his foolish decision for the few days he has left as the Liberal leader." link

" .....If Brian Tobin doesn't switch his cell phone off this weekend, I doubt that he will get any time at all with his own family." link

I wonder how well Dion would poll in a battle with Tobin about who would make a better leader right about now?

Backseatblogger has a great clip up about an interesting sentence handed down by a US judge. Double bonus: Watch the reporter at the beginning of the story, it is worth the effort.

Maybe she should sign up for Kates Cat offset program.

More trouble in the left side of the blog world. First Liblogs and now Progblogs.

Blogger pleads guilty of death threat to PM. FYI a psych assessment in Alberta usually requires a 30 day stay in a nice mental health facility while the docs get a nice look at you. I wonder if this news is causing Allen Varlaki to loose any sleep?

Good night everyone.


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