Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another example of Social Justice

The daily antics of the Liberal party continue to amaze me. They have hit rock bottom and the more they whine the more support they lose.

From CTV : A Commons security guard forced the Conservative research employees to leave Thursday while one mingled with reporters to record a scrum with Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

Unbelievable. How will this be spun by Dion and his "crew"? I do not think it can be spun but we shall see in good time.

Limiting who can or can not be at a public event is not the best way to display that you are the party of social justice.

I feel that even the most rabid Liberal is starting to see that Dion was a mistake, and spinning this crap is becoming a increasingly difficult thing to do. Well, at least if you want to look in the mirror that is.

Does anyone remember the CPC meeting in Toronto recently? A private function where a Star reporter got into a snit because she was not allowed in. Oh the outrage, I just wonder what the Star will say about this story.

Better yet, I wonder what Garth has to say about this one?

Stay tuned, more to come I am sure.



Ben in Ontario said...

Maybe they should dust off that room in the basement that Stockwell Day tried to use for talking to the media a few years back. That way only 'accredited' media types can be screened at the door.

Of course (as Stockwell found out to his cost after about two days) they'll soon find out they're only talking to themselves.

The way the Liberals are going these days that might indeed be the best option.

Swift said...

Can any of the Ottawa area bloggers show up at Dion's next press conference with a video camera?