Friday, July 12, 2013

Confessions of a negligent blogger.

If you had not noticed, which I am sure most of you who are taking the time to read this have, this blog has not been very active lately; in fact it has been basically dark for over a year. While I could take the easy way out and simply blame someone something else (twitter) for the for the lack of content here; the blame rests squarely upon myself.

I do apologize for this and will try to put up more content on a more regular basis when the legislative sessions start up again in the fall and may try something a bit different a few times over the summer ( a period which this blog normally goes dark) with some link dumps w/ some brief commentary.

Now some more confessions and some back story.

I had been reading other blogs (a lot) during the run up to that campaign and discovered them to be the best source for information and commentary on the stories I found most interesting but more importantly they were timely. Yes the 'information/news' was available on the websites of the MSM, but the blogs filtered out the important from the fluff, found the hidden nuggets missed and offered up commentary on the information at what seemed like blazing speed at the time that the MSM in print or even television could not match.(Even the content of the political shows was discussed on the blogs, sometimes in real time)

I have always had an obsession with politics and government in general but for myself that interest has not necessarily been with the policy aspects of it. For me that obsession has been with campaigns, political messaging and most importantly the spin used by politicians and governments at every level.

I own 2 cats. (Hey, it takes a real man to admit that and I never said all the confessions would be political in nature = )

I hate being lied to and I hate it more when it comes from politicians and governments who are supposed to be working for us; but what really sets me off is politicians/governments thinking so little of my (or that of the general public) intelligence that they think they can get away with it all by trying to bullshit us with spin. This is probably the biggest reason why I first started this blog in January 2006 during the federal election campaign.

I do blog anonymously but in reality it is more pseudonymous now than anonymous as there are many people on all sides of the political spectrum as well as in the media who know my not so secret identity.  There are a couple of reasons why this came to be with the first being that it was almost the norm when this blog started in 2006 (there are many examples) and the other being the type of work I am in. I do not work for a political party or directly for government but I certainly deal with them as well as unions and others who may not agree with my non job related 'conservative' views and frankly it wasn't worth the potential grief then and still isn't. I believe that it is the words and thoughts that matter not who wrote them, as the media who have used my stuff (both credited and not) do not seem to have issue with it and besides, if I told you my name was Bob Smith would it really make a difference? (unless they were out for some type of revenge)

I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. ( Okay I didn't do this but those are some of my favorite Johnny Cash lyrics)

I currently tweet much more than I blog. It is less time consuming and the real time aspect of twitter makes it  nothing short of amazing and it allows comment, be it only 140 characters, directly to those involved. For a political news junkie, nothing is better.

I believe in small government and them being fiscally responsible with our money.

I do not hold a party membership card for any provincial party but I do hold one for a federal party.

I do like cheese and I am a die hard Oiler fan.

So with that it is now time to end this little confession session and go mow my lawn; I hope to see you around more often in the future.