Thursday, March 30, 2006

Deportation, it is the law!!

Check out Dust my Broom on deportation of illegal immigrants.

The law is the law, so there is NO other choice but to enforce it. Some of the left are not on side with this and they can give all the damn excuses/reasons they want to, but if you are against the deportation of illegal immigrants you are against the law of the land. Who would have guessed that some Liberals would not be on the side of the law?

The other thing which cries out for attention on the illegal immigration issue is discrimination. You just know that somehow this will be spun as an issue of discrimination, and the truth is I agree that it is discrimination of the worst kind and I hope that something is done about it.

By allowing these illegals to stay in the country, either by amnesty or just ignoring the law, it would discriminate against the thousands of other potential immigrants who are LEGALLY trying to get into Canada and following the process. It is obvious from their rhetoric that the left does not like two-tiered healthcare, but yet some seem so supportive of two-tiered immigration laws which would allow law breakers to 'jump the que' ahead of those that obey the laws and follow the process. Oh and did I also mention that illegal entry into Canada is against the law as well.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I would like to express my condolences to the family and my sadness at the loss of another Canadian soldier in the line of duty in Afghanistan. Pvt. Robert Costall along with an American and 8 Afghan soldiers were killed in a battle defending a forward operating base in Helmand province. I hope his sacrifice will never be forgotten by the Canadian people, as I know it will not be forgotten by myself.

Sara from Choice for Childcare will be on Ottawa A-Channel, Thursday March 30th, during the 6pm (eastern) newscast, discussing childcare. This issue may be the one to eventually bring down the current minority government, and with it being a favorite talking point of socialists everywhere, the facts sometimes get left out of the story. Tune in if you get the chance, but if you can't make sure to visit her blog for more info on childcare. A-Channel is available in Ottawa of course, as well as on Bell Express View for those who subscribe to that service.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busted: CTV and the YWCA

When this report surfaced on CTV it caused some concern among bloggers over the accuracy of the report itself as well as the CTV reporting on the subject.

So grab some beer and popcorn sit down and visit:

All of these bloggers have done great work in keeping the truth from getting lost in all of the spin and are worth the read.

A bit more on the numbers

Monday, March 27, 2006

Some thoughts

I have been too busy lately to read the news, never mind make comments on it. Who would have figured a middle age guy working overtime hours to keep his head above water and having a home life with 3 kids under 10, wouldn't have any spare time to blog.

On the Lyle Oberg situation: I have to ask; what the hell was he thinking? The comments about not telling people to support the Premier at the convention were within reason and understandable, but you don't go around threatening him with some alledged buried skeletons. You might as well of went into Ralph's office and poked him in the chest with a stick. Not a smart play, and one that makes me question what kind of leader he would have made.

That stick comment has got me thinking if I would be fired if I walked into my bosses office and poked him a few times. Nah, I am in a union so I get the benefit of all sorts of stupid rules to protect my hard working self from the man, even if I do deserve to get tossed out on my butt. I would end up with a couple weeks paid stress leave and have to attend some sort of conflict avoidance course, also paid for by my employer naturally, but I doubt I would be fired. I wonder if I could bring a friend along to some of these avoidance sessions? If it was possible I would bring this guy, James Loney.

I think he may have made some bad choices as to his place of employment recently, and might be able to use some professional help. I dare suggest that being a westerner, an active Christian, as well as being gay, would be the perfect trifecta for being a potential target in Iraq and not the safest place to choose as a place of employment. Poking your boss with a stick in Canada can get you in trouble and perhaps fired, but doing something similar in Iraq will more times than not get you killed.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Canadians in Iraq?

Hostages freed in Iraq with the help of JTF-2

Good news indeed for the hostages and their families, but I have to wonder when the "I told you so" crowd will start up about Canadian troops in Iraq under a CPC government.

I do predict that the Liberals will not be as vocal on this subject as one might expect from the previous election rhetoric and their public stand on this issue, as they are more than aware of Canadians in Iraq while they were in charge.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Let it die already

The ethics commissioner has cleared the PM and Emerson of wrong doing in the recent floor crossing affair. It is done like dinner, let it go, move on, nothing more to see here, now get back to your lives.

Let the Games begin

The Liberal Convention to pick a new leader has been set for Dec 2-3 2006 in Montreal, and although there are only 2 announced contenders at this point, it looks to heat up very soon once all those wanting to seek the leadership make it official.

With former NDP and Conservative candidates on the short list for leader, and a party that feels it is the natural ruling party of Canada, I expect it to make for some very interesting blogging over the next 9 months.

Let the games begin, and let the gloves come off.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A woman's right to choose

A woman's right to choose does not only apply to having children, it also applies to to raising them as well.

It sounds simple enough for me, but I wonder how feminist groups can call for one type of choice but be against the other?

Another mystery of leftist thinking?

I should have issued an oxymoron alert before that last comment.

Choice in Child Care

Today is the day that was chosen by Sara, from Choice for Childcare, for bloggers to stand up for choice in childcare.

It also happens to be my sons 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Buddy, I know you will have a great day today.

I know this because his Mom has worked very hard organizing a birthday party to take place later today. She baked a Spiderman cake, bought the balloons and loot bag goodies, blew up a bunch of balloons for decorations, and arranged for some of his little friends to come over for the party. She does this all, surrounded by the usual kaos that takes place daily in our household, and quite frankly I really do not know how she does it all and can remain sane.

The 'how' part is hard to figure out, but the why is easy.

When our first child was born we went the daycare route for about 2 years, until one day my wife and I sat down and we discussed her plan to quit her job and stay home with our daughter.

The reason was this: Our daughters first few years only come once, and she wanted to be around to share them. I couldn't argue with that, and although the income hit really did hurt and almost resulted in her having to return to work, the result was worth it.

I am not going to preach to anyone on how to live their lives or raise their kids, but I also expect that you should not tell me how to raise mine either.

It is called choice, we made ours and others may make different ones, but any child care plan that does not offer this choice is not fair, not universal, not Canadian, and absolutely not needed.

This story was crossposted to Colbert Report

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Standing up for those who Stand Up for Canada

I could not be happier that PMSH has chosen to make his first foreign trip a visit to Afghanistan to visit with our troops. It shows a kind of character that we have not seen for quite some time from our PMs, and it is both refreshing and a sign of what type of leader Stephen Harper really is. WTG Mr. Prime Minister!!!!

And on the other side we have Jack Layton who is more concerned with the party grassroots views on the military in general than he is with the people who wear the uniform for Canada and the job they do. Why the big concern now as opposed to when the troops were first dispached by the Liberals remains a bit cloudy, but to suggest he is playing politics is well within reason and it is a slap in the face to those serving in Afghanistan.

Still on this subject, I have some questions to those that suggest that Canada's role has somehow changed from peacekeeping to that of a more offensive role. I am aware that our role has changed in the command structure as we are now have a greater say on command, but the mission has not really changed since the arrival in February 2002 of the first troops. At least the February date is what the DND has stated, but JTF 2 has been very involved in active fighting from their very first day there and I think many of you will remember this picture from Jan 2002. (AP / DarioLopez-Mills)

Some other early combat examples must also include our snipers, one of which set a world record of 2,430 metres for a kill shot! While kept low key by our government at the time, the U.S military nominated 5 of our snipers for the Bronze Star for their combat work.

How has our mission changed?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Driving, another right?

Since 2003 when Alberta introduced their new more secure driver's licence, a picture has been a manditory requirement to getting a new licence or having an old one renewed.

Now a court case is being fought by a Hutterite colony from southern Alberta (Source story) against the use of photographs on the basis that the picture requirement violates their of freedom of religeon.

Call me confused but I don't get it. I am sure that driving is not specified as a right in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and although my knowledge of 'Holy' books is not that great, I don't believe that any of them mention driving an automobile in their collective pages either. If you want the privilege to drive you have to follow the rules and requirements as set out by law, if you do not want to do this, you don't drive. I would like to think the judge will also agree with this when the decision is handed down in a few months, but I do get nervous anytime one of these types of cases gets before the courts and new 'rights' are created.

On the subject of rights; check out Jarrett Plonka's thoughts on International Womens Day and some rights you may not have heard of. Note what the Governor General had to say in her speech.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SB sends an email


This is going to be hard to explain at the Liberal leadership convention.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Attack in Afghanistan

A suicide car bomb attack on a Canadian convoy in Afghanistan wounded 5 Canadian soldiers when the explosive packed car crashed into the side of their LAV III vehicle. This is the same type of vehicle that was involved in the rollover accident that killed Cpl. Paul James Davis and injured 7 others earlier this week.

While the vehicle in question does have a history of rollover type accidents due to its top heavy makeup, it is that same makeup that saved the lives of those soldiers today.

Here are a few links on the subject.

Ottawa Core

The Torch

In my opinion the extra armour protection is more important than stability when in a combat zone where every car/person could be a potential suicide attacker. I would hope that the stability issue is looked at and perhaps some modifications done to decrease the problem, but not at the expense of armour protection. Our soldiers deserve the best tools for the tasks at hand, and in this case I think we have the best.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

This must have stung

Coming from someone once considered a leadership candidate for the Liberals; this has got to hurt.

"I don't think (Canadians) buy into the idea of gratuitously being offensive."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Found in the comment section

A comment caught my attention at Daimnation about an article Eric Margolis wrote dealing with the 'cartoons'.

Here is a small snip from Aidan Maconachy's comment:

Democratic societies have Constitutions that enshrine certain rights and freedoms. The people who designed our Constitutions weren't setting out to embarrass Islam, they were laying out provisions for a fair and equitable society. Part of this arrangement, was the understanding that citizens would be confronted with ideas, opinions, characterizations that they might personally find offensive. Part of the magic of democracy, is that we allow for differences of opinion ... we allow challenging art and innovative ideas. What we do not allow, are calls for murder and mayhem because some group finds a comment or a drawing disagreeable ... or even Eric Margolis for that matter.

I couldn't agree more.