Friday, March 03, 2006

Attack in Afghanistan

A suicide car bomb attack on a Canadian convoy in Afghanistan wounded 5 Canadian soldiers when the explosive packed car crashed into the side of their LAV III vehicle. This is the same type of vehicle that was involved in the rollover accident that killed Cpl. Paul James Davis and injured 7 others earlier this week.

While the vehicle in question does have a history of rollover type accidents due to its top heavy makeup, it is that same makeup that saved the lives of those soldiers today.

Here are a few links on the subject.

Ottawa Core

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In my opinion the extra armour protection is more important than stability when in a combat zone where every car/person could be a potential suicide attacker. I would hope that the stability issue is looked at and perhaps some modifications done to decrease the problem, but not at the expense of armour protection. Our soldiers deserve the best tools for the tasks at hand, and in this case I think we have the best.


Ottawa Core said...
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Ottawa Core said...

your reference to the cbc's report about the "known issue" of rollovers for the LAV is an attempt to substantiate and exaggerate the knowledge our national broadcaster's reporters have on military issues. of course, the issue of death from accidents is considered with the utmost of concern amongst the brass. the logical extension of their attempts to have it appear otherwise would be to lose confidence in our abilities to resolve anything that comes our way militarily. end result: be afraid of military officials putting our soldiers in harms way. back out of protecting our freedoms.

given that the LAV, in all their variations, have been in service since the late seventies, their record speaks for itself. these current rollovers are part of the price of throwing multi tonned equipment around in a very hostile environment.