Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Busted: CTV Bias

Just a little example of media bias from CTV.

Courtesy of SDA

Wow, CTV uses the CPC logo in their story and includes the line "A Conservative party supporter could theoretically donate more than $60,000 over the legal limit under a recently discovered loophole, according to a newspaper report."

FYI here is a bit from the newspaper story (Globe and Mail Article) referred to in the CTV piece. Please note where it says ANY Canadian.

Loophole tears lid off political donations

Gap allows for contributions more than $60,000 over limit

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

OTTAWAAny Canadian could exceed by more than $60,000 the legal donation to a political party under a loophole discovered by The Globe and Mail.

Elections Canada confirmed yesterday that an individual could theoretically contribute $199.99 to each of the party's 308 riding associations across the country - a total of $61,596.92 - without attracting anyone's attention.

That's because parties are required to inform Elections Canada only of individual donations of $200 or more. Smaller donations to riding associations are lumped together, with no breakdown for cross-checking.

Under the government's showpiece Accountability Act, passed last year, individuals can donate a maximum of $1,100 to a political party.

So why did CTV decide to single out the CPC in their story, when even the original G&M story rightfully pointed out that the loophole could be used by any Canadian?

I would like to see the answer to that, but I won't be holding my breath waiting.