Monday, January 29, 2007

David McGuinty and the poison called water vapor

Liberal Environmental critic David McGuinty in just his first day on the job has already shown that he has no clue as to what he is 'speaking about'.

This from question period today, January 29th, 2007.

David McGuinty (Ottawa South, Lib.)

..."Will the minister act now and not wait for a so-called clean air act and declare greenhouse gases to be toxic and strictly cap all of these emissions in Canada immediately?"

Does this guy think before he speaks, or does he really want to declare water vapor as a toxin?

More from McGuinty today as the Liberals are in no hurry to "get it done". Story here or here
as they continue to play politics with the issue that 'concerns' them the most.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ad Campaign thoughts.

Having just read this story from CTV about a possible advertising campaign from the CPC aimed at Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, I am having mixed emotions.

From CTV:
"One of the ads is a clip from the Liberal leadership campaign."You don't know how hard it is to set priorities," Dion states in one ad as a perplexed Ignatieff looks on, according to a Tory source.
Another ad mocks Dion's failure as environment minister to meet the Kyoto climate change targets."We didn't get it done." Deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says to Dion in an exchange taken from the Liberal leadership race".

If the news story is true it would seem that I am a bit of a trend setter as I posted THIS back on January18th, and THIS back on January 15th.

Hooray for me, but I am just a humble blogger and can do this kind of stuff with little or no repercussions other than maybe being called a few names from the other side. Having the CPC do it while NOT in an election campaign has the potential to cause some problems, and I am not sure it is such a great idea.

The rational for the adds does makes sense to me. The MSM has given Dion a pass for the most part on his record as environment minister and on a few other items as well; which candidates did get those bags of money anyway Mr. Dion? The ads could be benificial, I am just question the timing.

Why the MSM has not been more forceful in their questioning of Dion and his record is beyond me, but I do not think it is going to last much longer and definitely will not last into an election campaign as the interest of the Canadian public climbs and the MSM ramps into high gear looking for 'the story' in competition to out do each other.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the story is indeed true and what the adds look like, but the possibility of having this turn south on the CPC is indeed real and I don't think the risk is justified at this time. Besides, if Dion has shown us anything about his leadership skills to this point it is that he is consistently inconsistent, and that will bite him on the ass in good time.

Updated Jan 30. added CPC TV with the ads in question.

I see that the CPC is not the first to put out ads before an election. H/T Kitchener Conservative.

Link to raw video of the debate.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fw: Good joke

Forward on, if you dare!!

An Albertan walks into Tim Horton's with a shotgun in one hand pulling
a giant bull with the other.

He says to the waiter, "Want coffee."
The waiter says, "Sure Hoss, coming right up."
He gets the Albertan a tall mug of coffee.
He drinks the coffee down in one gulp, turns and blasts his bull
with the shotgun, causing parts of the animal to splatter
everywhere, then just walks out.

The next morning the Albertan returns. He has his shotgun in one hand
another bull with the other.
He walks up to the counter and says to the waiter, "Want coffee."
The waiter says, "Whoa, you crazy redneck! We're still cleaning up your
mess from yesterday. What was all that about, anyway?"

The Albertan smiles and proudly says, "Training for an upper
management position in the NEW Canadian Government: Come in, drink
coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up, and disappear for rest
of the day.

Does this one pass the pc test?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Unanswered Questions

Gilles Duceppe keeps asking, but is anyone going to answer?

"Who are these people who received money illegally, as admitted by Mr. Côté? Mr. Dion likes clarity. He should be clear," Mr. Duceppe said at a Bloc caucus meeting in Laval, Que.


Mr.Martin never did answer the question. Will Mr. Dion?

They spin away, but do they believe it themselves?

I think this is not spinable, but yet some are trying to do just that.

Reading the spin on this I get the impression that even they don't believe in the words they are writing in defense of Dion's, and who could blame them.


By now everyone is aware of what Stephane Dion had to say about allowing Marc Yvan Coté, banned for LIFE from the Liberal party by Paul Martin for his part in adscam, back into the party. Saying that Cote's punishment was "exaggerated,'' and that he'd "recognized his mistakes." and suggesting that he shouldn't be penalized for life.

Here is one such "mistake." During the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal, Cote testified that he received $120,000 in $100 bills from the executive director of the party's Quebec wing. He distributed that money to 12 Liberal candidates in the 1997 federal election.

Unbelievable, and Dion was not alone on this as Montreal MP Marlene Jennings said "I think that Mr. Dion is right,'' while speaking with reporters adding "There are people we would like to see back in the party." and Montreal MP Denis Coderre echoed Dion’s sentiments.

For this classic display of not only leadership, but of political instincts by Stephane Dion, I would like to nominate this for inclusion to the top 10 list of the Greatest Canadian Political Blunders of all time.

Yea or Nay?


Oh and before I get a comment about not under-estimating Dion, let me reply by saying that Liberals should not under-estimate Dion's ability to put his foot in his mouth. That is but the opinion of an "easy money" loving Albertan who does not want to be milked by some alleged academic.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Toronto Star Reality Check

Source My comments in red

Tory nose-stretchers

January 20, 2007

On their way to power and since gaining control in Ottawa, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have talked a great deal about the need to restore public credibility in the country's elected leaders.

But even allowing for the fact that hyperbole and sweeping generalities are the common fare of public life, the federal Tories have often let their rhetoric overtake reality:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said his budget last May lowered taxes for Canadians.

The reality: The budget raised the lowest income-tax rate by half a percentage point to 15.5 per cent as of July 1, 2006.

The budget cut 20 billion in taxes, including the GST by 1% and increased the personal exemption by $1000 dollars. I challenge the authors to find me any Canadian that is paying more in total taxes because of this budget.

On Canada's military activities: In an interview with CBC-TV, Harper said Canada is on the front lines in Afghanistan – a role he said was in marked contrast to the traditional Canadian approach. "For a lot of the last 30 or 40 years, we were the ones hanging back," Harper told CBC.

The reality: More than 125 Canadian soldiers have died on peacekeeping operations around the world since 1956.

This passes as journalism? The PM is 100% correct in that our forces combat role in Afghanistan is not the same one that they have generally undertaken in the past. What is the point the authors are trying to make here?

In changing how equalization payments to have-not provinces are calculated, Harper said his party, if elected, "would ensure that non-renewable natural resource revenue is removed from the equalization formula to encourage economic growth."

The reality: The provinces are convinced that Flaherty's new formula for calculating payments to poorer provinces will include half of each province's natural resource revenue – an expectation that is sparking stiff resistance in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

"The provinces are convinced" something will happen, makes something a reality? For someone who is paid to write for a newspaper this is absolutely pathetic. The authors need to buy a dictionary and look up the definition of reality. None of this has happened yet and is entirely based on speculation and rumours, so calling it a reality is an absolute joke.

On the Liberals' gun control record: "What this last government did is that, instead of worrying about insane people or criminals, they simply went after farmers," Harper said during question period in the House of Commons.

The reality: The Liberals' firearms licensing and registry program – with its background checks and requirements for training and safe storage – applied to all would-be gun owners, not just farmers.

Correct, the law applies to everyone, but only the law abiding ones are going to care. The criminals who already do not follow the laws will just ignore this one as well. 1/2 marks on this one.

After Liberal MP and former leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff said that an Israeli air strike in Qana during the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict was a war crime, Harper responded: "This is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken by virtually all of the candidates for the Liberal leadership."

The reality: Liberal leadership candidates denounced the remark as an inaccurate and unstatesmanlike "insult" that risked dividing Canadians for partisan political motives.

"Virtually all" was a stretch, but it cannot be said that 'all' the candidates were pro-Israeli either, something conveniently left out of this article. 1/2 marks.

"Canada's back," Harper said on Sept. 20 in New York.

The reality: But Harper used a string of statistics and figures to illustrate that the return to fiscal health and economic growth in Canada began under the Liberals.

Again, what is the point trying to be made? At a speech made to the Economic Club in New York the PM did what every other PM has done, and that is to promote Canada abroad . So what if it began under the Liberals as you suggest, as an argument can be made that it began under Mulroney just as well, but in either case it is irrelevant to what the PM said.

During the last election campaign, the Tories said if elected they would "stop the Liberal attack on retirement savings and preserve income trusts by not imposing any new taxes on them."

The reality: In a surprise decision on Oct. 31, the Conservative government moved to do away with income trusts, a decision that saw more than $20 billion in value lopped off the stock market.

Finally some truth, but I guess a 4 1/2 line article wouldn't make the Star so all the rest of the above BS was added to pad this one point out. I will not discuss why it was the right move by the PM nor list the many Liberals that agree with the decision, as this is not the place, but will give full marks to the authors. Just one question though, why add the $20 billion part to the story?

On climate change, Harper slammed the Liberals in a year-end interview with the Star, saying "literally nothing was done for 13 years at all on the environment, literally nothing."

The reality: While the Liberals did not halt the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, they used their final months in power to introduce "Project Green," an eight-year program at an estimated $10-billion cost designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 270 megatonnes between 2008 and 2012.

You may have had something, but ignored the obvious and started talking about another future reality. The Harper statement spoke about the last 13 years and your reality speaks of the future that is "designed to" do something. Go ask a 6th grader to explain it to you how silly this is.

On child care, Harper said that during 13 years of Liberal government, not a single child-care space was created.

The reality: The Liberals' $5-billion, five-year plan to create a national child-care program along with the provinces led to the opening of more than 5,000 new spaces in Ontario alone, with 20,000 more on the drawing board. But plans for more spaces in Ontario were slashed after the federal Conservatives announced they were cancelling the previous government's funding for the provinces as of this year.

Where are those 5000 spaces in Ontario? But facts aside, yes Mr. Harper did use some rhetoric in the comments so you get the marks for this one as well.

Compiled by Les Whittington

and Tonda MacCharles

To borrow from the above article: But even allowing for the fact that hyperbole and sweeping generalities are the common fare of media, the Toronto Star have often let their rhetoric overtake reality: as shown by the above article.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Dion out of the loop?

So now that the secret meeting that the CBC 'broke' in their story has been exposed as not so much of a secret and that it was the Martin government and NOT the Harper government that set up the meeting up with the evil Americans; the lib bloggers have changed their tune a bit on the subject. (one actually deleted his post entirely on the topic. Note to self take screen shots)

There is however a question that has now been raised about the subject, and that is why didn't Environment Minister Stephane Dion know anything about a meeting to potentially increase the oil sands output by 5 times? If the environment was such a priority for the Liberals as Dion continues to claim, you would think the subject might have been brought up at some time. Maybe his new finance critic John McCallum, the natural resource minister at the time could help explain what happened and why he kept Dion out of the loop.

Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, because too much CO2 is not good for you.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jeffrey Simpson on Dion's Environmental Leadership

More about Stephane Dion on the environment this time a view from Liberal friendly Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson

Here are some highlights: Emphasis mine

Mr. Dion can't get away from some of the major, and dumb, ideas in his 2005 Project Green. That plan -- the fourth produced by Liberal governments -- rather vaguely recommended a cap-and-trade emissions scheme for industrial enterprises

Yesterday, Mr. Dion repeated his campaign pledge for Canada to meet its Kyoto commitments. "I call on Mr. Harper to implement a comprehensive plan to honour our Kyoto commitment." This is pure baloney, as Mr. Dion must surely know, since the reason Canada cannot meet that commitment is the dismal record of Liberal governments.

Mr. Ignatieff, in his campaign document, was honest. "Despite efforts by the previous Liberal government to curb emissions growth, Canada cannot now meet the Kyoto target of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions to 6 per cent below 1990 levels between 2008-2012, without spending billions of dollars buying emissions credits from other countries."

That statement was correct then, and remains correct. Liberal MPs (and NDP and Bloc Quebecois MPs) are running around saying the contrary, that Canada can cut 270 to 300 megatonnes of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2008-2012. They are playing outrageous politics with the truth. It is impossible to do what they insist can be done in Canada alone in such a short time, as Mr. Ignatieff said.

In his campaign, Mr. Dion recommitted himself to the "one-tonne challenge" program, whereby individual Canadians would lower their emissions to four tonnes from five. That program had been a failure.

Mr. Dion promised a $2,000 rebate for hybrid cars, not nearly enough with the gap between regular and hybrid-engine cars in the range of $7,000.

Mr. Dion will be furious to imagine someone doesn't believe he has the right answers to climate change. He doesn't. Mr. Ignatieff had better ones.

A few things

Just a few things from recent news, and links for future reference. ( My favorites folders is a disaster area where links go to die and never be seen again, so I use the blog)

The doomsday clock advances More doom and gloom to start out the new year, but in typical Canadian fashion this comment on the clock from Dust My Broom gave me a good laugh. "Does this mean its 12:25 in Newfoundland?"

An interesting poll from Robbins Sce Research can be found here. The great post convention bump is officially over for Dion. h/t Grey Canada


The great myth of the Canada Health Act, courtesy of Olaf at Prairie Wrangler

The ugly truth can be found here at this Link to a British television documentary, ’Dispatches: Undercover Mosque,’ broadcast on Sunday Jan 14th, 2007 on the UK’s Channel 4. Courtesy of PTBC. Well worth the time to watch as this is happening today in the UK, and one can assume elsewhere as well.

Werner Patels has this picture from the Toronto Star up on his blog.

Nice looking scarf, I think it goes nicely with the tie.

Have you ever wondered what Stephane Dion's cat was named? Check out the comments at the Halls of Macadamia.

I want to buy this book. "How to destroy national unity, for dummies" For a sneak peek check out this outstanding post at 905 Tory.

more to come as I continue my daily reading.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Liberal opinions on Dion's Environmental record

Bumped up and video link fixed.

I wonder if either of these 2 guys will make the cut for Dion's shadow cabinet.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Milking it, or what Dion wants to do to Alberta

"I don't want to kill the milk cow. But I want to make sure that the milk will still be good and there for our grandchildren." These are the words of Stephane Dion as he was speaking of the Alberta economy in Halifax the other day, and last night in Alberta he again used the milk cow analogy “I’m not here to kill the milk cow,” Dion boomed.We will have a great future in Alberta.

What else can I say, this man understands Alberta and it is in the bag come the next election. No, no, not seats or votes, but Alberta money is in the bag, and you know the history of Liberals with bags of money.

H/T to William at Noise from the Right .

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random thoughts from the anthill

Some thoughts on a few random items.

Stephane Dion will be in Edmonton tonight Thursday, January 11th, 2007, 7:30 p.m., at the Italian Canadian Seniors Association Centre, 9111 – 110 Avenue. All are welcome.

As much as I would love to be there I am still fighting with the sinus infection from hell so my rest is more important than seeing what the temporary leader of the LPC has to say. Anyone want to make a guess as to whether Anne McLellan shows up?


It seems that the much loved Liberal MP Jean Lapierre is quiting the LPC. Not much to say here that hasn't been said already, but Liberals sure seem to be quick to stick a knife in each others backs for political gain aren't they?


File this one under liberal judicial stupidity gone too far. Ht to Fred at Gay and Right

Even though a paternity test ruled out Anthony L- Parker as the father of a child in a child-support dispute, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled today he still has to pay support owed the mother before he took the test. Source

I wonder how rulings like this will effect the 3 (or more) parent families that has been thrust upon Canadian society?


This is a good start, and it shows that this government continues to be working hard for Canadians, but more is going to be needed on this issue. Sure the provinces fight this stuff tooth and nail, but what is right is right.


This is the type of stuff that just baffles the opposition parties, but I have known it all along. I also believe that many more Canadians are seeing it as well and will continue to notice as our PM goes about doing his job and showing us what type of leader he really is.

Expect much more of the Campaign of fear™ from the liberals in the future.

Campaign of Fear ™

Just a little reminder of what the Liberals are capable of.

update: youtube has pulled the video below. I guess CBC lawyers claimed copyright and had it pulled. A question though, how can CBC air a Liberal copyright ad themselves and
now claim copyright on something that is essentially someone else's material?

Anyway here is a link to watch the infamous ad

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scott Reid and your tax dollars at work

Scott Reid speaker of the famous "beer and popcorn'' and "Alberta can blow me" comments has taken his turn at that which is taken for granted by all liberals, the public trough. Reid got himself into some legal trouble and looks to be again sticking it to Canadians by having tax payers pay his legal bills in a libel suit with onetime Chretien aide Warren Kinsella for calling him a liar over comments Kinsella made about Finance Department contracts under Martin.

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Can someone explain to me why the taxpayers of this country are having to pay the legal bills of some unelected Liberal hack? It is one thing for government to have to pay lawyers fees for elected representatives if they run into trouble for something done while on the job (this is also not necessarily a good thing) but this guy was just a civil servant working for Paul Martin as an aide and was never elected to anything.

I really would like an answer to this, as I am sure that the same privilege does not extend to all federal employees in matters of libel.


ht/ Clive at the Doggerel Party of Canada

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coordinate this.

As I watched a news conference yesterday where Stephane Dion said a few interesting things in his attack on the Government and Prime Minister Harper, I couldn't help but notice that Dion dragged out an old, tired, and purposely misleading statement attributed to the PM about greenhouse gasses. "He spoke about the 'so-called greenhouse gas emissions only weeks ago", Dion said while referring to PM Harper in an effort to paint the PM as a non believer in climate change contrary to what the PM has since stated.

Here is Harpers original response to a question about how his government plan was different than that of the opposition, you be the judge. "As we implement our clean-air agenda, the focus is a little different than the other parties. They focus only on so-called greenhouse gases and ignored smog entirely."

I did not have time to blog on the subject right after watching Dion try to mislead Canadians, but since then a few others have noticed and addressed the subject better than I could have, and the issue was discussed when the original quote was made back on December 14th, so I will leave it at that.

There is something else though I would like to discuss, and it came to my attention while I was looking at this poor excuse of a strategy from Dion and the Liberals, and it ties in nicely with what I had posted about yesterday, the Great Blogging Tory Conspiracy.

To sum it up, Jason Cherniak was making accusations about the Blogging Tories (BT) having some kind of coordinated effort and "campaign to assassinate the good character of Stéphane Dion". My post of course was a parody of just how ridiculous this notion was and I was not alone in that opinion; even in his own comments section Jason takes a beating on the idea. Yet, in the face of everything he still wants to believe that when Dion or any Liberal does something stupid that any of the BT's are not capable of noticing and commenting on their own, it must be some kind of coordinated effort and conspiracy.

As crazy as it sounds I think I might have figured out why he is bothered by this so much. First off it is because in general his guy Dion is looking bad. Remember those post convention polls putting the Liberals ahead that they were so proud of? Well that lead not only disappeared it turned into a 7 -10 point loss for Dion and his pipe dream team, and you know that has to hurt. A downturn like that MUST be the result of a coordinated campaign, as it couldn't be Dion the Pures fault?

The other reason I believe that this "coordinated" effort is bothering him is that it is something that he would have liked to accomplish, but has not been able to do, but not for lack of trying. In other words, it looks like he has tried himself to do what he has accused the BT's of actually doing. Before you turn the channel and figure I have my foil hat on too tight, lets take a look at a something I found today after Dion pulled out the 'so called' half quote.


From Jason Cherniak (Thu, 14 Dec 2006 23:43:25):

Hi all,

In his final press conference of the year, Harper referred to "so
greenhouse gasses". I don't know about you, but I believe that this is
big screw up on his part.

If you agree, please mention it. It is the sort of thing that the MSM
should be forced to pick up.

Blogger Support Services: a non-profit corporation operating as
<> Liblogs

per: Jason R. Cherniak



It would seem that Jason was a bit upset that this non story never made it to MSM and wished to "force" them to pick up on it by coordinating an effort of liberal bloggers to write about it. I like this line the best, "It is the sort of thing that the MSM should be forced to pick up.", damn the facts, just get it out there. The MSM didn't bite, as there was no meat to the story and the attempt at a coordinated effort failed, or at least so I thought until Dion tried to pass of the same crap early yesterday at his news conference. Are the Liberals really that desperate that Dion has to use discredited talking points from Jason Cherniak?

There you have it conspiracy fans, what looks to be an actual attempt to heard cats, err I mean coordinate bloggers. It didn't work, and now it seems that Jason is upset that in his mind the BT's have succeeded where he failed and is trying to expose a conspiracy where none exists.

Hey Jason, allow me to let you in on some things. Most political bloggers do have some integrity, yes even Liberal ones as well, and these types of things are almost guaranteed to be exposed and fail in the end, such is the nature of blogging. The other thing is that the reason the BT's are having success where the Liblogs haven't is that we are working with better material. Dion is a dream come true for us, where as PM Harper is a nightmare for Liberals.

It really is that simple, and these Liberal 'Campaign of Fear'™ type tactics are not going to work, but keep trying as it makes our job on the other side all that much easier.


Monday, January 08, 2007

We have been discovered!!

Yes, the jig is up and the cat is out of the bag as Jason Cherniak has discovered the existence of our great right wing Blogging Tory conspiracy and our "campaign to assassinate the good character of Stéphane Dion". There is no use in going to Code Level Blue, which has worked so well in the past to cover our tracks, because some of our fellow bloggers have already started to sing like canary's about our little secret.

So my co-conspirators I ask you this. Do we get upset and whine about it, or do we decide that it is time for action and do our best to figure out how we were discovered? I say we find out what went wrong, correct the problems, and work harder together so next time our evil plans can be carried through to their RIGHTful conclusions. The Hotline at Blogging Tory HQ has been ringing off the hook today with possible theories as to how we were discovered, and as a public service I will bring a few of these theories forward.

First off I think that it is safe to say that our encrypted communications remain secure. For example when the Khan floor crossing was confirmed to all of us in the memo just before Christmas, it wasn't revealed to the world until Steven got the go ahead from HQ on January 4th. There was some worry as to how Scott Reid found out about it in advance, but considering that Dion didn't have a clue it has been dismissed as just another case of Scott Reid just making stuff up as he goes along.

There was some worry that perhaps our secret handshake has been compromised as well after that famous incident last fall at the conspiracy conference in Banff when Kate had a little too much to drink and started shooting at Chucker when he made that comment about potholes in Saskatchewan. Wow, that RCMP Constable never knew what to think when Giuliano Zaccardelli and Vic Toews showed up in person and let Kate out of jail. I have it on good authority that even though the handshakes took place in public, those that witnessed it have been permanently relocated.

Another theory is that during the annual fishing trip this year that a certain group of our members were spotted together and security was compromised. To refresh some of your memories it was just after Loyola Hearn was again bragging about getting the largest fish of the day, when General Hillier and Gordon O'Conner grabbed some of those 'fishing' grenades and started lobbing them at Stock on his jet ski. In all the confusion it was appears only Jarrett noticed the guy paddling in the canoe on the other side of the bay with the cheesy looking porn mustache. This one has some possibilities and requires more investigation.

My own theory was that we were compromised during the summer at the function Craig Smith
held in late July. If you remember it was later in the evening after the indoctrination sessions for us new bloggers had taken place when Pierre Bourque gave us the news that the hot tub was out of order as somehow there were a couple of bikini tops stuck in the hot tubs plumbing. So far so good, but when the unionised plumber showed up in a smart car instead of an old Chevy van I think some questions should have been asked. I do not want to be harsh and I am not blaming Joanne, Sarah, Ruth, Carolyn, or any of the other ladies who were present that day as it was not their fault, but just because Peter Mackay was tossing out Mardi Gras beads again is not a reason to lose your composure and potentially cause a break down in security.

I do hope this security situation gets resolved as quickly as possible, as we were just about to unveil phase 2 of our plan. I have been informed that the 'compromising' pictures of Peter Mansbridge have now been photo shopped correctly, unlike the famous Christmas picture, and we will now have the CBC completely in our pockets.

For those out there that doubt what I have just written is true, I swear on my fathers grave that there is as much truth in this post as there is in the conspiracy theory itself.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Country over politics, it is just so un-Liberal

Some quotes dealing with todays top story from Ontario MP Wajid Khan, who is leaving the Liberals to join the Tories.

"When I'm given a choice … between a political party and my country, I will always choose Canada and that's why I chose the Conservative government."

"The best leader for Canada is the man who now has the job, Mr. Harper."

Ouch, poor Stephane never knew what hit him.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jason Cherniak, Liberal Tool

I figured my first post since Christmas should reflect a fresh start and kinder and gentler me. Nah, who am I kidding, lets get back to business.

It seems our friend Jason Cherniak from the Liblogs is a Liberal tool, or to be more precise a serious tool.

Read it here for yourself.

It is going to be an interesting year, and even though I am a bit late, I wish everyone the best for 2007. Even Jason and all his other misguided friends over in Liberal Land.


January 18th update: JC uses the term again.