Friday, January 12, 2007

Milking it, or what Dion wants to do to Alberta

"I don't want to kill the milk cow. But I want to make sure that the milk will still be good and there for our grandchildren." These are the words of Stephane Dion as he was speaking of the Alberta economy in Halifax the other day, and last night in Alberta he again used the milk cow analogy “I’m not here to kill the milk cow,” Dion boomed.We will have a great future in Alberta.

What else can I say, this man understands Alberta and it is in the bag come the next election. No, no, not seats or votes, but Alberta money is in the bag, and you know the history of Liberals with bags of money.

H/T to William at Noise from the Right .


Anonymous said...

Hold on, let me speak in the way that Dion expects to hear from us...

Moo mooooo moooo moo mooooo moo moo MOOO moo moo mooooo moooo!

*ahem* Also, I guess it fits some of Dion's thinking. Instead of calling Alberta conservatives "neo-cons" and all that, he can say they're just under some sort of Mad Cow disease or something.


Brian Lemon said...

Hard to beat Anons comments but...
Steffie, it's Milch Cow.
It's like you say, vashe de lay.

Joe Calgary said...

Anon, don't you mean "Bahhhhhh, Bahhhhhhhh"

Librano strategist said...

I can hardly wait for the political cartoonists to get to this story:

Farmer Citoyen Dion adjusting a milking machine hooked up to the old Daisy's udder, hoses running east into a massive bank vault while old Daisy "moos" in hapless misery.

Ardvark said...

Did anyone hear Dion on Rutherford? He just couldn't get it that the cow comments might actually offend people. True leadership.


Ty Mills said...

Dion is retarted. He has absolutely no idea what an Albertan is. Because he has no idea what an individual is.

Cows are collectivized, Cowboys are not. Albertans are Cowboys, not Cows.