Monday, January 15, 2007

Liberal opinions on Dion's Environmental record

Bumped up and video link fixed.

I wonder if either of these 2 guys will make the cut for Dion's shadow cabinet.


robedger said...

To be fair, the two were referring to the last 13 years rather than the last 13 months.

wilson61 said...

The last 13 years included the last 13 months.
Even tho the Libs think Rona should have 'saved the planet' in three months,
Libs had 4 years from signing to ratifying Kyoto.
4 years to fact find and consider the ramifications and justifications, and thusly a plan to reach the targets they agreed to.
The 4 years of fact finding should have produced results.
The Libs had a further 3 years to do more planning.
That was Dion's file.
Libs blew it.
Dion had a plan?
If so, wouldn't Martin let him run with his plan???
Too expensive?? Too harsh??? NEP2?? Buzz said NO.

Ardvark said...

I am not so sure that it was the last 13 years they are referring to.

Iggy has only been back in Canada since 2005 and Dryden was elected in June 2004 at the same time Dion was given the environment portfolio. So the "WE didn't get it done" looks to be dealing more with recent history, but I do agree that the Liberal record for the entire 13 years is indeed nothing to be proud of.


The video link somehow has been corrupted after it worked so well earlier today. It has been updated for those that couldn't get it to work.

Anonymous said...

If Canadians wanted Kyoto to save the planet it could have been implemented privately by now.

A privately run 'Kyoto' foundation or something could collect money from all those Canadians who think the environment is the number one issue - and buy carbon credits from China, Russia or India.

With the right marketing, a savvy entrepeneur could probably pay themselves quite handsomely for 'saving the planet'. If I had a schmeck I would do it myself.