Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ad Campaign thoughts.

Having just read this story from CTV about a possible advertising campaign from the CPC aimed at Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, I am having mixed emotions.

From CTV:
"One of the ads is a clip from the Liberal leadership campaign."You don't know how hard it is to set priorities," Dion states in one ad as a perplexed Ignatieff looks on, according to a Tory source.
Another ad mocks Dion's failure as environment minister to meet the Kyoto climate change targets."We didn't get it done." Deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says to Dion in an exchange taken from the Liberal leadership race".

If the news story is true it would seem that I am a bit of a trend setter as I posted THIS back on January18th, and THIS back on January 15th.

Hooray for me, but I am just a humble blogger and can do this kind of stuff with little or no repercussions other than maybe being called a few names from the other side. Having the CPC do it while NOT in an election campaign has the potential to cause some problems, and I am not sure it is such a great idea.

The rational for the adds does makes sense to me. The MSM has given Dion a pass for the most part on his record as environment minister and on a few other items as well; which candidates did get those bags of money anyway Mr. Dion? The ads could be benificial, I am just question the timing.

Why the MSM has not been more forceful in their questioning of Dion and his record is beyond me, but I do not think it is going to last much longer and definitely will not last into an election campaign as the interest of the Canadian public climbs and the MSM ramps into high gear looking for 'the story' in competition to out do each other.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the story is indeed true and what the adds look like, but the possibility of having this turn south on the CPC is indeed real and I don't think the risk is justified at this time. Besides, if Dion has shown us anything about his leadership skills to this point it is that he is consistently inconsistent, and that will bite him on the ass in good time.

Updated Jan 30. added CPC TV with the ads in question.

I see that the CPC is not the first to put out ads before an election. H/T Kitchener Conservative.

Link to raw video of the debate.


odie441 said...

Great ads bro. We didn't get it done" speaks volumes about the Liberal party.

We didn't get it done on:
a) Enviroment and Climate change
b) Justice
c) Defence
d) Childcare
e) Lowering taxes
f) Agriculture....

Need I go on??

Anonymous said...

I think that it is very appropriate to counter the MSM on this one , given that Dion is flopping around like a fish on everything.

Getting a head start in campaign mode , which all parties are engaged in , will send a clear message to all partries. WE ARE READY.

This may keep the party ranks in line. All the CPC is doing is revealing the truth using their own words at the CPC expense. If Canadians give the CPC a hard time for telling the truth, we are in worse shape in this country than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Bad idea or what - all it will do is prove Harper's paranoia about the press and show his party is weak and desperate. Not a good move.

Considering that about 90% of the MSM are conservative in their leanings this looks very, very bad for our PM.

He shouldn't do it. It's pathetic.

By the way, who wants to look at political garbage during the Super Bowl? No one. Good time to go have a pee or get a refill beer without missing the game.

wilson61 said...

''I don't think the risk is justified at this time''

What risk?
Do you really think Libs are ready for an election?
No money,
No policies,
No issue they EVER resolved,
Undefined New Lib leader surrounded by all the old geisers from the previous corrupt Liberal dynasty...
If telling the truth is risky business, what does that say about us?

Anonymous said...

This is one way of the Conservative Party promoting a message - since the media doesn't do it for them for free. As per the G&M panelist on CTV Question Period said today - The Conservatives are taking this opportunity to define Stephane Dion since he hasn't been able to define himself. Certainly the Liberals have employed this tactic in the past when labelling the new leader of the Conservative Party a few years ago as scary...Attack Ads are the phrase used by the media to associate the Conservatives with the Republicans.

wilson61 said...

They were attack ads in the sense that Iggy attacked Dion...

Ardvark said...

Having now seen the CPC ads I think I deserve a big bag of cash for helping out with the inspiration. Crap, thats what the other guys do, so I will settle for some tax relief come budget time.

Anon#2. I do not know where you get the idea that the MSM is 90% pro conservative, but if that was the case Dion would not be enjoying the free ride is is currently getting.

Wilson, anything the CPC does is a risk. Not because of what they do, but in how the MSM portrays those actions. I noticed in more than a few example of how the MSM stated that the"conservative government" were putting these ads out, when it was the CPC doing it and NOT the government.

Lets see if this starts the MSM to probe a bit into the real Liberal environmental record.