Thursday, March 31, 2011

When the real Liberal starts to show..... watch your wallets and your rights.

More reasons why Canada needs a CPC majority.

The latest from Michael Ignatieff has him wanting to not only regulate the western oils sands, but YOUR diet as well. (screenshots @ bottom of page) You knew it was just a matter of time before Ignatieff got his true Liberal on in public. It is impossible for any of them to go any serious length of time without telling all Canadians what is 'best' for us and then regulate how we act. 

Liberals; you don't know how to run my life better than me and just the fact that you actually think that you do makes the effort that I put into this blog informing Canadians and exposing your spin, just all that much more worth while.  If I want to put pepper on my plate, that is up to me and not some over bloated nanny state created bureaucracy, and I don't want the government (of ANY political stripe) in my kitchen regulating and controlling how or what I can eat.

Now as for Ignatieff's comments on the oil sands...

Aside from the fact that Ignatieff is again treading into provincial responsibility as does his childcare and RESP changes,  it would seem that the great uniter looks to be doing just the opposite by dividing us into regions and pushing the tired old west vs east shtick. Not that it is unexpected from any Liberal leader desperate to hold what he has for seats in the Toronto area, but having it happen so early in the campaign is a bit of a surprise.   Divide and conquer is usually a week 3 trick in the Liberal playbook.

Screenshots of above twitter links:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Election 2011: Battleground Alberta Edmonton Strathcona

One of the most watched ridings in the country this year is going to be Edmonton Strathcona, the only riding in Alberta that currently is not being held by the Conservatives.

Edmonton Strathcona is currently represented by Linda Duncan of the NDP, who won the riding in the 2008 election over incumbent Rahim Jaffer by less than 500 votes, and the NDP is getting very nervous about losing. So much so they have targeted the riding and have pulled out all of the stops to try and keep it.

And why are the NDP worried?  Well it certainly is not because of the Liberal candidate, as there is NONE declared yet ( The LPC had better rectify this one fast or it will only add to the numerous coalition questions coming their way, and make a mockery of their 308 national party strategy) and it certainly can't be because of the Green Party candidate who seems to be asking people not to vote Green.

No, the answer to why Linda Duncan and the NDP are so worried is because of Ryan Hastman.

Ryan Hastman the tireless Conservative candidate (he now has knocked on over 17,000 doors in Edmonton-Strathcona) has been working hard reconnecting with conservatives in the riding who where turned off by the previous candidate, and anyone else who may have a difficult time with their MP rallying against the oil industry which is the life blood of not only the riding but the Province and the country.

Including this nose stretcher with Duncan lying about moose and bears. Oh my!    "But it's all too little, too late, argues Alberta NDP MP Linda Duncan. "We pay attention to the tailing ponds because there's physical evidence in the dead ducks. But birds, moose and bears are dying in these ponds every day"  ( 100% NDP/Duncan BS)

Do the good people of Edmonton Strathcona need someone in Ottawa who is voting against their best interests? No, Linda Duncan needs to go and Ryan Hastman is the man to make sure that happens.

Ryan and his team have laid the groundwork for retaking the riding but they are going to need the help of conservatives everywhere to make sure that goal is achieved.

It is time to get active and fight back. Give the Hastman campaign office a call and volunteer, even a couple of hours may make the difference, and help make sure that the single yellow spot on the electoral map of Alberta is removed for good.

The difference was less than 500 votes last time so don't be under the impression that your vote or your contribution, no matter how small in time or dollars, cannot make a real difference in Edmonton Strathcona.

Get out and get active!

Campaign Office located at 5611 Gateway Blvd (north)

Office phone: 780-433-0691



Liberal John McCallum admits Ignatieff's corporate tax hike will cost jobs.

Yesterday on the Roy Green show on the Corus Radio Network, Liberal MP for Markham—Unionville, John McCallum admitted that the Liberals plan to raise corporate taxes from 16.5% to 18 % would cost Canadians jobs.

That's John McCallum ladies and gentlemen, part of the Liberal Team!

Update:  John McCallum apologizes to Peter Donolo for telling the truth about the Liberals plan to raise taxes!  The Liberal Party of Canada, where telling the truth requires an apology.

Past posts on McCallum:

Meet your new Liberal Transport critic.

"I could be sitting here as your prime minister, but I turned it down.."

And you want to be my latex salesman Mr. McCallum

The front runner for Finance Minister under Ignatieff.

John McCallum again on the Roy Green Show. This time talking about Ignatieff signing the 2008 coalition deal. (listen as hilarity ensues)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Deja Vu as a Liberal again leader rules out a coalition.

Some say history repeats itself and it looks like we are seeing that phenomenon in action in campaign 2011.

Sept 23 2008: Liberal Leader Stephane Dion rules out a coalition.

The day previously: "Mr. Dion had been less direct in his answer yesterday when asked about Mr. Layton's comments. Today, aides said, he came to the media scrum prepared with the answer he gave."

March 26, 2011 Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff rules out a coalition (sort of )

The day previously: "After leading a historic vote that pulled the plug on Harper's second minority government, Ignatieff was asked by journalists six times whether he would rule out forming a coalition government. Six times, he refused to answer." Vancouver Sun.


In 2008: Dion was proven to be a liar as he did enter into a coalition arrangement.

In 2011: Michael Ignatieff....

Is there really any basis to trust Ignatieff or the Liberals on this? Well if history does repeat itself, and so far in this case it has, I don't think we can or should.

It is not like Ignatieff has exactly been Mr.Honesty (Audio: Ignatieff lies to High School students) in the past.

Video: Ignatieff caught in another lie.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Edmonton-Sherwood Park: James Ford holds a grudge?

James Ford confirmed Friday he plans to run as an independent in Edmonton-Sherwood Park.

It seems that Ford is still angry that Tim Uppal won the CPC nomination back in 2008, a nomination that Ford himself WAS NOT RUNNING IN, and after 3 years he is still finding it hard to bury the hatchet.

At least that is the 'official' story, but I think the other reasons may be found in some of Ford's remarks:

“He’s not from the riding,” Ford said Friday. “He doesn’t belong.”

 But than again I might be totally wrong about the possible reasons for running again. After all Ford did at one time want Uppal to be investigated for winning the nomination fair and square showing that he does not quite understand laws or how nominations work.  BTW here is what Jacquie Fenske, the person Uppal defeated in the nomination race in 2008, had to say about Tim's win

Personally I think the CPC, the people of Edmonton-Sherwood Park and the people of Canada are immensely better off having a proven MP like Tim Uppal  in Ottawa than having someone like James Ford there. I hope the voters of Edmonton Sherwood-Park agree

Friday, March 25, 2011

A message to conservatives all across Canada.


Because the big blue machine is about to roll and a majority is in sight, BUT ONLY with your help.

Get out and support your local candidate in any way you can. Elections really are won on the ground and there are numerous ways for everyone to be able to contribute, even if it is for a few hours.

Get a sign. Volunteer to put up signs, drop lit, answer phones, door-knock, etc. There are literally hundreds of ways for you to help out your local CPC candidate get elected and they need your help.

Counter the oppositions smear and lies with the facts on the Harper government record and let everyone know why you are voting conservative and why they must get out and do the same on election day.

Doing nothing is not an option, unless you want a return to a minority government and the daily opposition games that have hampered Ottawa for nearly 6 years, and that does no one any good.

Get active now!

A 300 Million Dollar election just so Ignatieff can finish his book.

What does Michael Ignatieff have to gain by forcing an election now?

That is a question that has been bothering me for some time now as I could not see any logical reason to do so. Politically speaking there is no reason to do so and if the latest polls are to be believed, the Liberals are going to be taking a shellacking, if they do go. Ignatieff will be gone, the party in tatters and other than a chance for the bleeding Liberal Party to rebuild itself after the election ( Hint: Elect the leader and not appoint them this time for starters) I can see no upside to forcing an election.

So if it is not political, what else could explain the reason why Ignaiteff seems to be so set on running his party towards a cliff?

The answer is simple. His next book.

Before people start jumping all over me for this please take a look at Ignatieff's past writings where he went into extreme detail on not only his own life and experiences, but those of his family, both present and past, as well.  So much so even members of his own family were upset about his writing such intimate and personal details about the family. ( The Russian Album, Blood and Belonging, Scar Tissue, True Patriot Love)

Nothing is off limits for his writings and if anyone out there honestly believes that Ignatieff does not have plans to write about his years in the political arena I have a bridge to sell you. It is a no-brainer, he will write a book on his political years, it is only a question of when.

And who could really blame him for doing so.  

The tale of an 'intellectual' protagonist as he is recruited to return Canada to be our next PM as he faces the trials and tribulations of Canadian politics, including his battles with an 'evil political genius', is guaranteed to become a best seller and keep him popular on the lecture circuit collecting speaking fees for many years to come.

I for one can't wait to read the chapter on Bob Rae, but even with as much as I am looking forward to reading that, it just isn't worth the price of 300 million tax dollars to do so.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liberal Party campaign 2011 signs out pre writ in Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont

The writ hasn't even dropped yet and Michael Butler,the former NDP candidate and now the current Liberal Candidate for Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont (sort of a one man coalition) , already has election signs up.

It is almost as if he is in a hurry to lose,

and with cheesy slogans like that he and his current party certainly will.

At least wait until the writ is dropped Michael; you are looking a little desperate by jumping the gun.

Your thoughts on the signs and their almost laughable tag lines?

Some background on Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont (courtesy of the best political information web site in Canada, Pundits Guide)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scott Feschuk is a funny guy.

In fact he is so funny that his now pulled blog entry at was trending (on twitter) in Canada.    Now that is some bad PR!

(Screenshot )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Susan Delacourt busted editing her blog.

The Toronto Star's Susan Delacourt gets busted for editing her blog by deleting a snarky and totally wrong comment she had written. (Made even more "hilarious" by the fact that her snarky comment was criticizing others for their own lack of research.) 

FYI: There is no mention of the edit to be found anywhere on her blog. ( The new standard for the new Star politics section perhaps?)

Tyler Dellow has the scoop here.

Original version:

Edited version:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ignatieff's vote pandering on a Quebec City arena. Who is happy, and who is not.

Recently Michael Ignatieff said the following on the subject of tax dollars going towards the building a new arena in Quebec City:

If you want Ottawa to participate, you have to vote Liberal
 (Link in French as the English MSM have all but ignored it to this point)

I know what my opinion is of his statement and was going to do a big write up on my thoughts, but considering that I am not exactly a big Liberal supporter and I suspect that most of my audience already have a good idea of what that post would look like, I decided against it. But that got me thinking; how would others view Ignatieff's statement? So here is a short list of some who I think will be happy with it, and some who won't.

Liberal MP Joyce Murray must be absolutely livid considering that she tweeted this"another Liberal MP: "Harper's vote-buying stadium scheme in Quebec to benefit a right-wing media buddy: Quebec voters too smart to fall for it..."  a short while back, and as far as I know "Harper" never said anything even remotely close to "if you want Ottawa to participate you have to vote conservative."

Poor Ian Davey is must be banging his head against the wall over this recent comment from his old boss?  Because the last time a top Liberal, in this case Bob Rae, had made similar comments,  Davey went on national television trying to spin hard for the Libs and ended up insulting a large swath of the Canadian population  and hurting the Libs the process.

Liberal MP Keith Martin also can't be too impressed: "175 million for a hockey arena in Quebec City from the Cons! The PM is wasting our money..."

At least one Liberal blogger will not be too happy with Ignatieff's offer of tax dollars going into a glorified NHL arena,  and there is a certain Liberal candidate for Edmonton-St Albert, Kevin Taron, who is already having a hard time dealing with questions on what Ignatieff said because of his very vocal opposition against funding the Quebec arena, including comments that all Alberta will be  getting is the bill

I am sure there is plenty more where they came from but being the fair and balanced blogger that I am, lets now look at a few who may happy with what Michael Ignatieff had to say.

Surely the millionaires will rejoice: “No public subsidies for the National Hockey League, no public subsidies for millionaires,”

Ralph Goodale must also be ecstatic as he said recently: "The federal Conservative government should be contributing "well in excess of $100 million" to a new domed stadium in Regina,"  and  "Goodale argued it's certainly reasonable to expect Ottawa to fund in excess of $100 million (more than 25 per cent of the costs) of a new football stadium and entertainment facility. Goodale added he would be willing to take that request to a new federal Liberal cabinet."  (From the Leader Post: link to story now dead)

And of course Denis Coderre must also be happy: 'Finally, le Journal reports that Liberal MP Denis Coderre is accusing the Conservatives of playing politics with the issue by dragging out the question of whether it will contribute to the financing of the arena: “This is a well-organized project that merits respect and dignity which means that the announcement should not be timed to win votes. They should announce it now.

The people of Quebec: (But I am not sure on this one as it may be a toss up.)

While there is certainly a group who would be happy to hear what Ignatieff had to say, there are also a large number of Quebecois, who being very familiar with how the Liberal Party of Canada used to operate in their province with the 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' attitude and with memories of brown paper bags filled with money being passed around in return for favours still in peoples minds, would find Ignaiteff's comment suggesting that if Quebec voters scratch the Liberals back by voting for them that public dollars for the arena will flow to be very disturbing.

Polls seems to back up my view on the way the people of Quebec would lean, but perhaps that may be why Ignatieff promised that he would spend money on a high speed train before he spent any on an arena for Quebec City.

Wait a minute. If Ignatieff said that he would spend money on high speed rail BEFORE spending any on an arena, does that mean that spending on a high speed rail line is already fait accompli?   I wonder where Ignatieff plans to get the money for that, and when he plans to tell us about it?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too western. Not western enough. The MSM can't decide which.

Remember when the media were saying that the conservatives were too western based ( 'Calgary school', Reform roots, Boo!, etc)?

Well now that Stockwell Day and a couple of others have decided that they are not going to run in the next election guess what...  The conservatives are too rooted in Ontario.

I have said it before and I will say so again: If the PM found a cure for cancer, the Toronto Star would write an op ed on how he is putting doctors out of work.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Constable Armstrong: AKA PM Stephen Harper.

Watch the interview today with PM Harper on CITY TV where he discusses his 'acting debut' as Constable Armstrong on Murdoch Mysteries.( link to show website)

Interview below with clip of PM Harper as Constable Armstrong.


Constable Crabtree: “If the Ottawa hockey club can sign him next year, they will win the Stanley Cup.
Desk Sergeant Armstrong: “Not possible Crabtree. Too much infighting in Ottawa.”
Crabtree: “Armstrong, you clearly don’t know the first thing about hockey. Sometimes I wonder why I even thought ...
Wilfrid Laurier, appearing in the frame: “I am here to speak to Detective Murdoch,
Armstrong: “And you would be?
Crabtree: “For the love of Pete, Armstrong, it is the Prime Minister man.”

Of course this is not his real TV acting debut as he was once on Corner Gas, but on CG he was playing himself and was not portraying someone else.

HT Blue Like You
Joanne thanks host Dina Pugliese for the great job she did on the interview.

Update: And if the PM's acting was not enough to surprise you.

Click on photo for link for the story on why the PM is on the floor with this student.

8.9 Earthquake hits Japan. 10 m tsunami hits coast.

If you live on the west coast of North America turn on a radio or TV immediately and seek higher ground.

(This page was updated multiple times over a 1 hr period but will no longer be updated. Please turn on a tv or radio for the latest information.   1:45 MST)

NOAA Pacific Tsunami warning center.

Hawaii on Tsunami warning. (Tsunami warning sirens sounded in Honolulu - AP)
                     0259 AM HST FRI 11 MAR 2011
West Coast on Tsunami watch! 
KODIAK-AK      0351 AKST MAR 11  TOFINO-BC        0658  PST MAR 11
SEWARD-AK      0416 AKST MAR 11  NEAH BAY-WA      0710  PST MAR 11
SITKA-AK       0425 AKST MAR 11  SEASIDE-OR       0724  PST MAR 11
VALDEZ-AK      0435 AKST MAR 11  WESTPORT-WA      0725  PST MAR 11
HOMER-AK       0508 AKST MAR 11  SAN PEDRO-CA     0832  PST MAR 11
CRAIG-AK       0526 AKST MAR 11  LA JOLLA-CA      0841  PST MAR 11 

A massive surge of water has caused swathes of devastation across Japan, after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck off shore, prompting a 10 meter tsunami.

4 million homes in and around Tokyo without power, large fires.

 Multiple earthquakes ( 17 + aftershocks?) 6.1 and 5.8 being reported.

Latest @  Newswatch Canada.

So far only a couple of deaths reported but there is going to be many more as the day goes on.

It kind of puts our petty political squabbles into perspective.

Watching CTV News Channel and CBC at this moment and BOTH of them are showing re runs of their nightly news broadcasts. Remind me why I am forced to pay for this crap on my cable bill again. Meanwhile both CNN and Fox have live coverage of this disaster.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

PBO smoke and mirrors on F-35 costs. The Opposition pounces on it.

The PBO (Parliamentary Budget Officer) announced today that:
"The total cost of the Conservative government's plan to purchase 65 F-35 fighter jets over 30 years is close to $29.3 billion — billions more than previously estimated, according to Parliament's budget watchdog." (CBC)

and as expected the opposition is all over the 'discrepency'. One small problem though, the PBO estimate is for 30 years, while the estimate from the government was for 20 years.

Government estimate: A spokesman for the minister said national defence experts "stand by their cost projections." Jay Paxton said the government has committed $9 billion to acquire the planes and $250 to $300 million annually over a 20-year period to support the planes.

(page 8 PBO report in PDF)
During the same period, the average weight of jet fighter aircraft has increased by about 0.5% per year. Given this, the cost of fighter aircraft has increased 4% per year in real terms since 1950—doubling roughly every 18 years.
Relying on these historical trends and applicable cost drivers, the PBO was able to forecast a total ownership cost of approximately US$ 29.3 billion for the 65 aircraft over a 30-year period

 So given that inflation and other cost over-runs are likely to occur it is only logical that the cost estimate for 30 years would be at least 1/3 more than the 20 year estimate, no?

Leave it to the opposition and the CBC to leave that little bit of information out.

Update: More shenanigans perhaps.

The PBO is claiming that they took into account the 20 vs 30 yr difference yet uses a total 17.6 billion in its comparisons, (when the estimates for 20yrs have been publicly stated at up to 18 billion) and the PBO looks to be using a lowball 6 billion estimate as the cost of acquisition when it has been stated to be 9 billion dollars. ( all above estimates available on page 6 of PBO report itself)

If the PBO did take into account for the extra 10 yrs why would the number be the same as what the DND is estimating as the cost for 20 years, and why did they choose to use only 6 billion for the acquisition cost?

Susan Delacourt: Classless on International Women's Day

Toronto Star 'journalist' Susan Delacourt being classless on International Women's Day by telling us all what really goes on in her head in regards to what Minister Rona Ambrose wears.

For the record, Minister Ambrose was wearing a "Walk in her shoes" shirt from the Care Canada campaign of the same name in support of women while Delacourt was busy bashing her, and I am guessing the other woman who sits beside Minister Ambrose, Minister Bev Oda. (< seating plan PDF file)

You picked a great day to be classless to other women Susan, but some might say that you are classless everyday.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MSM finally reports on Ignatieff's absentee record

The Canadian MSM finally got around to reporting on how pathetic the Liberal record is for showing up to work and voting in the House of Commons.

Stories at CTV here: "29 MPs missed more than 50 days of the current session of Parliament, all but nine of them Liberals." "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was absent 135 times, the top absentee MP"

And at the Globe and Mail here: "Seventeen MPs, most of them Liberals, have missed at least one-quarter of the votes in the House of Commons in the past two years. Three Liberal backbenchers – Jim Karygiannis, Keith Martin and Ruby Dhalla – came close to missing half the more than 300 votes Parliament took between November, 2008, and December, 2010."

Nice of them to notice and catch up to what us bloggers have been writing about for quite some time now.

Back in April 2009 here, March 2010 here, here and here, May 2010 here, Oct 2010 here and of course when I put my partisanship aside to congratulate Ignatieff back in Sept 2010 for finally reaching #1. A day I was looking forward to for some time.

BTW for Bob Fife and anyone else out there trying to explain away Ignatieff's absences with lines such as this one: "For the leaders it's very understandable,"..."The leaders have other duties than just showing up in the House for votes."

The Prime Minister at times HAS to be other places and be doing other things; while Michael Ignatieff chooses to be absent and be doing other things.

Big difference. 

For the record PM Harper has been absent for74 votes, while Michael Ignaiteff has missed nearly double that at 135.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pat Martin on Power and Politics yesterday.

If you have yet to watch the NDP's Pat Martin, in all of his disgusting glory, on yesterdays Power and Politics here is the link. (Martin starts @ the 5 min mark)

While I could comment on his absolutely disgusting behavior, and it was truly an abhorrent display of what is wrong with politics today, I will leave that to the others who have already done so here (Blue like you) and here (Bc Blue),  but  rather I would like to comment on something that I am more intimately involved with. The abuse of Parliamentry resources by Linda Duncan's office.

Here is how Pat Martin, and the rest of the NDP it seems, have tried to spin it so far.

Pat Martin: "That was a university college kid sent an email to the constituency association of Linda Duncan where a political activist works."   

Nice spin Pat but it doesn't address the following email, sent using Duncan's parl email account, by a staffer on parl time, while in an MP's office and on a parl computer. (BTW the original email Martin refers to was an email was that was sent to everyone on the campus NDP email list and not the constituency association as he stated, but that is just another Martin red herring.)

Forward of the Email sent from Erica Bullwinkle as it appeared in my in box, ( with certain personal info edited using xxxx)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: (XXXX) <(xxxx)>
Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:38 AM
Subject: FW: Sunday Feb 13 Canvass in Garneau/Strathcona

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Thursday, February 10, 2011 8:48 AM
To: (xxxx)
Cc: (email of NDP activist removed)
Subject: RE: Sunday Feb 13 Canvass in Garneau/Strathcona

Hi Ron – Terrific!  I will plan for three and if not everyone shows that’s OK.  I just like to make sure I have enough routes and kits.  See you then, Erica

Erica Bullwinkle
Constituency Assistant
Linda Duncan, M.P.
Fax: 780-495-8403

From: XXXX [mailto:XXXX]
Sent: February-09-11 6:36 PM
To: Duncan, Linda - Riding 1
Subject: Sunday Feb 13 Canvass in Garneau/Strathcona

Hi Erica, I and a couple of friends are interested in signing up for the door knocking event Feb 13th in the Garneau area.  I am not sure on the numbers yet, probably 3 of us but not confirmed, do we have to sign up with you first or would it be OK to just show up at Nancy’s place on Sunday?


Spin that Pat.

BTW I am not a lawyer but doesn't Martin's comments to Candice Hoeppner on the in and out (6:15) ( "You conspired to defraud the elections act by finding away to cheat on the spending limits" )  cross the line into the slander arena?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Another Liberal Photo Op/smear failure.

Brant Liberal candidate Lloyd St. Amand joined the long list of failed Liberal Party photo ops the other day when he and Liberal trade critic Willowdale MP Martha Hall-Findlay stopped off outside a supposedly closed factory in an effort to highlight “job losses” allegedly caused by the Conservative business tax reductions.

One small problem: The factory wasn’t closed at all, and the company’s Vice President was not happy to have been used as a prop in this Liberal deception:
“[The Liberals’] attempt at disparaging the Conservatives...was a disaster… Ironically, we had looked into locating our finishing and distribution facility in Michigan. The corporate tax cuts and programs provided by the Conservative government were the deciding factor to expand in Canada.” (John Paul deBoer, Vice President, Brant Screen Craft, Brant News, March 3, 2011)

And that is not all. St. Amand also admitted that federal opposition parties “forced” the government into stimulus spending in the first place ( which is the biggest reason we are in a deficit) and also said that “If they had done something sooner, as other countries did in 2007 and 2008, it’s quite possible that many of the jobs that were lost could have been saved,”  As if other countries were actually spending money on stimulus in 2007 while the economy was booming and BEFORE the recession hit; but then again revisionist history seems to be Liberal trait.

Previous Liberal photo op failures:

A man outstanding in his field. (Ignatieff gets it wrong. with video)

The Liberal caucus adoors adores Ignatieff.  (Symbolism bites Ignatieff. Also with video)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Wellington Street Post

A new online daily paper is out today: The Wellington Post.

Check it out. It comes in all flavours: Conservative Edition, Liberal Edition, NDP Edition, and even the Green Edition.

A quick look over reveals it to be something very different from what I was expecting. I will have to wait to see how it unfolds but I think they may be on to something. 

The question I have is how many blogs are going to give their content, and essentially their copyright, over?