Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pat Martin on Power and Politics yesterday.

If you have yet to watch the NDP's Pat Martin, in all of his disgusting glory, on yesterdays Power and Politics here is the link. (Martin starts @ the 5 min mark)

While I could comment on his absolutely disgusting behavior, and it was truly an abhorrent display of what is wrong with politics today, I will leave that to the others who have already done so here (Blue like you) and here (Bc Blue),  but  rather I would like to comment on something that I am more intimately involved with. The abuse of Parliamentry resources by Linda Duncan's office.

Here is how Pat Martin, and the rest of the NDP it seems, have tried to spin it so far.

Pat Martin: "That was a university college kid sent an email to the constituency association of Linda Duncan where a political activist works."   

Nice spin Pat but it doesn't address the following email, sent using Duncan's parl email account, by a staffer on parl time, while in an MP's office and on a parl computer. (BTW the original email Martin refers to was an email was that was sent to everyone on the campus NDP email list and not the constituency association as he stated, but that is just another Martin red herring.)

Forward of the Email sent from Erica Bullwinkle as it appeared in my in box, ( with certain personal info edited using xxxx)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: (XXXX) <(xxxx)>
Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:38 AM
Subject: FW: Sunday Feb 13 Canvass in Garneau/Strathcona
To: albertaardvark@gmail.com

-----Original Message-----
From: DuncaL1@parl.gc.ca [mailto:DuncaL1@parl.gc.ca]
Thursday, February 10, 2011 8:48 AM
To: (xxxx)
Cc: (email of NDP activist removed)
Subject: RE: Sunday Feb 13 Canvass in Garneau/Strathcona

Hi Ron – Terrific!  I will plan for three and if not everyone shows that’s OK.  I just like to make sure I have enough routes and kits.  See you then, Erica

Erica Bullwinkle
Constituency Assistant
Linda Duncan, M.P.
Fax: 780-495-8403


From: XXXX [mailto:XXXX]
Sent: February-09-11 6:36 PM
To: Duncan, Linda - Riding 1
Subject: Sunday Feb 13 Canvass in Garneau/Strathcona

Hi Erica, I and a couple of friends are interested in signing up for the door knocking event Feb 13th in the Garneau area.  I am not sure on the numbers yet, probably 3 of us but not confirmed, do we have to sign up with you first or would it be OK to just show up at Nancy’s place on Sunday?


Spin that Pat.

BTW I am not a lawyer but doesn't Martin's comments to Candice Hoeppner on the in and out (6:15) ( "You conspired to defraud the elections act by finding away to cheat on the spending limits" )  cross the line into the slander arena?


Anonymous said...

I forced myself to watch it, despite warnings. What a nasty little man. The Conservative lady called him on it, he was still too stupid to quit while he was behind.

Anonymous said...

I watched it yesterday. It was disgusting. Pat Martin sounded like he actually wanted to harm Ms. Hoeppner.

Between him and Mulclair, there's enough reason not to vote NDP without even looking at the policy document.

Anonymous said...

I sent Pat Martin an email letting him know he looked like a fool and that his actions did nothing for people looking to their MP's as leaders.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Pat Martin learned any lesson yesterday...he was in the HOC participating in the smear opposition motion on In & out, and he was totally unhinged again today. David Christopherson NDP(Hamilton) was another sad, sad, sad, out of control, weird, freaky example of a poor excuse for a human being. How do these people get elected?I won't bother with the liberal party...but that was some exhibition of desperation of a bunch of unscrupulous losers in panic mode.

Anonymous said...

The only thing these people have going for them is the POWER OF THE MEDIA.

Sammy said...

I have a theory why Pat is so unhinged when it comes to Ms.Hoeppner..she is the one that travelled all over to those Dipper ridings slamming the turncoats on the gun registry...so,IF those dips lose their seats..SHE is responsible.Still,no reason for Martin to treat any woman that way.
I called cbc to complain today,told them I want an apology not just from Martin,but from that lame lib-toad Evan as well.Holding my breath............

Anonymous said...

I can see a great election ad showing the 'angry M&Ms of the NDP' (mulcair and martin) - frothing at the mouth, slagging everybody in sight.

Kinda blows that Kum-by-yah thing doesn't it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Watching Pat Martin and his antics is like watching Charlie Sheen go bonkers. Their both at the same level of intelligence.

Sorry to post as anonymous, but every time I use my Google account they hit me with spam (Virus, pornography), and when I close their screen I lose the post.

Anonymous said...

The NDPs 3 Stars...er Stooges, Martin, Mulcair and Christopherson. While the boss (Layton) is laid up the mice will play, but like Mr. Ignatieff, anyone who seen their foolish antics on TV should have lost all respect for these buffoons.
Would you honestly have these 3 represent you in the HOC?
I thought not.
Notice that Solomon took last evening off and stand-in puppet Rosemary was there, could be that Solomon was too embarrassed to show up, as he totally lost control of the show.