Monday, March 14, 2011

Ignatieff's vote pandering on a Quebec City arena. Who is happy, and who is not.

Recently Michael Ignatieff said the following on the subject of tax dollars going towards the building a new arena in Quebec City:

If you want Ottawa to participate, you have to vote Liberal
 (Link in French as the English MSM have all but ignored it to this point)

I know what my opinion is of his statement and was going to do a big write up on my thoughts, but considering that I am not exactly a big Liberal supporter and I suspect that most of my audience already have a good idea of what that post would look like, I decided against it. But that got me thinking; how would others view Ignatieff's statement? So here is a short list of some who I think will be happy with it, and some who won't.

Liberal MP Joyce Murray must be absolutely livid considering that she tweeted this"another Liberal MP: "Harper's vote-buying stadium scheme in Quebec to benefit a right-wing media buddy: Quebec voters too smart to fall for it..."  a short while back, and as far as I know "Harper" never said anything even remotely close to "if you want Ottawa to participate you have to vote conservative."

Poor Ian Davey is must be banging his head against the wall over this recent comment from his old boss?  Because the last time a top Liberal, in this case Bob Rae, had made similar comments,  Davey went on national television trying to spin hard for the Libs and ended up insulting a large swath of the Canadian population  and hurting the Libs the process.

Liberal MP Keith Martin also can't be too impressed: "175 million for a hockey arena in Quebec City from the Cons! The PM is wasting our money..."

At least one Liberal blogger will not be too happy with Ignatieff's offer of tax dollars going into a glorified NHL arena,  and there is a certain Liberal candidate for Edmonton-St Albert, Kevin Taron, who is already having a hard time dealing with questions on what Ignatieff said because of his very vocal opposition against funding the Quebec arena, including comments that all Alberta will be  getting is the bill

I am sure there is plenty more where they came from but being the fair and balanced blogger that I am, lets now look at a few who may happy with what Michael Ignatieff had to say.

Surely the millionaires will rejoice: “No public subsidies for the National Hockey League, no public subsidies for millionaires,”

Ralph Goodale must also be ecstatic as he said recently: "The federal Conservative government should be contributing "well in excess of $100 million" to a new domed stadium in Regina,"  and  "Goodale argued it's certainly reasonable to expect Ottawa to fund in excess of $100 million (more than 25 per cent of the costs) of a new football stadium and entertainment facility. Goodale added he would be willing to take that request to a new federal Liberal cabinet."  (From the Leader Post: link to story now dead)

And of course Denis Coderre must also be happy: 'Finally, le Journal reports that Liberal MP Denis Coderre is accusing the Conservatives of playing politics with the issue by dragging out the question of whether it will contribute to the financing of the arena: “This is a well-organized project that merits respect and dignity which means that the announcement should not be timed to win votes. They should announce it now.

The people of Quebec: (But I am not sure on this one as it may be a toss up.)

While there is certainly a group who would be happy to hear what Ignatieff had to say, there are also a large number of Quebecois, who being very familiar with how the Liberal Party of Canada used to operate in their province with the 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' attitude and with memories of brown paper bags filled with money being passed around in return for favours still in peoples minds, would find Ignaiteff's comment suggesting that if Quebec voters scratch the Liberals back by voting for them that public dollars for the arena will flow to be very disturbing.

Polls seems to back up my view on the way the people of Quebec would lean, but perhaps that may be why Ignatieff promised that he would spend money on a high speed train before he spent any on an arena for Quebec City.

Wait a minute. If Ignatieff said that he would spend money on high speed rail BEFORE spending any on an arena, does that mean that spending on a high speed rail line is already fait accompli?   I wonder where Ignatieff plans to get the money for that, and when he plans to tell us about it?


Jen said...

Notice the fury nasty comments from the MSM (liberals gatekeepers) when the PM never said that he was going to fully fund a arena for Quebec: how they media came up with the idea that he was and talked endlessly on the situation?- Remember that?


Notice the MSM silence? they are speechless which tells us the MSM 'ARE' ecstatic that their liberals are going to build Quebec a NHL arena.

Bec said...

Ahhhh, the Liberals are the gift that just keeps on giving. An example of Liberal double speak at it's finest but what is of a much bigger concern is their truly dysfunctional little family's communication skills.

I can't imagine what a mess these people would make of this country. If they can't decide where they stand collectively on work places for Millionaires, how would they decide anything? Their credibility is destroyed with this more than obvious hypocricy from 'Flipper'.

wilson said...

As usual, well done AA!!

Jen said...

'If you want bread you have to vote liberal'- this is how I saw it when, during the recession the liberals said to the 'little guy' " I feel your pain" yet not a single dime from the ADSCAM LIBERAL MONEY nor the $40million was ever returned.Nor did the 'secret' media bothered to ask.

So you can imagine what if you don't liberals you still not going to get anything anyway. All proceedures goes to the LPOC and Coalition and MSM.

wilson said...

Wow, Barney Fife just said that Ig announced today (?)if elected PM he will build those arenas across Canada.

CanadianSense said...

The MSM won't bother to add up the costs of these promises.

The flip flopping on the arena is not unexpected. Afer the Red book betrayal the Liberals are left with a small group of loyal voters.

It is shame Ignatieff demands voters wait for details after he is elected or a 36 day campaign.

Scrutiny for his plan appears to be too risky.

maryT said...

Vote liberal to get an arena, just like vote liberal to get rid of the gst, free trade, nafta, national childcare, no wage and price controls.
First libs have to get elected, form a coalition and try to get that arena into a budget, along with carbon tax, and all their other promses.