Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing says "we support democracy" more than gagging a nanny.

From the Toronto Star:  Ruby Dhalla's family seeks to gag nanny.

"Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla and her family want a judge to force a nanny who claims she was exploited while working at their Mississauga home to accept a $5,000 payment and a gag order not to talk about the deal.."

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Clown Party said...

Well, now is the time to bring this to voters memories - if we want to show an example of contempt of Paralament rules. Wonder what she is afraid of ... lol

Also remind Canadians that there are some LIEberals that still owe Elections Canada millions - they should not be able to run in this election until paid.

Anonymous said...

Looks like more Liberal shinanigans interfering with justice. Why did the nanny's Lawyers want her to sign a court paper, to bribe her with $5000, by Dhalla ,"to shut up"which she didn't want to sign? Looks like illegalality going on here by her so called Lawyers?There was supposed to be an investigation and there was none?There are Liberals at every junction it seems.The country is infested with them. Like they say, hug a thug and forget about the victims. Now the nanny should sue for millions. Why isn't this story BREAKING NEWS on CBC/CTV?
And the coalition talk about ethics and democracy? Wait till the book about the sponsorship scandal hits Quesbec March 30th.