Monday, March 28, 2011

Liberal John McCallum admits Ignatieff's corporate tax hike will cost jobs.

Yesterday on the Roy Green show on the Corus Radio Network, Liberal MP for Markham—Unionville, John McCallum admitted that the Liberals plan to raise corporate taxes from 16.5% to 18 % would cost Canadians jobs.

That's John McCallum ladies and gentlemen, part of the Liberal Team!

Update:  John McCallum apologizes to Peter Donolo for telling the truth about the Liberals plan to raise taxes!  The Liberal Party of Canada, where telling the truth requires an apology.

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John McCallum again on the Roy Green Show. This time talking about Ignatieff signing the 2008 coalition deal. (listen as hilarity ensues)


Ardvark said...

And a shout out to Canadian Sense for some of the artwork used for the video in the clip!!

CanadianSense said...

I was under the impression Layton would be FM.

Let's hope Alberta cures Edmonton of their socialist MP.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great work team!!

bartinsky said...

Mcallum is such a smarmy old lieberal lush he even slurs his speech on a Sunday morning. Roy sucked a quick snippet of honesty out of a liberal, quite an art. Lets evolve Canada, give a good man Harper, a majority, and move this great country forward. Remember the 62 cent Cretien dollar Canadians!

Jen said...

AA, since the media coalition refuse to show that there was, is, a coalition commitment among all three opposition, do you have their signatures(all)of them on that agreement.

Also, do you have any idea how many times socialist Layton voted on bills set out by the PMSH for, as Layton puts it "little guy' women etc.
I wonder how many of his supporters do really know that Layton really doesn't give beans about them but talk.

Anonymous said...

Man-oh-man !! Can the Liberals get any more funnier.
However, it's good of them to work on our behalf to help us to get the majority we crave. Imagine that... agreeing with the Harper policies all along but pretending not to in order to lay waste to 300Million in calling for an election.