Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet your new Liberal Transport critic.

John McCallum has been named the critic for transport in Ignatieff's shadowy cabinet.

Not sure if that was such a good choice. Here is what McCallum had to say about his own transport back into 2009 :

John McCallum speaking at the AGM of the Liberal riding association of Windsor-Tecumseh was asked what type of car he drives. His response: McCallum stammered for several seconds before responding: “I drive a North American-made car.” Asked to be more specific, he responded: “I drive a General Motors car.” Asked again to be more specific, he said it was “a Chevrolet.” Question asked, question answered. Or was it? Within a couple of hours of answering the simple question about what type of car he drives McCallum phoned The Star to retreat from those comments, offering this explanation in a voicemail: “I said the wrong thing without thinking. The fact of the matter is that I do not own a North American-made car.” He followed with an e-mail sent from his Blackberry that said: “To confirm message I left on your voicemail, to clarify, I do not own a North American made vehicle.” McCallum never divulged what kind of car he owns.

Hey it could be worse, he could have been named as defence critic.

This is what he said as the actual Minister of Defence:

Last week John McCallum, Canada's Minister of National Defence, stood on the beaches of Dieppe, France, to mark the 60th anniversary of one of the most disastrous battles in our military history. In doing so, he made modern political history by admitting that he had no idea what he was doing. He frankly conceded, that until the previous week, he had never heard of the battle of Dieppe.

Since then, our number one military man has been publicly pilloried by veterans, politicians and bemused historians. Mr. McCallum then decided to use an offensive manoeuvre and respond to critics in a letter to the editor of this paper. Wise tactic -- but he sustained huge losses when he mistakenly compared the Dieppe battle to "Vichy" (the Nazi capital of occupied France) rather than to "Vimy [Ridge]," the site of Canada's most famous battle in the First World War.

True front bench material!

H/T Iceman for the reminder.


Bec said...

Ah, no mention of the intoxication issue trying to board a Canadian 'transport'?

This just gets crazier and crazier, the skeletons in the closet of these people and yet, nada from the media!

If this was a Conservative, the political editorials and cartoons would be stuck on full throttle.

kursk said...

Johnny (Walker) McCallum is a Liberal dolt; a gift that keeps on giving.

I believe the car he owned was a German produced vehicle.He simply did not want to offend all those leftist auto workers the progressives seem to support. By admitting he owned a foreign made car, he would be seen as undermining those people's jobs by spending his money elsewhere.

wilson said...

(body bags)Bennet moved out of health,
Derek Lee (social conservative and in lobbying hot water)
and Volpe (social conservative and exMinister of Immigration)
both removed from any critic portfolio,
and McCallum sidelined to transport....

and for the second time, Iffy did not give Stephane Dion a critic position.

Iffy's 'strong front bench' is comprised of MPs elected about the same time as him,
Liberal cleansing of Adscam era players
(can anyone spot a social conservative Lib MP in Iffy's shadow cabinet?)

CanadianSense said...

Which bar do you suggest I frequent to meet him?

kursk said...

I suggest any bar within the geographical boundaries of Canada..that should narrow it down.

With Johnny, you just know it will only be a matter of time and intake before he says or does something really stupid..a man to be watched for certain!

cantuc said...

Can they still throw him off a pl;ane for being drunk , now that he can criticise them , if he can remember who he flew with , and what kind of plane it was

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have to know anything cause he is a Liberal bagman. He got it made mon. (real conservative)