Monday, September 20, 2010

EKOS Poll Dancing

Joel from PTBC takes a look at the last 2, err make that 3 EKOS polls here.

Take a read. Like most of what Joel puts up it is well worth the time to do so.

I wonder why the Sept 1-7 poll was never made public on the 9th as is typical with EKOS CBC polls, and why the info showed up in the 16th data?

Maybe the CBC was trying to save some cash and didn't want to cough up that week or maybe it was some other reason, but I doubt we will ever get the answer or find out if our publicly funded broadcaster ponied up for that week or not. My guess is that their deal with EKOS, spending our tax dollars, is one of those things that the CBC wants to keep secret from us.


Lycan Stark said...

How can that reporting on those EKOS polls be so spectacularly bad? Either of two reasons - they are utterly incompetent, or they are being "team players".

Considering this and everything we've seen in regards to the CBC, Frank Graves, EKOS, etc, I am liking Occam's Razor more and more.

Anonymous said...

CBC was just talking this morning about how the Conservatives are practising 'divisive' politics that is tearing this country apart.
Always up to the task of helping the opposition.

Calgary Junkie said...

What bugs me the most is the kind of headlines that the media (and Graves on his EKOS website) use. It's almost always something like "A dead heat", "A statistical tie", "Tories have a small lead". Then you have to read through the article to get the numbers, and even THEN, you might not get them, and have to read the .pdf file !

When you are working with numbers why not USE those numbers in the headline and story ! Something simple like "Tories lead by 3 points" or "Tories ahead 32.4 to 29.4".

These guys are incredibly frustrating and mediocre in their "reporting". One doesn't need adjectives to describe numbers. The numbers are what they are. Just put the friggin' numbers in the headline, and throw away your thesarus.

Anonymous said...

The last Ekos poll was too Conservative in its numbers because they actually called me and I live in Quebec! Also went for the A.D.Q. for the provincial poll. By the way, I am against the arena, but they didn't ask that directly.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that EKOS polls every week but that over the summer they only released the data every two weeks.

Pissedoff said...

So what do you Albertans expect from Harper a man who is a liberal in blue and doesn't have the balls to cut CBC funding or privatise them. Yes we Ontarians are so impressed considering we are always accused of voting liberal, but then that is the type of con you lot have been voting for, yea Stelmach.