Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don Martin, TV Professional

Nothing says true TV professional better than sitting off camera and making faces while the person you are interviewing is speaking.

(But you had better make sure to get that 'off camera' part right or you get this)

The Video has no audio  (Now Fixed) but there really doesn't have to be to see what happened.

I can just imagine the CTV director screaming into his headset;  "Get him off!" Kill the split screen! Kill the split screen!....

The clip, with audio can be viewed at CTV here. (approx 4:20)

That's Don Martin ladies and gentlemen; doing his best to kill his shot at being the next host of Power Play and proving why he should stick to print media.

Big h/t to Bettie in the comments at BLY.


Ardvark said...

Video now has audio!

Ardvark said...

Lost the comments with the edits, sorry.

hunter said...

He's a BIG time Liberal with a SMALL mind. He should fit right in at CTV, they are worse than CBC.

Anonymous said...

"I can just imagine the CTV director screaming ...."

I doubt it. They are as scummy as he is.

Remember it was a CTV staffer who insulted Stockwell Day's daughter a few years ago with snotty remarks spoken into an accidently open mike.

Of course the public never got to know this staffer's name because all the news organizations in Canada didn't see fit to publish his name.

Yeah, cover each other's asses right guys?

Ardvark said...

He should stick to print because they can't see you make faces at them when they read the newspaper Don.

Somewhere at this very moment Tom Clark is smiling.

Joanne (BLY) said...

Oh boy. Amateur hour on Power Play.

I wonder if he had any idea he was on?

Anonymous said...

Was he drunk?

I used to read Martin and I think 1 out of every 8 or 10 columns would have some reference to him being in the bar or having drinks or something like that.

I remeber wondering "Man, how often do you drink?"

Journalists have a stereotype (with a lot of truth) of being wobbling piss tanks but come on Martin, do you have to CONFIRM IT?

Anonymous said...

Why should he even stick to print? The POS is no good their either.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

C'mon, he'll justify his actions...he'll "spin" this to make his actions someone else's fault, the MSM will back him.

Anonymous said...

How many ways is there to spell "JERK". This character wouldn't care if he was live on TV or not.
His arrogance is overwhelming and he never tries to hide it!

Ardvark said...

Harsh crowd tonight.

Be careful with the comments, and 'speculation'.

UsualSuspect said...

Regarding Don, I don't think he did such a bad job his first time out. I am sure it's not as easy as it looks.

As for the G20 costs, believe me, Don's eyes aren't the only ones rolling over this. The government opened the spigot and forgot to buy red pens.

Here's what I got from Rona's "defense." Ottawa is overflowing with "guidelines" for such things.

There are even guidelines for how many toothpicks can appear on a sandwich tray. The guideline isn't there because the toothpicks are important, but it includes a tray of sandwiches.

This is the same old tune. "I'll sign off on yours if sign off on mine. Let's go shopping together!"

Joanne (BLY) said...

Usual Suspect has tempered the conversation a bit which is good. I actually thought he did not a bad job too except that I missed this bit in Ardvark's post (that my reader Bettie had mentioned).

I think Martin is running solo this coming week on P&P so hopefully he will keep his smirks and gestures for after the show.

Alberta Girl said...

I just wish that once a Conservative guest would stop in the middle of something like the host making faces, or the opposition interrupting or the host interrupting or cutting them off and just sit there or actually say "what are you doing".

Of course, it would never work because it would be spun as those mean Tories won't even answer a question! Sigh

PLEASE, PLEASE let's get Sun TV

Anonymous said...

The entire media are commie conspirators for sure. Best way to end this, stop buying the product that's all. Keep pressure on the broadcasters that the left wing slant is boring and I don't care to see it anymore. I won't buy YOUR advertisers products either... are they leftist and biased too? I'm not buying any toothpaste that indirectly funds a communist takeover of my fricking country... would you? That's step two of how to 'clean-up the media 101.' (real conservatives)

Anonymous said...

Hey, give him a break, he may have had gas or passed some.

Jen said...

I am sure that Don is not the only one to make faces of disgust to Canadians.
Why, Elizabeth May leader for the Green party said that 'Canadians are stupid'
A liberal Davey something said that for those who read the Sun are 'illeterate'

Ignatieff said to the lame brain reporters without a response from them. ' I have no intention of being part of this recession' -meaning, screw you canadians-

CTV, CBC show the same views as the above. No surprise here.

I watch FOX MEDIA anyway.

BTW. AA, Just for fun for us illeterates 'The COALITION IS ALIVE AND KICKING' but shhh, the media wants to keep this surprise from the public until the right moment.