Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tom Clark leaves CTV and Denis Coderre gets a promotion.

The big news today is that Tom Clark is leaving CTV, and his show Power Play, to pursue other opportunities. Good luck Tom, now let the speculation for new host commence.

The other news: Denis Coderre finally has to face the consequences of his actions. The consequences = a promotion to the LPC shadow cabinet.

That will show those anti gun registry Liberals just what will happen if they defy Ignatieff on the upcoming whipped private members bill. Sort of like this example. {sarc off}

Related: Denis Coderre calls for Ignatieff to fire his OLO staff, and he does!


Michael Harkov said...

So the Iffy's idea of a "consequence" is a position in the Liberal shadow cabinet? And thus Michael Ignatieff's spine grows another synapse.

Ardvark said...

The LPC, no policies, no discipline, and no leader.

Jeff said...

AA, I think the Liberals see that as a feature.

Bec said...

Neither one of these Liberals have a spine.

We already know that Ignatieff IS NOT a leader and can't keep a single thing consistent, except his inconsistency but Coderre taking this position, is such a disappointment.

No principle, no spine!

As for Tom Clark, he probably had the most complaints and lost the most time share.
Indeed, his program was THAT BAD and made QP look intelligent if that's possible.
It was because of him that I quit watching CTV and don't plan to any time soon.

Powell lucas said...

Who will be the next host of Power Play...why Jane Tabor of course. Now isn't that a scary scenario?

Ardvark said...

Putting Jane Tabor in as host would make Evan Soloman the happiest guy in Canada.

CanadianSense said...

The party of Toronto has been busy this summer.

Ignatieff may want to poison the well for all the Liberals by Coderre and Cauchon vying for the next leader after Bob is rejected.

Is JT still to young to take the helm in 2011?

I stopped watching the Tom & Jerry show a long time ago. Tom should run for the Liberals they could use his star power after the Hamilton anchor backed out.

The_Iceman said...

Taber was hosting today. If she is named the permanent replacement, will she continue to set the agenda at the Globe and Mail?

Calgary Junkie said...

Looking at the complete list of changes, I see that Marcel Proulx is the new whip. Replacing the obviously incompetent Rodger Cuzner, who screwed up the abortion vote. Cuzner, is now the Fisheries critic.

There was a rumour that Tom Clark was having an affair with Martha Hall Findlay, so that could have something to do with his exit. Do I hear wedding bells ?

This is all procedural stuff, which the Libs feel most comfortable with. Meanwhile, Brison and Rae, the yin and the yang of the LPC, have supposedly been working on a platform, since last year.