Monday, September 28, 2009

“We are more united than we have been for a generation.”

Michael Ignatieff August 31, 2009 : "We are more united than we have been for a generation."

Michael Ignatieff September 25,2009 after trampling on Denis Coderre's judgment and allowing Martin Cauchon to run in Outremont: "The result I think is good for the party, it reinforces the unity of the party,"

Today: Denis Coderre steps down as Ignatieff's Quebec lieutenant, demands that Ignatieff reshuffle his Toronto inner circle.

Background:"The rift between Ignatieff and Coderre broke open last week over who should be nominated as the Liberal candidate in the Montreal riding of Outremont. Former justice minister Martin Cauchon, who left politics in 2004, has signalled his intention to return to Parliament Hill and reclaim the riding he held for 11 years. However, Ignatieff announced last Monday that he would appoint businesswoman Nathalie Le Prohon, who was selected by Coderre, as the Liberal candidate in Outremont, The decision seemed to end Cauchon's hopes of a political comeback, but Coderre announced later in the week that another riding would be offered to Cauchon. Meanwhile, a number of Liberal MPs, including Bob Rae, rallied around Cauchon in his bid for Outremont.By the end of the week, Ignatieff had reversed his own decision about Outremont to allow for an open nomination contest in the riding." (h/t Searching for Liberty)

To quote a former Quebec lieutenant for the Liberal Party, Jean Lapierre: "So who is running the Liberal Party now?" "What is it worth a handshake from Michael Ignatieff?" More from Lapierre: "Is it a backbone or another wet noodle"

Update: A prominent Liberal Bloggers view of Denis Coderre and party unity.

Can you feel the love in the Liberal Party?


Anonymous said...

I guess if you're just a lowly Liberal party member in either of these two ridings, your opinion doesn't matter. No democracy within that party. Why bother when a handful of Rosedale backroomers can make all the decisions? Pathetic really.

Ardvark said...

It is rumored that the Liberals are going to introduce their motion of non confidence today. Perhaps they should be worrying about their own party's confidence in Ignatieff rather than with the government.

robins111 said...

Is he refering to his party, or Canadians in general?

Because I can see Canadians united in thier absolute contempt for ignegative and his pack of fools.

rabbit said...

Actually I think the Liberals are more united than they have been in many, many years. I'm not saying that everything is sweetness and light now, just that it was so very bad during the late Chretien, Martin, Dion years.

Ardvark said...

I am not so sure about that Rabbit. A "generation" is considered to equal approx 35 years, about the same time Ignatieff was absent from Canada I might add, and I doubt that since 1979 under such leaders as Trudeau, Turner, and Chretien that 2009 under the unelected party leader Ignatieff could possibly be considered the high point of party unity.

UsualSuspect said...

Perhaps Kinsella should ply his chainsaw to this entire horror show.

If ever there was a party needing a complete do-over, this has got to be it.

They are not even in the same league as Harper's Tories.

wilson said...

''Perhaps they should be worrying about their own party's confidence in Ignatieff rather than with the government.''

Then Lib MPs should stand up and vote WITH the 'Harper Government' in a show of loss of confidence in their leader.

wilson said...

Perhaps PMSH could take a page out of the history books,
and ask a dozen Lib MPs to form a temporary Govt Union with his government,
until the recession is over.
(Conservative PM Sir Robert Borden did it in 1917, to bring in conscription)

UsualSuspect said...

Wilson, interesting idea, but where they would come from?

The current Liberal caucus is the loony left rump of the party.

There aren't any David Emersons left; only Gerard Kennedys as far as I can see.

Rich said...

Coderre at his press conference, comes out and states that he is 100% behind Michael Iggnatieff then in the next paragraph he states that Iggy has to get rid of his Toronto advisors and look more to Quebec liberal MP's. Bob Rae came out in support of Martin Cauchon to run in Outremont seems to me like there is a serious coup de'tat brewing in the LPOC. So if this party of fools can't run their own affairs how are they going to run Canada.

Soccermom said...

Re Mulcair and Cauchon. I think Mulcair has a better chance of becoming leader of his party than Cauchon has. They both have leadership aspirations.

That said, they are both a couple of repugnant public teat suckers.

And either one of them as leader would be a huge drag on the ticket.

Soccermom said...

I also agree with Usual Suspect. This brand of Liberals is way out in left-looneyland. (and that's why Iffy is having a hard time reigning in the troops). I mean, for the love of God, these guys want Lizzie May to participate in future debates.

Why the hell for??? because they are insane.

Jen said...

If the liberals decide to remove Ignatieff, he will stop at nothing revealing to his 'brit friends or americans that he was removed by corrupt liberal pary of canada that stole from the nation while their beloved media sat idly by.
In other words, "you get rid of me and I will take you down in an instant.

And nothing will surprise me that he Ignatieff, tells his friends on television that the prime minister is doing a great job but he (Ignatieff), had no choice as a liberal but go against the PM -for no apparent reason but that is how liberals operate"

Frankly guys, I would be surprise that he doesn't reveal the LPOC to the americans.

wilson said...

''Wilson, interesting idea, but where they would come from?''

Maybe some Quebec Libs are ripe for the pickin'... hehe ?
It would not mean crossing the floor, it's about representing your constituents (especially when party leadership is a disaster).
Surely there are some Ontario Libs that are getting an earfull from their constituents!

Calgary Junkie said...

Norman Spector and Bill Tieleman weigh in today, Sept 28 @ 10:05 AM on CKNW here

Spector dismisses Codere's claim that it was "the Toronto advisors around Iggy who persuaded him to change his mind". Spector puts all the blame on Chretien, Bob Rae, and Cauchon.

Spector then points out their common link to Paul Desmarais of Power Corp. And his take that this is a continuation of the old Chretien/Martin war.

Anonymous said...

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Bec said...

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gimbol said...

From what I see the unofficial liberal leadership is officially under way.
Perhaps we could assist the liberals and prognosticate on the next leader of the opposition.
I would suggest they go for broke and install Bob Rae, but we have to respect that old two solitudes, unwritten rule of alternation. So if it has to be a francophone, I suggest they install a Quebec MP that truly reflects the base of the LPC.
Ladies and gents, I present the next leader of the liberal party....Marlene Jennings.

James Curran said...


Ardvark said...

Hi James.

I bet you wished you would have supported my leadership bid for the LPC now after seeing what you ended up with ;)

roblaw said...

LOL.. Hi James.. as per my post on your site and my own blog today.. I'm starting to suspect Michael was a plant, a Conservative mole.

Think about it.

James Curran said...

Both of you know my feelings on leadership races.