Friday, September 18, 2009

On Body bags and Boy Scouts

While Michael Ignatieff was busy spending some of his 34 years out of the country he once called Canada a "herbivorian boy scout".

Well that was then and this is now: Michael Ignatieff September 17, 2009 on a routine shipment of body bags: “When that is combined with the fact...that they haven’t sent preventative measures that can save those lives, it sends a message of callous lack of compassion.” "It sends a message, it simply says: 'We expect Aboriginal Canadians to die,'"

It makes for a nice soundbite but he seems to have forgotten the boy scout motto.

Be prepared!

Sorry if it offends your sensibilities Michael, I honestly think it doesn't and this is just another example of the opportunist and his "pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel" in action, but preparing for a possible H1N1 pandemic includes PREPARING for the fact that people will die. To not do so would be nothing short of negligence on the part of Health Canada and you would be crying about that if given the opportunity.

Related: In his presser September 11th he said the following to a question about how the government could be doing more on H1N1: " public information, public health campaigns and get the vaccine ready. I mean in my view they have been treading water on this all summer."

Yes folks, the 'we can do better' party would put on their white lab coats and go out to make the vaccine themselves for Canadians. Take that you evil Stephen Harper.

From today: Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said that First Nations communities like Ahousat on Vancouver Island are already reporting a flu outbreak, but the government's vaccine will be too late to help.

Some facts:The vaccine is not yet being used anywhere in the world. Australia is scheduled to be the first nation to start vaccinations but not until about September 30th.

H/T: To quote a comment at The Halls of Macademia. "Ujjal Dosanjh is talking out of his ass again."

While the Liberals are playing politics the government gets work done.

Another Update: Oct 8, 2009: Even thought he Liberals tried to make a scandal out of this it was all much ado about nothing.


Anonymous said...

You are surprised at this?

Ardvark said...

Not really. The Liberals play games with everything and have been since day 1. The problem now is that they have an inexperienced know-it-all calling the shots.

Mr. Ignatieff is treating the electorate like idiots and he thinks that nobody is paying attention to the obvious games.

He is wrong.

wilson said...

Canadians have what Iffy lacks,
common sense.
1. [n] sound practical judgment

Dreamers work backwards.
LibDippers have always done this.

Set a goal with no practical means of getting there.
Like the erradication of child poverty by 2000.
With 2 Liberal majorities,
they couldn't get it done.
That's because they threw money at the issue instead of practical steps to get there.

Over 50% of child poverty is in the Native community,
and no one fought harder AGAINST accountability/Native women rights than those who called themselves 'progressive'.

MrEd said...

I wonder if we can make this stick with the recent Toronto Star article... No matter how much you polish it or how good the lighting is a turd is still a turd...

Jen said...

I have an idea. Instead of sending 'body bags send the liberals with their cars to collect the body.
Medical examiners when called to a site where a body is found he should caller the liberal of that area to collect the body.