Friday, September 25, 2009

Why the "we can do better" party have doomed the CPC.

This is hard to admit as a conservative, but the new Liberal slogan "we can do better" is starting to worry me somewhat because it would appear that the Liberals can do better.

Some examples: They can do H1N1 vaccine better than GlaxoSmithKline , Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis, CSL and Sinovac can, they can do infrastructure better by getting projects done 7 years ahead of schedule, and they can even do video better, just to name a few.

For conservatives having the Liberals doing all of those things better should be worrisome, but it pails in comparison to the their latest. The Liberals can do democracy better as they appear to have found a better system by doing away with nomination races along with all of that pesky voting stuff.

Here is what Sheila Gervais, a former national director of the Liberal Party had to say:

"We've turned into one big appointment society, it's a perfect democratic deficit storm."

"They appoint the leader. The leader in turn appoints the election apparatus . . . . None of them have an elected basis and then these people have the right to choose and appoint candidates?"

"This simply has very little link to some of our most basic tenets of democracy. There is no power to the people in these types of processes." (h/t The Halls of Macadamia)

Well said Sheila but you forgot to mention that Michael Ignatieff has NEVER actually won a nomination contest of any kind as he was also appointed in his own riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore* in 2005.

PM Harper might as well hand over the keys to 24 Sussex right now because if the Liberals can do democracy better, there is no telling what they will show us up on in any possible upcoming election. We are doomed.

Update: Democracy sort of lives in Outremont, but dies a painful death in the Montreal riding of Jeanne-Le Ber as Quebec lieutenant Denis Coderre has his judgement questioned, the candidate Ms. Le Prohon gets moved around like a piece of meat, and the Liberals of Jeanne-Le Ber get told what to do and have the option of choosing their candidate taken away from them by the guy who was appointed to his own job.

And so it goes in the Liberal Party of Canada.

*Well there should have been a nomination race for Etobicoke-Lakeshore in 2005 but the seeds of the "appointment society" were first sown when "Two would-be candidates for the nomination claim they were locked out of party headquarters when they tried to file their nomination papers by last weekend's deadline. Both were subsequently disqualified, leaving Ignatieff to be acclaimed." (h/t Warren Kinsella.)


Bec said...

Don't the Liberals just leave you with the impression that they sit in some slimy sewer,mixing up their special kind of slop and muck?
The Rats are sustained though by their mere presence and regular sustenance.

I wish these guys would do something productive other than their extremely predictable faux outrage and fabricated scandal routine.
I mean, the PM is getting world wide attention and credit so of course the sewer dwellers list must be lifted out of their filthy little hole.
Someone order up these guys a few cases of sanitizer.
THEIR HANDS are far from clean!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great post!

I have a strong suspicion that Michael Ignatieff would like nothing better than to be appointed Prime Minister of Canada and assume his rightful place in the world.

roblaw said...

On top of your game today Aardvark.. with credit to HofM as well.. the current effort at the "faux issue" is truly typical Liberal smack.. and even provincial Liberals in Ontario are lining up against the annointed one.

maryT said...

Outrage today from ignegative and MHF over so called misuse of public money for something posted on a web page. They never mentioned the misuse of taxpayer money for partisan purposes in Quebec, known as adscam.
Many bloggers and posters predicted a faux scandal as the PM is out of the country and getting rave reviews.

CanadianSense said...

I have been asking the same question about the wisdom of trying to embarass the government by crying wolf over silly issues.

Framing Climate Change speeches by world leaders in the UN without the PM in attendence is a crisis.

PM Harper for not walking out in person is another crisis.

Construction projects delays are another crisis. Conservative riding benefitting from infrastructre is bad.
Opposition ridings Windsor, Toronto is buying votes, bad.

What ridings are left for infrastructure?

Are they upset they won't get the credit for the spending on roads, rinks, water treatment plants?

Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

I like the hat tip at the bottom.

Ardvark said...

Updated post. Democracy lives, sort of.

Anon, credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

Posted this at BLY;

A little bit of then and now;


$25-billion for banks a sound investment: Harper
Posted: October 10, 2008,


Feds to reap billions from mortgage ‘help’ to banks

Updated Thu. Sep. 24 2009