Friday, September 18, 2009

Liberals Vote Against the Reno Tax Credit.

They actually did it. In what can only be described as a textbook example of playing political games* the Liberal Party of Canada voted against the ways and means motion that included a provision allowing the HUGELY popular renovation tax credit to become law.

And they should be reminded of it each and every day.

Update: The arrogance of Ignatieff as he expresses his joy on voting against the renovation tax credit: (ht Halls of Macadamia)

Personally, it felt like the right thing to do."

Hey Liberals, missing Dion yet?

*Voting against something that you support 100%, not for the good of the country or any of your constituents, but for your own benefit = political games.


wilson said...

And isn't it curious,
that as long as the Liberals propped up the Harper government, Libs and Cons were tied in the polls.
Liberals hated it and Canadians liked it.

As soon as Iffy threatens to bring down the government, Libs numbers drop to 29%.

So will Dipper numbers go up?
Is this a test drive for NDPers as the Official Opposition?
Liberals will laugh at the suggestion, but we will see.

Marie said...

The NDP has elevated itself from a rump protest party to an actual participant in the parliamentary process of assessing bills for the good of Canadians, offering policy amendments and input and putting the people before the party.

In my estimation Jack has elevated the NDP to finally have some credibility and Ignatieff has now exchanged places with the Liberals.

Under Ignatieff the Liberals are now nothing but a rump protest party with no policy initiatives, no participation in democracy and nothing but glaringly obvious blind personal ambition.

The credible MPs in the Liberal party should be ashamed of themselves to be puppets to let such a group of parachuted appointed opportunists hijack what used to be a credible political and policy force.

Q'uelle domage. Way to go Jack.

Ardvark said...

Ignatieff would rather you have an election than let you fix up your home and provide some much needed dollars for the economy.

How does that sound for a 10%er?

Paul M said...

Sounds like a good 10%er to me.

Bec said...

Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.

Hey Liberal MP's, REMEMBER THIS?

""I decided to permit them in the budget vote tonight a one-time vote of protest to signal their displeasure and my displeasure at these unilateral actions which, in my view, weaken our federation, cause strains in our federation at a time when Canadians should be pulling together.""

from CBC February 3, 2009

Mr. Ignatieff, "when Canadians should be pulling together"??
What is more Canadian than THE RENO TAX?

No Liberal constituents out there needing their MP to show a principled position and support this HUGELY POPULAR initiative?


Calgary Junkie said...

"How does that sound for a 10%er?"

Absolutely ! My second rule of politics will soon kick in: Just about everything a political party does is a double-edged sword.

Right now, the Libs are enjoying using one edge of this latest sword on the Dippers. But the other edge will soon be used by us (and possibly the Dippers too) against the Libs.

It's all simple, obvious and irrefutable: "Your Liberal MP voted against [fill in the blank]"
The more Ralph objects, the more it becomes a point of discussion. If the media repeat our talking point, Lib MPs at the door, are in trouble.

Lib MP at the door: Yes, yes we voted against the home-reno bill. But we are for it.

Voter: Huh ?

Ardvark said...

CPC candidates should be out this weekend at their local Home Depot, Rona, Home Hardware etc reminding people that the Liberals voted against the tax credit and would rather have an election.

Jen said...

I wasn't surprise that they didn't vote for the RENO, they also went against their "Act Terrorist Act Bill" and "CRIME BILL" so what's new.

The liberals like to brag about the 'surplus' what surplus? all that surplus which they railed about came from 'CUTTING FUNDS' to: Infrastructure, healthcare, military, education even transfere payments to provinces. And their beloved media thought it was the greatest thing the liberals.

Jen said...

And their beloved media thought it was the greatest thing the liberals did

Forgot to add 'did'

wilson said...

Don't forget too Jen,
that the years 2001-2005, Liberals raided the EI fund surplus to the tune of $54 Billion, slipped it into general revenues, and thusly faked a surplus for those years.

Without the EI premium increases 'illegally' imposed (courts ruled) on employee and employer, there would not have been Liberal surpluses.

Anonymous said...

This kind of move makes for good TV commercials come election time. (real conservative)

cantuc said...

Poor old Ignegatives numbers seem to go up when he disappears . Damn , if he hid out in China for 5 years he could come back and win an overwhelming majority .
I was thinking that a tape with all his flip-flops and reversals would make a good attack add but it would be too long for most liberals attention spans .

CanadianSense said...

Do you think Iggy is working for the CPC party?

Ardvark said...

CS That would be crazy talk</a

CanadianSense said...

Harper has damaging information about Iggy. Remember he described the situation as Nixonian?

Maybe in a meeting in June, Harper gave him a peek at the file.

How else would you describe the meltdown and tactical errors?

Can the Rosedale gang be this incompetent?

What if Iggy asked for a senate appointment in 2010 in exchange for being a pasty for the next few months?