Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evil Conservative Government gives more stimulus money per capita to Newfoundland....

Today's headline:

Evil Conservatives give more stimulus money per capita to Newfoundland than any other province. Gerard Kennedy spends weeks researching and is convinced that the Conservatives won a seat there during the last election; calls Elections Canada for an explanation.

The Liberals will never be satisfied with how or where the money is spent. If the government put all of the money in Liberal ridings all we would hear is how the Conservatives are just trying to buy votes. If it is spent to fast, they are reckless, too slow and they are dragging their feet, etc etc. The only way that these guys would ever be happy would be if it was them passing out the cash and that is only because some of it would be coming back to them in brown paper bags.


wilson said...

''The only way that these guys would ever be happy would be if it was them passing out the cash..''

And that is exactly what they had in mind with the coalition of losers.

Too bad for them, they were foiled by the Prime Minister,
and Canadians are rewarding him for his common sense.

Ardvark said...

Speaking of Quebec; we all remember what happened the last time the Liberals controlled the purse strings.

Bec said...

They'd have to be idiots to not have REALLY known where the money was flowing to so let me offer up another idea.

Maybe what they are really p-od about is the fact that money HAS and IS going to Liberal ridings such as in NFLD.
Could they be viewing this internally as, 'gosh those conservatives could make headway in OUR RIDINGS so let's spin this in an opposite direction.

You know, a wolf in sheep clothing, thing or perhaps, they really are just idiots!

Anonymous said...

"... Gerard Kennedy spends weeks researching ..." and still doesn't know what a Canola crop ripening for harvest looks like. So he thinks it's a field of weeds waiting to be ploughed under for an infrastructure-funded Oakville park.

Gerard ran a FOOD bank ...?

michael st. paul's

wilson said...

Oh, and the Tory candidate that got the boot, didn't even know that his riding got 14 projects approved:

"the great riding of Markham-Unionville, the city of Markham applied for 14 infrastructure stimulus grants and does anyone know how many were approved?
All 14 were."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The same distance stretch of road or size building is going to cost the same in Newfoundland or Alberta, regardless of the total population of each province. This is a total warp of reality by mathematics.