Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Must Read Scathing Criticism of Ignatieff

An absolute must read on Michael Ignatieff.

Who is the author you ask. Well you will find that out at the end of the post.

"It is not very often that one gets to witness a "leadership frontrunner" immolate his own candidacy so blithely, so recklessly, but if you click here and you peer inside, you will see the corpse of Michael Ignatieff’s vaulting ambition. He is done – and if he isn’t, he should be.

Now, it is true that I objected to the learned professor before reading this essay, posted over the weekend on Pierre Bourque’s site. I objected to the manner in which his supporters trampled on democracy in a Toronto riding – literally locking out opponents. I objected to his support of George W. Bush’s illegal war in Iraq. I objected to the fact that he mocked Canada (Link dead) during the three decades he was abroad, and that he likened Israeli policy to the fascism of apartheid. I objected to what I perceived to be breathtaking arrogance – calling Canada a "herbivorian boy scout" one day, then jetting up here to run it the next.

And then came this essay. Below I have culled a representative sampling of some the things Ignatieff says about torture in his just-published tour de force. His Kool Aid drinkers – and he has many already, rest assured – will bombard me with emails, braying and screeching that I quoted him out of context. But the fact is that they are his words. And the fact is that, in politics, voters and reporters are not patrician Harvard students, willing to keep quiet until the very end of the great man’s hour-long treatise, or until the end of a 10,000 word essay in the New York Times Magazine. They can be counted upon to object right away to the objectionable. Up here in the frosty herbivorian Boy Scout camp, all that it takes is a few sentences, usually, to permit a glimpse into what passes for a soul. We have that skill, boy scouts that we are.

That said, here’s Michael Ignatieff on torture. If you don’t read them now, you’ll be reading them enough during the next election campaign.

"…torture is not served by collapsing the distinction between coercive interrogation and torture. Both may be repugnant, but repugnance does not make them into the same thing."

"…necessity may require the commission of bad acts…"

"An outright ban on torture and coercive interrogation leave a conscientious security officer with little choice but to disobey the ban."

"…it must be the case that other acts of torture occur because interrogators believe, in good faith, that torture is the only way to extract information in a timely fashion…"

"The argument that torture and coercion do not work is contradicted by the dire frequency with which both practices occur."

And, finally, the epitaph:

"I am willing to get my hands dirty."

"I am willing to get my hands dirty." That much, it seems, is true."

Wow. There is a lot of info there to digest including the "herbivorian boy scout" comment which I have not heard of until reading this.

If you were thinking that the author of this is not big fan of Michael Ignatieff you would be wrong because today he is in fact a big booster of Ignatieff, but back on March 27, 2006 when this first appeared on his blog, it was obvious that the author Warren Kinsella was not the fan that he is today.

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Roy Eappen said...

We should use this in an ad. Kinsella just wants power for his side and we all know why. Justice Gomery talked about it.

Lycan Stark said...

It is not very often that one gets to witness a "leadership frontrunner" immolate his own candidacy so blithely, so recklessly, but if you click here and you peer inside, you will see the corpse of Michael Ignatieff’s vaulting ambition. He is done – and if he isn’t, he should be.

This paragraph is a gold mine in itself. Everytime Kinsella opens his yap about Ignatieff, we should be blaring this.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Nice catch!!

The internet never forgets. Justin Trudeau found that out the hard way too.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a egomaniacal washed up wanna be geezer punk rocker with a band called "Shit For Brains"?

Anonymous said...

fantastic catch!!!
we need this


Calgary Junkie said...

Out biggest problem is that we've got too much on these guys !

Anonymous said...

Where's the link for that?

Anonymous said...

I can't find it on Kinsella's blog.

wilson said...

Oh be still anons,
perhaps the link will magically appear on the ignatieff.me site.

So, did yah get a letter from Spinsella yet, threatening to sue you AA?

Ardvark said...

CJ, I think you might be correct on that. For instance I am still trying to figure out how I can work in Warren's comment that Stephen Harper's haircut was "too sexy" into a post.

Anon, If this is true is it any wonder that you can't find the above on his blog anymore, hmmm?

I am not sure Wilson but suing someone for just posting their own words is a bit much don't you think? I think I might have to put Ezra on retainer just in case ;)

wilson said...

I'm thinking Ezra and a few other well placed Conservatives would love to see your absolutely priceless find.

Well done AA!

Ardvark said...
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Ardvark said...

Comment moderation on. I am having a problem with multiple comments from similar IP's some of which border on libel.

All comments posted after noon have been deleted, sorry to those with legit comments caught up in the edit.

gimbol said...

Isn't it wonderful how things work out?

Years ago the liberals could get away with saying anything they wanted and because the media had sole source control of the archives, it was very hard to get that information to quote. It didn't matter if you could quote verbatum what Trudeau had said or done, because unless you produced a smoking gun, they had buried all the bodies. Add to that the narrative was dictated to us, conservatives have spent those years minding each and every word they uttered out of fear that it wold be twisted and used against them.
Now with Youtube, and the internet, we have a virtual memory that allow us to set the record straight, and more importantly make the lib-left attacks flaccid and ineffectual.
Its hard to be effective when its obvious the story is contrived.

Someone should remind Warren the internet is forever.

Neo Conservative said...

c'mon now folks... we don't wanna lose sight of what compassionate, forgiving souls the liberals actually are.

sit back and feel the love.


JA Goneaux said...

Well, as I've said, the Lying Jackal's modus operandi seems to be: "If you hire me, I'll like you again"...


Anonymous said...

"I am willing to get my hands dirty." I'm guessing this does not refer to muscular work of any kind but mucking shyte as liberals are so skillful at. (real conservative)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Congrats this post getting picked up by the Post's Full Comment!