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Kinsella on Ignatieff

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CTV NewsNet cut away from Iggys speech.

Were they bored too?
Posted by Warren Kinsella on 12/1/2006 9:27:05 PM

Feeling lonely? Me too.

As a former Chr├ętien staffer and I agreed yesterday, you always feel a bit, well, alone in the circumstances in which Michael Ignatieff has placed us.

In the initial handshaking and glad-handing, one wonders (fleetingly) if one shouldn't just get onside and join the frat party. It's truly that seductive, this devolution stuff - and, to be honest, it conforms with our national personality: to compromise. To try and be conciliators. I've seen it before at Meech, and Charlottetown, and any other time a politician wants to write him or herself into the constitutional history books. The elite consensus is so strong, and so pervasive, you start to question yourself.

You shouldn't. As before, as with Meech and Charlottetown, the elites are way, way behind the people. In both of those cases - as now - the people will eventually take notice, and rise up, and put an end to it.


Source. (it looks like it has gone down the memory hole but it is a good thing I have most of the good stuff copied)


paulsstuff said...

Brilliant. This should be at the top of the Blogging Tories for day.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good work Ardvark!

Ted said...

So your big find is that three years ago, some found a speech by Ignatieff to be boring?

You guys really are getting desperate and reaching.

tibi said...

Teddy - You're boring.

Ted said...


Agreed. But sometimes the truth is a lot less interesting.

wilson said...

When Iffy was traveling Quebec during the leadership race,
he caused a huge backlash in the Lib Party, over his Quebec is a nation notion, and I think he was saying he would enshrine it in the Constitution.
Anyways, there should be lots of anti-Iffy quotes from fellow Libs.

paulsstuff said...

And if I'm not mistaken, it was one W. Kinsella who had a coniption when Iggy opened his mouth about the Quebec nation thing. The PM and Interim Liberal leader Bill Graham worked together crafting something after Iggy's gaffe led to Duceppe putting something in front of the house.

Ardvark said...

No Ted,it isn't about a boring speech it is about WK thoughts on the elite liberals and Iggy thinking that he had the 2006 leadership locked up. Why don't you ask WK why his opinions have changed so much since 2006 that he has now joined the frat party.

roblaw said...

Michael Ignatieff:

High Definition Pic in Times Square - $300.00

Distribution to his "fellow" Americans - $1,100

Distribution to his "new" country, Canada - $500

Being called an "elitist" who is "way, way behind the people" by your own campaign strategist - Priceless.