Monday, May 25, 2009

Some more thoughts on the ad campaign.

For Monday a few thoughts on the truth ads put out by the CPC.

The Media: Overwhelmingly the MSM has come out against the ads by saying they are childish, they won't work, they will backfire etc. It was also these same members of the MSM almost to a member who said exactly the same thing about the 'not a leader' Dion ads when they first came out, yet today this same group must grudgingly admit that the Dion ads did work in spite of what they first predicted. They got it wrong last time and I think that time again will prove that they got it wrong a second time as well.

The Liberals: For a group of people who claim they are not concerned about the ads they sure have spent a lot of time responding to them; including radically changing their strategy on fund raising as a direct result of the ads. I guess it is just another case of Liberal words not matching their actions.

The spin: The spin from the Liberal on the ads has been something of a mixed bag. The first comments played the victim card with the Libs decrying the general use of attack ads in general, but this was a tough sell since the Liberals have a long history of doing this very thing themselves and pretty much everyone is aware of it so it fell flat.

The next bit of spin comes from trying to claim that the ads say something they really don't, that is that Ignatieff is not Canadian, or not Canadian enough. BS! Nowhere in any of those ads is the claim made that MI is not Canadian; the only place that this exists is in the minds of liberal hacks trying to take the heat off of their boss. Look, if the CPC really thought that Ignatieff really was not a Canadian you can rest assured that they would not bother to run ads on TV about it they would instead have deported his foreign ass out of Canada a long time ago if that were the case, because as lefties everywhere are always saying, the Harper government is just that evil.

A slight variation on this has now come out from the Liberals claiming that the ads attack new Canadians, or those that work or study abroad, but again they are reaching as the ads are clearly only aimed at Ignatieff and the weak attempt to tie it to others does not stand up to any scrutiny what so ever. The ads deal with Ignatieff and Ignatieff alone; any claims to the contrary are just smoke and mirrors by a party that claims they are not concerned.

The bottom line question: This is what the Liberals are doing everything in their power to distract Canadians from and not to dare answer themselves.

Why did Ignatieff really return to Canada?

No wonder the Libs are doing their best to try to avoid the question because we all know what the answer to that question is don't we. So why hasn't ANYONE in the MSM asked it?

The ads:

Here, here and here.

Ignatieff's response: (sort of)

Update: As I was writing this something sort of ironic hit me. On the subject of the ads with all of the media punditry and the Liberal counter spin involved, the only thing true about any of it is contained in the actual ads themselves.

Late Update:NDP television personality and strategist Brad Levigne:

LAVIGNE: You may have written a book on negative campaigning Warren, but the
"Just Visiting" ads on Ignatieff are a far cry from the "Face" ads against

Here are five reasons why these ads will have an impact.

5. They're timely. Most of the country doesn't know Michael Ignatieff. These
ads, and his response to them, will have an effect on how he is defined by

4. The narrative is simple. It's not about working overseas or about who is a
good Canadian (that's the Liberal talking points trying to change the channel).
The storyline here is questioning the motivation for coming back to Canada after
34 years to get power and if he doesn't get it he'll leave again. Average folks
grasp that. Doubt is being planted in the mind of the jury. Once credibility on
motivation is lost it doesn't matter what Ignatieff promises after that.

3. They use Ignatieff's own words. One reason why the "Not a Leader" ads were
effective was because they used Dion's own words ("Do you think it's easy to
make priorities") and Ignatieff's own words ("St├ęphane, we didn't get it done")
to carry the message. This is also the case with "Just Visiting." This is
Ignatieff on Ignatieff. And his lines "this is just as much as my country as it
is yours" in reference to the U.S.A. is devastating to cross-pressured
Liberal-New Democrat vote switchers while "I don't want to take a GST hike off
the table" will be a tough sell to Liberal-Conservative switch voters.

2. The buy is large and the campaign is multi-platform. There's no question
there is some substantial weight behind the ad buy. Pick a non-elite channel or
show, including Blue Jays games and Family Guy and you'll see these ads. It's a
full campaign using a variety of platforms including the web and Facebook
meaning that its reach will be substantial.

1. We're talking about them. And as a result, we're analyzing Ignatieff's
motivations much more closely than had the ads not been produced. There is huge
gulf between the bubble of Ottawa and Main Street Canada. While some
commentators suggest that these ads are "stupid," others need to get over the
fact that just because you don't like the messenger (Harper and his Team),
doesn't detract from the relevant question their ad campaign poses.

But Warren, you are right to suggest that average folks would much rather have
their federal leaders focused on the economy. And while you manage the latest
flip-flop and Tim defends his ads, Jack Layton and the team will continue to
dominate Parliament by getting EI reform, real credit card protection, a right
to repair bill, a charter for airline passengers and help for our vets passed
through Parliament.


Blame Crash said...

It’s Liberals themselves who are attacking new Canadians by using them as a shield and deflector to protect their carpet bagging Canadian of Convenience.
Now , whom or what does this coward act remind you of?

Hawker said...

The default support by Canada's MSM of the Liberals (and even NDP in some cases) is just as bad as communist state-run television. Just imagine if the situation were reversed - the MSM would be calling Liberal attack ads 'truth' ads and I bet the themes would be 'hidden agenda', 'un-Canadian', get the picture. I hope this doesn't come true any time soon.

hatrock said...

I've been thinking of the exact same points you made. I've lived and worked in the U.S. myself but I'd NEVER say "It's your country just as much as it is mine."

wilson said...

The media did not defend Dion to the extent they are rallying to Iffy's defence.
Iffy is one of theirs,
a journalist/historian/author.

By extension, the most damage these ads do to Iffy is to his
'out of the country acheivements', the reason he was seduced into the LPC,
are now a liability.

Can Iffy campaign boasting and bragging about how great and wonderful he is,
accomplishements all a credit to his being OUT of the country?

That would solidify the 'arrogant, self promoting' message in the truth ads,
while reminding Canadians, he 'may be' just visiting.

Calgary Junkie said...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Iggy return to Canada sometime in 2005, when Paul Martin was PM ? Hence, if and when Iggy gets around to answering AA's nagging question, he'd better not make any reference to "saving Canada from that scary Harper",
or some such drivel.

Iggy had better pray he stays on the good side of the media. The last thing he wants to face is the media ganging up on him, pressing him to answer AA's question. Kind of like the way the media hounded Harper in the 2004 campaign about his stance on abortion. I have some hope that the Quebec media will do the pressuring of Iggy.

Ardvark said...

BC, yes it is the Libs themselves who are doing the comparison which in a round about way attacks new Canadians all the while claiming that they would never play one Canadian against another.

Wilson, I had never thought much about the media supporting 'one of their own' with Ignatieff but it is a valid point. I just wonder if Iggy himself feels that connection with the media or if he feels that he is above them.

wilson said...

'I just wonder if Iggy himself feels that connection with the media or if he feels that he is above them.'

What ever Iffy says/shows he feels about ANY issue, is to advance his political aspirations,
the real Iffy will never be known.

He is a genuine pretender.

maryT said...

We all expect someone to come out with negative news about PMSH and his government. Who is behind the story in NNW that cabinet ministers know they will be out next election and are sending out feelers for new jobs. Who is the unidendified source within. I think it is a brainfart of the liberal media. And doesn't the underdog usually win, so they are trying to make PMSH the underdog.
92% of cdns are working and paying taxes and raising families etc. I don't think they want to be forced to pay for a very small %age who wont work more than 45 days and collect EI for a year.
Who are the part time workers who need more hours. Is it the person who works 2 days a week by choice, or the seasonal holiday worker, or the waitress who comes in for banquets etc.
Perhaps Iggy should take a job doing payroll and find out what is involved. Many of those part time women workers do so by choice, they make coffee money and their husbands get to claim them on his tax return.
Instead of writing books Iggy should read some, I suggest the Guide to Payroll Deductions, EI and CPP, put out by Rev Canada.
He would get a great education.

Ardvark said...

I'll just leave the last line in.

So long jerkwad.

Comment deleted.

maryT said...

Today we learn why iggy wont use attack ads. His liberal senators have introduced a bill to ban all pre-election ads. NNW.
I hope that includes the media also.
How will one know when a writ is to be dropped. Does it mean no writ can be dropped within 3 months of an ad appearing. I think we could get an ad out every 2 months if that is the case.
We have money, support and ads, the liberals have threats, and clenched fists.

Jen said...

As long as you are from or live in the provinces of ontario, quebec, maritimes and the atlantic -you are stupid, brainwashed manipulated, by the liberal MSM.

Any sign of life or intelligence in those regions spells 'trouble for the media.
Michael Ignatieff said we are all americans, I honour my signature on the coalition agreement, I have no intentions of wearing the recession on my shoulders and so on.... tells me exactly what he said.
What is wrong with the media particularly cbc, ctv radio canada and others? are they deaf, ignorant.

Apparently only CPC and canadians wear the recession on our shoulders

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