Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ignatieff, a blast from the past.

There is already a long list of times where Ignatieff has put his foot in his mouth and has had to go back to"refine" his own words, but it seems to me that this example has dropped off of the radar.

At a news conference before the vote, Maureen Basnicki, whose husband Ken was among two dozen Canadian victims of the 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks, urged MPs to "stop playing politics" and to "vote with their conscience and not with their party.

Deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said he sympathized with terror victims but labelled their appearance during the debate as "just a sideshow," prompting an angry response from Basnicki.

"Sideshow? I was a victim of terrorism. My husband was murdered. I don't like to be a victim of politics. The issue here is the security of Canadians," Basnicki remarked.


Rural and Right said...

More arrogant words from Michael Iggnoramous.

Iggy was absolutely right when he stated that he could write his own attack ads ... the irony of his statment is that he basically did write is own ads, as many of the words used came from his own mouth and pen.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a nasty guy. He looks for th ebelt and then punches under it. Harper is attacking a career of brilliant accomplishment and trying to portray it as too American. Good luck with that.

Aside from the reek of desperation that surrounds Harper, Harper has lived a life of none accomplishment ( I don’t believe being the presdient of the secretive citizens coalition is noteworthy.)

PS Is Wayne GRetzky unCanadian? Should he give back his Order of Canada?

Anonymous said...

Wayne Gretzky doesn't need to be Prime Minister of Canada. Egghead does.
Wayne Gretzky has had a brilliant career. Egghead has not. Brilliant accomplishment? Name one. Please, just one. Please.
35 years, out of the country.
and what's with all the Z's in his ugly wife's name?

Ardvark said...

Anon1, when you cut and paste your trolling comments on various conservative blogs at least try to fix the typos. It makes it less obvious.

In 1988 Gretzky was TRADED to a team in the USA; he had no choice but to go.
In 1978 Ignatieff chose to leave Canada on his own and chose to stay away until 2005.
Compare for yourselfGretzky has never insinuated that he was an American, he has played, coached, and promoted Team Canada and Canadian hockey world wide, and his charity work in this country by itself should put Iggy to shame.

Although it is possible that Trudeau (who was PM in 1978) traded Iggy to England for a top hat and a plate of fish and chips. I think this comparison by the Liberal is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I am a "decent Canadian"
the Truth Ads must be hitting a nerve
Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't have to prove he would be a top notch Prime Minister he shows us each day that he is top drawer
I am so proud to be a Canadian and have Prime Minister Harper at the helm


RuralSandi said...

My girlfriend lost her only son (one the 24 Canadians) in 9/11 and she wasn't out there moaning and groaning - she has immersed herself in charitable work - working for the disabled/access, etc. Aaron was on the 106th floor at a business breakfast meeting when the planes hit. He left a wife and 2 children.

You people just don't know what the hell you are talking about.

You just want make partisan attacks. It's sick.

She says the charitable work helps her get through it all.

Anonymous said...

Bringing up a quote by Ignatieff in his own words is a partisan attack?