Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michael Ignatieff: Words vs actions

Michael Ignatieff: His words, his actions, but perhaps other peoples ideas.

Below you will find a short YouTube video of Michael Ignatieff discussing citizenship and the Liberal Party.

Here is some what he said that he wants to do.

"One of the things I most want to do is to revive the Liberal Party of Canada as a group of citizens working together and make sure that when they meet together at their kitchen tables down at, you know, down in the grassroots of the country and in their homes, we get a kind of channel up right to the cabinet room get up to the leadership so we listen."

While reality was quite different.

The backroom boys who led coup for Ignatieff inside if the LPC did everything in their power NOT to let the grassroots have a say in who would become the party leader. Ignatieff may have said that he wanted to strengthen the grassroots but the truth of the matter is that he hijacked the leadership process and ensured that at the LPC convention policy and renewal was abandoned angering the grassroots of his own party.

Did you happen to catch the bit on electricity corridors?

Say; isn't this one of the very few policy ideas that we have have heard from Iggy and one that he wrote about in his latest book that he claims was not written to improve his electoral chances?

Interesting that he makes no mention that it was not even his idea doncha think?

If this is how Michael Ignatieff treats his own party I would hate to see what how he would treat Canada if he ever became our PM. Let's make sure that does not happen.


Anonymous said...

What is also worth investigation is how Ignatieff seems to usurp even his own brother's deeds and pretend they are his own.
Andrew Ignatieff was a devoted son to his mother taking constant care of her during a sad battle with Alzheimers.
Apparently Michael popped in once or twice a year but was "otherwise absent".
Then Michael wrote a poignant book, alluding to it being his OWN experience, about a son's devotion to a mother with Alzheimers.
Ditto on Michael's claim to be an "expert" on Human Rights.
It is his brother Andrew who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for no personal glory for such organizations as the IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation).
It is Michael, the family showboat, who publically takes the bows as a defender of human rights and his brother who deserves them.
MI's entire life, it would seem, has been a PR facade.

sor said...

Not mention that he gave his brother directives that he was not to acknowledge him during their years at Upper Canada College. Apparently his brother was not one of the 'in' crowd and Iggy wanted nothing to do with him.

Iggy, not a nice fellow. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

His line of DOWN AT the grass roots(1:09) then UP TO the cabinet (1:14) explains it all to me

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Actually, Iggy became leader because of Harper. HArper seriously blundered in November and now it is going to cost him his government.

Ardvark said...

That so called 'blunder' in November is going to be a major plank in any upcoming campaign and we shall just how much of a blunder it really was.

Anonymous said...

HARPER blundered in November?

How so?

Was it not Dion, Layton and Duceppe who blundered in their failed coup attempt and Dion who paid for it by losing his job?

Sheesh. Ignatieff is not the only blatant revisionist in the Liberal ranks.

Jim P said...

Isn't it amusing how the Cons ignore the the "Words vs Actions" of their Imperial Leader. He of the 'we won't ever run deficits" or "we won't tax income tax trusts" or fixed election dates, or about stacking the senate, or raising secrecy to new levels.

Then you get a sense of why the Conservatives are bleeding support.

wilson said...

Blunder? 'now' says the coalition of losers was a blunder,
and twisted 180 degrees to agree with PMSH,
the coalition of losers was a threat to national unity and unstable!

Being a slow learner,
it took 5 months to come to the same conclusion PMSH made in 24 hours.

The only one to blunder was Iffy and his 'on death's door' party, the LPC, signing the coalition of losers agreement.

Anonymous said...

Ted, is that you?

Ardvark said...

The CPC bled so much support that during the last election they reduced the Liberals to 77 seats.

roblaw said...

Ok - here's my take.

Yes - Harper struggled and misplayed his hand.. no doubt. Filling the Senate was a mistake and so was trying to remove party funding.

That being said, however, Harper has steered this ship true through difficult times, while Michael Ignatieff continues to do what he does - which is say whatever he thinks it will take to be popular.

The most telling act of Michael Ignatieff in the last year was posting a picture of himself in Times Square with Barack Obama after the President made his first trip to Canada to meet with our Prime Minister. (Get that Michael, the Prime Minister - he certainly didn't come here to meet with the unelected leader of a decimated, shamed, Liberal party).

Think about that for a moment. Who pays to put a picture of themselves up in Times Square, U.S.A.? A very insecure, vain man, that's who. Not a leader.

Jen said...

I would hate to see what how he would treat Canada if he ever became our PM. Let's make sure that does not happen.

If Ignatieff tries that, I am for separation big time. No dam socialist is going to take my and alberta's freedom away to help pacify quebec while it becomes a nation on its own while living off our goods.
Quebec is a socialist province living off of the wealth from other provinces will be caused to the country's break up.

Jen said...

I can hear the real international media say to Ignatieff ' You were a professor of Harvard know Obama yet admire the Bush's admin. war in iraq and torture"
Ignatieff "yes"
media: " you also wrote numerous books?" that's correct says Ignatieff.
"we have knowledge that you say that you are an american you said so on television"
Ignatieff "yes' but I a canadian born in canada but lived most of my life overseas"
media " so how much do you know what has happen in canada while living overseas,you were not in canadian politics so how did manage to get back into politics of become involve in policts."
Ignatieff "that simple, paul martin former canadian prime minister parachuted me into a riding-that's how I got started"
media "a black woman's riding who she unfortunately was pushed aside for your entrance even though she was doing a very good as the canadian deputy speaker- am I correct"
Ignatieff " well yes, why all the probing questions'
Media " was it not the liberal party of canada embroiled in a large scandal adscam corruption, and are you aware that the lpoc still owe millions of dollars to the canadian public"
ignatieff "yes, i am aware of the scandal' but i am going to change all that'
media ' really, how's so, are you going to return the money; are going to apologize; are you going to fire those who were involved."
ignatieff 'of course not, i have nothing to do with the adscam' maybe half of the liberals were but not i."
media ' let me get this straight, you are telling me you are not involved in adscam yet you are not going to have the missing money return nor are you going to fire those involved. how is it for a man who was a professor author of books travelled the world etc., will get involved in a liberal party that is the most corrupt party in canadian history. not to mention be the leader of that party."
Ignatieff ' i don't know, it just happened.'
media " now that you got yourself involved in the most corrupt liberal party in canadian history a party that stole from the canadians and refuse to give back their money, why are you attacking insulting pointing fingers at the prime minister stephen harper for doing the jobs which your party refused neglected to do and stole from. how can you stand there and tell me that the PMSH is not doing the job for canadians when in truth, your corrupt party ignored the people for thirteen years-don't you think you are being hypocritical." Mr. Ignatieff, let me remind you that i am a professional journalist which i value my credientals . I am not one of your medias that keeps their informations under the carpet or in the backburner. but from what I have seen, you have at present, a remarkable prime minister who did and does an outstanding job while your canadian media feast on your party ignoring the PMSH of canada.
I am not surprised that the canadian people are unaware of their prime minister. your media does not respects them ; instead, manipulates them."
I hope for the sake of the canadian people and prime minister that they get a media they deserve." Nice talking to you.