Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Your daily pulling of the grassroots.

Iggy is truly the decider of all things in the Liberal Party of Canada. The National Executive of the LPC votes down all but 1 of the renewal committees proposals.

Calgary Grit is all over this one here.

Over at the Gauntlet there is no mincing of words on the subject: Bag of Hammers dumb.

And Prairie Fire is a little sad today.

Red says it as it is.

If this keeps up Iggy may be the only Liberal at his coronation.


Anonymous said...

Who wants to pay $1000 to go to a convention just to see the count make another speech.

Roy Eappen said...

You should be the leader of the grits AA!

wilson said...

Aren't some Libs getting financial assistance to go to the coronation?
Can Iffy can pick an choose who gets $$$ help?

Iffy is targetting BC at the moment,
so I doubt he gives a rats butt if the Eastern grassroots attends or not.
Iffy figures, rightly, that no matter what he says or does, Ontario Libs will support the LPC and by extention , him.

Regardless of what policy Iffy supports, or how many times the LPC supports PMSH in parliament, all Iffy has to prove to the Liberal grassroots sheeple is he has a good shot at winning.

The only renewal the LPC is interested in, is in the polls.

Ardvark said...

Thanks Dr. Roy. I was thinking of tapping you for Minister of Health, but that would have meant coming over to the dark side >=)

Wilson, Iggy is only interested in Iggy and that has pretty much been confirmed by his actions in treating the rank and file members of his own party. It is nice to see that some Liberals are not taking it laying down.