Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Weeks Outrage: Entertainment Industry Edition.

Not to be out done by the big "entertainment industry outrage" story this week about an obscure late night Fox News show called Redeye where the host and guest panel basically dissed the Canadian Armed Forces in a lame attempt at humour; Britney Spears seems to have stirred up some outrage of her own with the release of a new song, "If U Seek Amy".

Shocked? I know I am because I did not think that there could possibly be any outrage for the entertainment industry left after the fallout from the Redeye thing. I mean it was everywhere; first on the blogs, then the papers, and when it had eventually made it onto the television news I thought that there could not be anymore, but I was wrong. Wrong because my fellow citizens have once again proven that the well of outrage towards entertainers seems to never come up dry.

So a big thank you to my fellow citizens for the good work. It is because of you that I can sleep at night knowing of your efforts to keep the entertainers closely monitored for the nasty and evil crime of offending people.

And here I thought that this was the reason why we have HRC's.

Silly Ardvark.

Let me close out by quoting a A. Wine who in 1982 said:

"If you see Kay, tell her I need her."

Good night and remember Leave Britney Alone!!! (NSFW)


Philanthropist said...

Red Eye wasn't 'dissing' the troops, they were making fun of the General in charge of the Army for saying the Army's going to take a year off. That is more than worthy of satirical comment.

Seriously, what if the Chief of Police said the cops were gonna take a year off? Will the Taliban take a year off from throwing acid at girls who go to school? Unlikely.

Ashamed at successive Canadian governments for allowing the military to shrivel is what these faint of heart Canadians should be. Were any of them 'outraged' when a former Liberal Prime Minister insulted the Forces by calling them Boy Scouts? Nope. Were they 'outraged' when our troops in uniform were being given the finger in public during the Oka crisis? Unlikely, they were probably doing it themselves.

The other comments on the show about how they didn't know Canada was actually in the war etc. shouldn't be so upsetting to the delicate sensibilities of some Canadians. The United States is quite literally being invaded by Mexicans and Americans hardly pay attention to that since the invaders aren't celebrities like Obama or Britney Spears.

Get a grip, just be Canadian.

roblaw said...

..oh.. I get it..

iF yoU CK amy.. that's clever.. really..

Outrageous? No. More like, uh.. stupid. Like the Red Eye bozos.

Ardvark said...

If one thing good came out of all of this it might have been a rise in the sense of pride for our military. Even some of those on the left who would call our troops baby killers came to their defense because of the Redeye comments. Too bad it took an American late night "comedy/news" show to bring it about.