Thursday, March 12, 2009

Liberal Policies?

Liberal Policies. Where are they? Or better yet, what are they?

I do not know about you but I am finding it very hard to figure out just what the major policy positions are of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Taking a look at what Ignatieff has done/said so far has not offered up many clues. On Afghanistan Iggy is for the withdrawal proposal for 2011, but yet when he was talking with Obama he seemed to leave open the idea of extending the mission. On Israel he has been all over the place but seems to have come down on the side of support for Israel, at least that was this week. On the financial crisis, that he used as an excuse to take over the Liberal Party, he has refused to offer up ANY ideas or suggestions to help the situation and instead has been using delaying tactics in passing the budget while at the same time screaming to the media that it is taking too long for the money to flow. ( a real vote getter if I ever heard of one ;) But the topic of this post was not "Ignatieff's policies", but rather "Liberal Policies".

What does the Liberal Party of Canada stand for?


I have been watching for some word about what is going to be discussed policy wise at the upcoming leadership convention, but so far I have not seen much out there. The leadership of Stephane Dion has come and gone and with him I assume that most of his policy positions would be gone as well. (This is only a guess because my search through the media and even among Liberal supporters for hints of what Liberal policy has become has so far proven fruitless and I can't make a call either way.)

I myself would like to see a little more meat on the subject of policy and would hope that the LPC membership remembers that at the convention they not only get to, in a process that would make Kim Jong-il proud, "ratify" the leadership of the anointed one, the LPC delegates also get a chance to decide the policy direction of the party for the next few years.

This is important for any party to do and so far I am surprised by the absence of discussion on this amongst Liberals, but I suspect that the reason for the absence of discussion on the subject is not for a lack of possible directions the party may go, but because Michael Ignatieff has yet to tell the membership just what LPC policy will be, or tell them what to think.


Anonymous said...

If you want to know what the Liberal policies are just tune in to the CBC. Whichever advocacy group is grabbing the headlines at the moment represents the policy of the Liberals.
In fairness it must be admitted that the Liberals are more representative of today's modern electronic society where the crisis du jour changes on a daily basis. The Liberals are very adept at pushing the latest armageddon scenario knowing full well that they can capitalize on the more recent one before the public has had a chance to digest the facts of yesterday's calamity. That's why their program is simply to oppose for the sake of opposition. Never, ever express a firm position since it may be proven wrong within 24 hours. Much better to sit in the bush and throw rocks at the people trying to accomplish something.

Jen said...

What does the Liberal Party of Canada stand for?

Answer: themselves only; like they keep saying "they feel your pain- and they are doing things for the love of the country.
Meaning: they love you yet they stole from you.
They doing things for the love of the country yet they took money from every department like infrastructure, health, education, military and yes even from provinces for themselves even E.I waa used towards paying down the national debt.
the liberals love you so much that they raised taxes.

Their policies is ???????????? as we all know already.

Anonymous said...

The Libs don't know because Iffy has not told them yet.

There is more truth to this then most Libs want to admit. Good one.

Soccermom said...

They stand for entitlements. They want to increase taxpayers' burdens by implementing a national Day Care System. That, for sure, is one thing they want to do. Big Huge humongous government is what they stand for.

And winning for the sake of winning. And handing out brown bags full of money.

Ardvark said...

Here is a policy they should debate:

Should the party executive be able to appoint an interim leader who is running for the leadership?

I have a feeling that an idea like this would be shot down in a second if it went to a vote, but we will never know because I doubt the Liberals have the balls to even propose it even though this is exactly what happened with Iggy.