Thursday, March 26, 2009

Media Tip

Another helpful tip for the MSM in Canada from your friend the Ardvark.

Rally for George Galloway on Parliament Hill March 25, 2009

Whenever covering a protest or rally type event; if the members of the press outnumber the participants it may not be worth the effort covering because the majority of your audience could care less.

And you guys wonder why you are losing both audience and revenue.


treb said...

The only people demonstrating are the MSM & Galloway.Pretty sad reflection on how low our press corpse has sunk since they went to the dark side.

wilson said...

Our Cdn media is soooooo not connected to the people.
Just like with the coalition of losers,
our media and the lefties were shocked,
shocked I tell yah, with the public reaction to the 3 Stooges coup.
The entire country went ballistic, the media and LibDippers, all of them, didn't see it coming.
You don't get more disconnected than that.

The silent majority are sick of
terrorists and criminals having all the rights,
and victims are expected to watch and say nothing.

Rick Mercer get's it.