Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear BC Human Rights Tribunal:

Are you sure you want to go toe to toe with this guy? It was bad enough a funny little guy with glasses beat up on your Alberta counterparts, but given the chance, I think Mr. Steyn will make you look even more foolish, so proceed at your own risk.

Free speech is worth fighting for.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The most public scandal in the history of Canada.

If the CPC were really trying to hide their dealings in the so called "In and Out" scandal, they have not been doing a very good job of it. So in an effort to help out, I humbly offer up some suggestions as to what is normally done when you are secretly conspiring to break the law.

Keep it small. Involving numerous candidates, official agents, countless local campaign workers, party staff, and an outside advertising agency with all of it's employees, does not a secret make.

Don't file factual forms and paper work. A good scandal requires you to make stuff up. Actually putting the correct information about money spent on the Election Canada paperwork is just bad scandal form.

Don't challenge those that make the rulings. Poking a bear with a stick will only cause problems, and not recommended when conducting shady dealings.

Do not go public by bringing your actions before courts. Anyone involved in a scandal knows that secrecy is the key. Using the courts, or the media kind of blows the clandestine nature of your average conspiracy out of the water.

Don't take lessons from the opposition parties. Yes the Liberal Party of Canada did manage to get away with Adscam as far as Elections Canada is concerned and they WILL NEVER have to reveal just which Liberal candidates got that money, but..... Oops, just hang on a minute. Maybe taking lessons from the Liberals is a good idea when you are planning a conspiracy after all.

Lets get this thing before a judge soon.

update: A member of the press does some reasearch, while another remembers their own experiences with EC.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The great seal hunt scam

Listen carefully to the words of Sea Sheppard head Paul Watson in this 1978 interview on the CBC by Barbara Frum.

Contrast those words to this recent news. I guess the lure of all that money to be made from those cute little seals was just too great to pass up for Paul Watson after all.

A big tip of the hat to Hunter at Climbing out of the Dark

Friday, April 11, 2008

FITNA should receive tax credits from the Canadian government

Or at least it should have if FITNA were made in Canada; according to NDP shill Oscar-nominee Sarah Polley and everyone else on the left crying censorship over bill C-10.

The left and various Harper haters are in an uproar because the government wants to pass Bill C-10 which contains a provision, originally created by the Liberals by the way, which would allow the government to refuse tax credits to film or television productions deemed offensive. Imagine that, a government in its role as the steward of our tax dollars, trying to make sure those dollars are not spent on hard core porn or other such projects that the majority of Canadians would not want that money spent on.

The crux of the argument against c-10 is that someone (meaning a government bureaucrat) would be deciding which projects qualify for the tax credits and which do not. Even though the minister responsible has stated that she will work with the entertainment industry to draw up a precise definition of what projects would be deemed too offensive to receive government tax credits, the lefties are against the idea and are crying censorship. Funny how in the case of films or television productions that many on the the left think that tax money must flow to all projects regardless of their nature, but with other issues such as child care or tax cuts, they are more than happy to decide for everyone just who should qualify, and more importantly, who should not.

Because this deals with the so called arts, does not mean that it should be exempt from any rules. If we are going to be putting tax dollars towards this industry, there must be some kind of rules as to how and where those dollars get spent. It is more than just common sense, it is what I and most Canadians would expect the government to do whenever anyone comes with their hands out looking for our tax dollars.

All this faux outrage makes me wonder just how many of those against C-10 would have an issue with homegrown remake of Triumph of the Will . Or is even Nazi propaganda entitled to our tax dollars without any rules or government oversight? What say you?

Update: Another view from Chuckercanuck on C-10.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The federal government moves to block sale of MDA

From the CBC : The federal government on Thursday blocked the $1.3-billion sale of the space technology division of Vancouver-based MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates to a U.S. firm.

In a letter this week to Alliant Techsystems Inc., Industry Minister Jim Prentice said he is not satisfied the sale will be a net benefit for Canada, the minister confirmed Thursday.

Alliant has been given 30 days to state its case to win approval for the sale.

update from CTV This must have the "Harper is in Bush's pocket" crowd bashing their heads against the wall.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Toughening up Consumer Product Laws

The good news stories about the Conservative government continue with yesterdays announcement of an overhaul of Canada's outdated product safety laws . Some of these old laws and regulations have not been updated in decades nor have they kept up with the changes of todays world wide economy. At least not until yesterday.

In what has already been a good week for getting things done for Canadians, this can only be called another feather in the cap of the Prime Minister.

Congratulations Mr. Harper on continuing to do what most Canadians expect their government to do; while the desperate Liberals go back in time, almost as long as some of these outdated product laws, looking for dirt to try to smear your government with.

It is all the Liberals have.

Friday, April 04, 2008

My sincere regrets. Real Early Edition.

I am sure all of you are already aware of the video tape making the rounds of MP Tom Lukiwski that was taken 16 years ago at an office party. So in an effort to head off any potential future problems that I may encounter if I indeed do decide to toss my hat into the ring in 16 or 20 years to run for the local Sharia Governing Council (or which ever level or form of government that the future brings). I will take this opportunity to apologize and offer my deepest regrets, in advance, for my past transgressions.

Warning links might not be appropriate in every setting.

For Video tapes that may surface in the future: I would like to offer my regrets to the trans gendered, cross dressers, women with very hairy legs, and bad lounge singers, for my unfortunate behaviour in a video taken in 1990 where I am clearly seen to be dancing on the hood of a '83 Chevy Short box while wearing only a short red skirt and lip syncing into a floodlight microphone while trying not to spill my beverage. My drunken actions at that time do not represent my current views and I am sorry to all offended.

The other tape that might surface appears to show a well endowed female taking off her shirt in front of me, and while I did not, or do not, support the use of women as objects, the video was for an unfinished homemade film project and must be considered art. Sorry, no apologies for art and future lefties will agree with this stand.

For my past taste in music: This list encompasses just about everyone, so as not to leave anyone out by omission, I will say sorry to every individual and group out there for my past and I guess even current listening habits. Yes I did like the Dire Straits song "Money for nothing", I also have listened to others such as Frank Zappa, Tobe Keith, Snoop Dog, Madonna and many others, and I would like to state for the record that some of the lyrics or views of the artists do not represent my opinions of the world. In my defence I did listen to Elton Motello back in '82 in both official languages, so maybe it balances out?

Past voting practices: Sorry CPC. I did once vote for the Liberal Party of Canada at a time before they were taken over by left thinking morons who stand for nothing, and I am very sorry for doing so.

1992: Lets just say I am very sorry for what I can remember, as well as all the stuff that I can't remember, that may come to light in the future about the year of debauchery that was known as 1992.

This is getting much harder than I thought it would be when I started typing it out. If I must be accountable for every single thing I have said, done, or thought since birth this list is going to be very long and drawn out, so I had better stop now. Oh, the birth comment reminded me of something that I said back in grade 4 when I proudly I declared all girls to be "yucky". I am ever so sorry to all the ladies for that one, and have since mended my ways; so much so that I married one. So indeed there is hope and just a simple example of how people can change and grow.

If the CBC, NDP, and this country can forgive enough to name Tommy Douglas as the Greatest Canadian, and if the Liberals can forgive Stephane Dion for being a proud Quebec separatist, I hold out hope that the public can also find it in their hearts to forgive me as well.

In the future of course.