Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Toughening up Consumer Product Laws

The good news stories about the Conservative government continue with yesterdays announcement of an overhaul of Canada's outdated product safety laws . Some of these old laws and regulations have not been updated in decades nor have they kept up with the changes of todays world wide economy. At least not until yesterday.

In what has already been a good week for getting things done for Canadians, this can only be called another feather in the cap of the Prime Minister.

Congratulations Mr. Harper on continuing to do what most Canadians expect their government to do; while the desperate Liberals go back in time, almost as long as some of these outdated product laws, looking for dirt to try to smear your government with.

It is all the Liberals have.


wilson said...

And, it benefits ALL Canadians (not a special interest group) with out a billion dollar price tag.
Conservative ideology that Libs fear.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what the government is supposed to be doing? It is too bad that they have to spend most of their time fighting off partisan attacks from the opposition parties playing gutter politics with dead MPs, and 16 year old beta tapes. We need an election soon.