Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alberta PCs try to play cheap political games and again fail miserably.

While Albertan's watch government services being cut all around them, including cuts to health care, education and just about everything one can think of, the PC government of Alison Redford has decided to take time away dealing with these problems and running Alberta to play cheap political games in an attempt to smear the official opposition Wildrose.

National Post. Jen Gerson: Alberta PCs try to distract from their own misdeeds by inflating Wildrose robocall ruling.

Edmonton Journal. Graham Thompson: Wildrose shouldn't be tarred with Pierre Poutine brush.

Edmonton SUN Lorne Gunter: Alberta Tories are creating hysteria out of Wildrose robocalls.

Another failure of the PC spin machine.

BTW: I do have to commend the way the Wildrose have handled the situation.

While the PC's turned on their smear machine by making wild accusations, spreading outright lies and making ridiculous demands for a CRTC report not yet released,  and using (it always does) tax payer funded Government of Alberta resources (see RT's) to do so; the Wildrose stepped up and did the right thing.

The Wildrose cooperated fully with the CRTC investigation right from the beginning and when news broke a week ago of the fine they not only paid the $90K but also quickly apologized and asked Alberta's Chief Electoral Officer to investigate. After the complete CRTC report was released had even more to say including the leader Danielle Smith saying that she was "embarrassed" (a word we have never heard or are ever likely to hear used by Premier Redford) by what had happened as well the party released the scripts of the calls in question.

It is easy see why the PC government of Alison Redford would want to try and distract the public from what is going on around them. After promising the moon to get elected last year, including balancing the budget and increased spending for almost every government ministry, the total failure of the PC's to keep those promise and the devastating cuts that we got as a result of that failure, is not something that they want on the minds of Albertans. But with all that going on; wouldn't their time be better spent dealing with the problems their broken promises and surprise cuts are causing rather than playing politics and trying to smear the Wildrose?

If history is any indication we already know the answer; it is clear that Alison Redford and the PC's will stoop to anything to try and score cheap political points.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Since criminals, drugs, politicians and videos are all the rage lately...

May I present a video that you can actually see for yourself (unlike the one you have been hearing so much about lately) of Marc Emery saying he smoked pot with Justin Trudeau.

And it won't cost you $200,000 to see either!

Warning NSFW


Monday, May 06, 2013

Alison Redford. How low can she go?

 No, I am not referring to her poll numbers, which are going lower every day for reasons which are quite obvious, I am referring to 2 recent photo-ops where she decided it was appropriate to turn official Government of Alberta events into partisan campaign events where for good measure she decided that it was okay to lie to the children in attendance.

Last Wednesday in Calgary and again on Thursday in Edmonton, Redford went out of her way to attack the opposition in front of young children there to see the Redford in her role as premier and in both instances told the children in attendance a blatant lie so over the top that it should make your head spin and your stomach a little queasy knowing she deliberately did so.

“We know we can’t stop building and that’s why we reject the opposition’s build-nothing approach,"

“I wouldn’t let them off the hook by simply saying they don’t want to invest in the future through schools,”

“They don’t want to build hospitals and they don’t want to build roads and they don’t want to invest in bridges or water.”

"Redford told the children — and the parents and dignitaries seated behind them — that while her government is committed to building things, her opponents are not."

The opposition will build "nothing". No roads, schools, clinics, buildings...  nothing! An utterly ridiculous statement that the facts and common sense defy. Perhaps our premier should have asked those kids what the meaning of the word 'nothing' is because she clearly does not know.

None of this should be surprising as the Alberta PC's have long ago lost sight of the line between party and government but what makes these occurrences different is that she decided to do so in front of young kids who were there, and who probably had no other choice but to attend, to see Redford as a representative of their government and not a representative of the PCCA holding a partisan campaign style event which their parents paid for with their taxes.  And she did so, lies included, with the Minister of Education and what looks to be every Calgary PC MLA in attendance at her side cheering and approving her lies to school kids.

They all stood by, in fact they all applauded, and let the Premier lie to children.

Now that is low on anyone's scale.