Monday, May 06, 2013

Alison Redford. How low can she go?

 No, I am not referring to her poll numbers, which are going lower every day for reasons which are quite obvious, I am referring to 2 recent photo-ops where she decided it was appropriate to turn official Government of Alberta events into partisan campaign events where for good measure she decided that it was okay to lie to the children in attendance.

Last Wednesday in Calgary and again on Thursday in Edmonton, Redford went out of her way to attack the opposition in front of young children there to see the Redford in her role as premier and in both instances told the children in attendance a blatant lie so over the top that it should make your head spin and your stomach a little queasy knowing she deliberately did so.

“We know we can’t stop building and that’s why we reject the opposition’s build-nothing approach,"

“I wouldn’t let them off the hook by simply saying they don’t want to invest in the future through schools,”

“They don’t want to build hospitals and they don’t want to build roads and they don’t want to invest in bridges or water.”

"Redford told the children — and the parents and dignitaries seated behind them — that while her government is committed to building things, her opponents are not."

The opposition will build "nothing". No roads, schools, clinics, buildings...  nothing! An utterly ridiculous statement that the facts and common sense defy. Perhaps our premier should have asked those kids what the meaning of the word 'nothing' is because she clearly does not know.

None of this should be surprising as the Alberta PC's have long ago lost sight of the line between party and government but what makes these occurrences different is that she decided to do so in front of young kids who were there, and who probably had no other choice but to attend, to see Redford as a representative of their government and not a representative of the PCCA holding a partisan campaign style event which their parents paid for with their taxes.  And she did so, lies included, with the Minister of Education and what looks to be every Calgary PC MLA in attendance at her side cheering and approving her lies to school kids.

They all stood by, in fact they all applauded, and let the Premier lie to children.

Now that is low on anyone's scale.


Jen said...

As long as the media allows her to make lying statements about the wrp; Alison has nothing to fear from us the public because most of us would not hear no learn of her statements in either the newspapers or on television.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper set a new low for nasty attacks. It is no surprise that alberta conservatives adopt the same tactics.

WTF said...

I know what you mean Nonny. Did you see the one Harper made about our streets ....with guns.....I'm not making this low indeed can Harper.......oh wait, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Redford under adult supervision. About time PC's. Why didn't you do that with Eddy Stelmach another flame out. Where do you get these people? Alberta PC's are such a joke we now have Alison Redford = Ed Stelmach with a dress on. Call an election and remove them all!