Sunday, April 28, 2013

When is a "long standing policy" at the CBC not really a policy at all? When it involves Justin Trudeau.

So CBC ran Justin Trudeau's latest ad during the broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Flashback to 2009

"OTTAWA, June 4 (UPI) -- Canada's cash-strapped public broadcaster is refusing to run the Conservative party's attack ads on the leader of the Liberal party.

The ads that accuse Michael Ignatieff of "just visiting" Canada after 34 years out of the country are airing on all other networks in the country, but the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. declined, saying it contravened a longstanding policy, the Canwest News Service reported.

CBC spokesman Jeff Keay said the refusal wasn't a political statement.

"We'll only accept political advertising like that when there is an election campaign on," he told Canwest. "We have generally pretty strict guidelines."  (highlighting mine)

Federal broadcast law stipulates all broadcasters must allocate time for political campaigning and advertising, but only after an election has been called, the report said.
Ignatieff said earlier in the week he didn't want to bring the Conservative minority government down with a non-confidence vote any time soon, but that he was under mounting pressure from fellow Liberals."

So when is a 'long standing policy" at the CBC not really a long standing policy?

When it involves Justin Trudeau.

Way to go CBC!

Update: As noted in the comments. A great way to voice your concern/displeasure/etc is to email the cbc ombudsman. It does work as this 2010 example: shows. It was with a  different Ombudsman, but oddly enough the current Ombudsman, Esther Enkin, makes an appearance.

h/t Kate from SDA. 


Pissedoff said...

Said it before and will keep repeating it. As long as Harper is willing to keep wasting $1.1 billion of taxpayers hard earned money on these left wing lunatics they will keep getting away with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of an Alfred Hitchcock movie... "Rope"

Perhaps Harper's strategy has been and will continue to be give them enough rope and they'll simply hang themselves...

Worked great with Smartin, Iggy, Dijon and Boob Ray didn't it?

Well they (The Entitlement party of Canada and Natural fooling party)were decimated from the amazing turn of events in Quebec with the NDP "No Damn Plan" party enlisting Bartenders who party in Vegas to upset the "Block Head's" and "Librano's" solid seats...

Perhaps such Icons as the CBC need to be cut loose like Air Canada was... preferably before they cause challenges within the Canadian media and force anyone who is privately run out of the market with there unchecked and ever expanding reach into things outside of their charter and mandate.

Get back to reporting the facts and not forming and reporting your own opinion as news and false stories before you become as reliant as TMZ, CBC

Pissedoff said...

Yes nony I used to think that, but I think they have had enough rope with some of the things they have come out with lately. With Trudeau here it might be too late.

Mr Ed said...

Justin, Justin, Justin...

Just throwing in some more wood for the fire...

When will the CBC be reporting on these numbers... took a 2 second google search

I suspect someone at Sun News will be all over it at some point

Lorne Russell said...

Pissedoff above is right. The solution is to sell the damned CBC.

dmorris said...

Who in their right mind would want to buy the CBC? The Network only works because of the massive subsidy, it's programs,except for HNIC,which contract runs out soon, are mostly unwatched by anyone but the immediate families of the participants.

Has anyone EVER come up to you at coffee break and said,"wasn't Little mosque on the Prairie terrific last night"?

Not unless you work at CBC.

But,there IS a big demographic, of senior citizens,who still watch CBC News,and get most of their information from that source. If Harper was to eliminate the CBC, he'd lose a good portion of that vote.

Better he should make sure competitors like Sun-TV get on basic cable,so people can hear the other side of the equation.

Or appoint Ezra Levant CEO of CBC. ;-)

Thucydides said...

Perhaps we can help the CBC see the errors of its way:

Office of the CBC Ombudsman:

CRTC complaints

Members of Parliament

It is not enough to talk about this, but to take action. Several hundred inquiries should make them turn tail and run.

Ardvark said...

I have been tweeting the cbc ombudsman on this myself but haven't heard anything back from anyone yet as to why/how a 'long standing policy' of the cbc suddenly changed for Justin and what is left of the Liberals.

Writing the Ombudsman does work and I have updated the post with an example. =)