Saturday, April 29, 2006

John McCallum and a few other thoughts

Yesterday John McCallum got it right. Approx 02:40 in this link

"If we don't make progress in Quebec, we won't be in government until the 22nd century."

Sometimes out of the mouths of Liberals comes wisdom.


I Googled Ken Dryden and was surprised to see this site was on the top above his own website.


Overheard in the PMO the other day: "Jack Layton called and he was not happy that he might have to change the NDP's campaign slogan "Getting results for people" as the CPC has been doing that since coming to power and now it doesn't fit the NDP. He wishes you would be more like the Liberals and not do anything so he can continue to pull the wool over Canadians eyes and look good.

Ok, I must fess up and say the above comment is not true, if anyone did believe it to begin with, but hey I thought it was funny and its my blog.


It is very quiet on the Lib blogs on the softwood lumber settlement. I guess reality has affected other Liberals beside John McCallum.

Have a good weekend everyone

Friday, April 28, 2006

Dryden against democracy?

Another Liberal wants to be leader of the opposition for at least the next 5 years and he has already gotten off to a great Liberal start.

Today he said:

"I'm running because the day after election day I was mad. For 18 months we had worked on something that mattered -- a national system of early learning and child care. And then it was gone."

He than goes on to talk about the CPC policy and adds this gem: "Calling it 'universal' is a debasement of the language."... "It is a fundamental misuse of language," he said, referring to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper's election pledge to give parents $1,200 a year per child under age six.

Ok let me get this straight, your 'national system', which is not a system of anything besides giving money away to the provinces in a hodgepodge of seperate unequal and un-uniform deals where to my knowledge no additional child care spaces have yet to be created, was an honest use of language?

Maybe to a Liberal it does make sense, but to Canadians who voted your party and its so called national system out of office it was clear. Go ahead and be mad at democracy and the Canadian voter, but I do not think that it is the best strategy for a politician to insult the system and the voters that he will need to get elected.

Oh by the way, the CPC plan is called choice in childcare and it is universal in that the money promised will go to the parent/s of ALL children under the age of six. That is 100% of the children under 6, not just for the 25% of the 54% of parents that use public daycare. The money will not go into general revenue of a province, to unions, to lobby groups, or anywhere else that the money from your 'national system' would end up at the whim of the provinces.

edit: can anyone give me a link or quote where anyone in the CPC used "universal" to describe the choice in childcare program? I think Mr. Dryden is playing loose with the facts on this.
Update: ht to William in the comments section.

I stand corrected on the usage of the word universal as I questioned in the above edit.

I still disagree with Mr. Dryden's opinion about the word usage, as the term 'universal' would apply better to the CPC plan than the Liberal ideas, but we each have our own opinions.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Are you sure you want the job?

Because who ever gets it is going to be on the opposition benches for some time.

Today Canadians were rubbing their eyes in disbelief as they again saw a federal government that actually gets things done. Lulled into a semi concious state for the last 13 years by the undelivered promises of the former Liberal government, ordinary Canadians are beginning to take notice of the new guys, who not only work but are not nearly as scary as they have been portrayed in the past. And I am enjoying every minute of it!!!!

Did anyone see Belinda today sitting behind Bill Graham as he was trying to figure out how to oppose the softwood lumber deal. Here is a tip Bill; you can't, so don't lose what ever credibility you do have left with Canadians by opposing a better deal than the Liberals could manage to negotiate over their long years in power. But I digress and Bill will continue to rant against the deal even though he knows nothing about it and David Emerson will rip him a new one as he knows the entire story from both sides. Again I love it!! But back to Belinda. She looked terrible and very disinterested in the goings on. I hope she is not having second thoughts.

Even the beacon of the left has seen the light.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just ban it and the problem will go away

HT to Attila Vass for this.

" London politicians moved a step closer last night to making the city the first in Canada to fight graffiti by banning the sale of markers and spray paint to minors. "

It has worked so well with cigarettes and youth, why not.

What goes on in the heads of the people who believe propose this stuff. Try enforcing existing laws before going about creating new ones that will not be enforced either.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Flag flap

I wonder what all those people who are suddenly so concerned about flag protocol and our military, did on November 11th, 2005?

My guess is that many of the 'concerned' just treated it like another stat day off and went shopping.

MSM bias

No, this is not going to be about the "liberal bias" or the perceived bias of the MSM. My thinking tonight is on how can the MSM approach stories about MSM with any type of objectivness.

Tonights lead story on Global National was about the MSM not being allowed to be at Trenton when some Canadian Heroes make their final trip back to Canada.

It was a story about themselves and the rest of the MSM.

We look to the media to keep an eye on things for us for the most part. They are where the action is while the rest of us are at work, school, home parenting, or what ever it is those I didn't slap into a category fit. The MSM are effectively watchdogs for us and do an effective job, but can the MSM be watchdogs upon themselves when reporting stories about issues dealing directly with the MSM.

From what I have seen so far, I think the MSM is failing miserably.

There is a way that they can do stories about MSM issues, but I doubt the MSM would like my solution as it may shake things up too much if it was implemented. But in the off chance some someone is reading this blog, may I suggest that in the future the MSM acknowledge that stories about themselves should be considered opinion pieces and the audience informed as such.

You cannot be objective when being a watchdog on issues related to yourself. This is not unique to MSM either. Think about it.

But that's just my opinion.

Meat the Oilers

If anyone was watching game 2 of the Detroit Edmonton they saw an interesting event take place series during the Canadian national anthem. Oiler fans throw beef onto the ice.

A couple of radio DJs from Edmonton traveled to Detroit to watch the Oilers first 2 playoff games, but they also had another evil plan. There is a tradition in Detroit where fans throw octupus onto the ice, so these guys figured why not some throw Alberta beef as well to show some support for the good guys.

The plan was set and during game one an attempt was made but the beef never made it onto the ice as it had bounced off the netting and back into the seats. Game 2 was a different story, and a different plan was hatched.

The 2 Djs went into the seats on opposite sides of the arena near center ice away from the protective nets, and at a pre determined time at the end of the national anthem the beef was to be tossed. As the moment approached, Chris Scheetz stood perpared to make the toss even though an arena security guard was looking directly at him and soon pounced as the meat made its way over the glass and onto the ice. Chris was escorted to the bowels of the arena and was soon questioned by some of Detroits finest about the beef toss and eventually escorted out of the building; much to his relief as all sorts of thoughts were going through his head about the possible consequences of his actions.

Going all the way to Detroit and now not being able to see the game was not part of the plan but thankfully the Oilers themselves came to the rescue and managed to get Chris back into the arena where he watched the Oilers even up the series before heading back home to Rexall place in Edmonton on Tuesday.

Never underestimate the power of Alberta Beef.

Go Oilers!!!

Flag flap

Trying to turn the deaths of Canadian soldiers into political gain is just about as low as you can go.

I do not care what Jack Layton or Bill Graham think on the issue, I prefer to listen to what the men and women who serve or have served in the past think and will trust their judgement as to when the flag should be lowered. 80 years of tradition is hard to argue with, but somehow the Liberals screwed that up as well and are now trying to play themselves as supporters of the military contrary to what they have done while in government over the past 13 years.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

As the list gets shorter

While it is still very early on in this governments mandate we have already seen much action on policy and the five priorities that the government has set out for itself.

The accountability act has been tabled, the childcare money will be in the next budget along with the GST cut, and just the other day the PM announced some of the get tough on crime policy which will be tabled THIS spring. Not much yet on the healthcare wait time guarantee, but judging by the current pace of this government I suspect it will not be long before we start hearing more on the subject from both the PM and the provinces.

As these get dealt with and become law/policy the list of 5 gets smaller and smaller.

I have but one question......

What happens then?

Waiting for Preston

I think, and hope it will be official very soon.

Where ever you stand on Alberta politics, you cannot argue that with Manning in the race it sure will be interesting.

And that is a good thing.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who was the dude in that black car?

It has not been the best week of my life by any stretch of the imagination. After already having suffered for 4 days with the worst case of the stomach flu that I can remember I headed out on Thursday for the AACCA Show in Calgary.

The trip started off on a bad note when I hit the gas station to fill up the truck and saw the price of gas had gone up 5 cents overnight; imagine that, an increase happening just before a long weekend. So after having coughed up the extra cash to fill the truck I started out on the drive south and being that I still was not feeling well, it also made the trip a bit more precarious than routine.

Upon arrival I was informed that there was little mistake with the registration that my friend, who was sharing a table with myself, had sent in. The mistake was that it was never received, the cheque was not cashed and we had no table! Months of planning was down the tubes, a truck loaded with stuff that would not see any buyers, a gut that still was not settled, and a paid for hotel room that was no longer needed.

It was on the drive to drop off my friend that it happened. At first I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary, but that is when my friend caught sight of a couple of somewhat innocent looking black cars in the lane beside us as we merged onto into traffic and he said " I wonder who the dude in the black car is?" I looked over at the cars and didn't think much of it as I just wanted to drop him off and get some rest, and as we turned off in another direction it hit me.

It was this guy

I know it is not much of a story, but it was about the only good thing from my recent trip to Calgary. Well that is not entirely true, the show was great as always and for next year I learned to make sure I look after the paperwork myself.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Accountability Act

The Federal Accountability Act was tabled today in Ottawa, and across the country ordinary citizens, who have been used to Liberal rule for the past 12 years, are stunned by the fact that a government might actually do what it had promised during an election campaign.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Belinda is out

It is official, Belinda Stronach is not going to seek the leadership of the LPC, well at least not yet. Her poor French speaking skills are being mentioned by others as the biggest reason for this decision, and this is probably the case but I also suspect she is thinking that unless the CPC totally screw up they are headed for a majority in the next election and being the Liberal leader at this time may not be the best career move. She is not known as a political mastermind, but waiting until next time may prove to be a brilliant political move.

It is too bad that she is not running as I was looking forward to the entertainment value of her being in the race, but all is still not lost as Bob Rae still has the chance to fill the comedy role.

Update: The latest poll numbers If this keeps up Belinda will have made the correct choice and can gain valuable experience sitting on the opposition backbench before her next shot at the leadership. Also the wait until 'next time' will allow her previous association with the CPC to fade away from memory which would have made her a sitting duck this time for her opponents.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Stabbing your friends in the back for fun and profit.

I am not too impressed with the results from the Alberta PC's leadership review vote earlier this week, as I think Ralph deserved much better. After a long and very successful political career leading this province, he does deserve to go out on his own terms as suggested by Danny Wiliams and not be embarrased by those looking for his job and their supporters.

Say what you want it, but it shows no class and puts the entire party in a bad light to those who do not live politics but just know what the MSM tells them in 60 second clips or in newspaper headlines.

I do not know about how you rate values, but loyalty is very high on my list and also on the lists of many other of my fellow Albertans. If one puts his/her own personal gain over loyalty, I not only have to question their entire character but also wonder if they are right for the job and how they ever figure they can command any type of loyalty themselves in the future.

From Jim Dinnings website: "It's no secret that when Party Leader and Premier Klein decides that it's his time to step down, I will put my name forward. I met with the Premier two years ago and I talked with him about that. Said I would compete for the job, when the job comes available. But in the meantime, I'll be a loyal foot soldier, loyal to the leader."

Hmm, thats not how this played out now is it Jim?

Rant over, except for one last thing. The long good bye comparison used by the MSM and bloggers wishing Ralph to move on.

Comparing Ralph Klein to Jean Chretien has been a favorite for MSM and bloggers alike, but please do not leave out the other half of the comparison. Jim Dinning and Paul Martin. Both of them in charge of the public finances during some critical times, both have shown their lust for power by their actions, and both were the 'chosen' ones for their parties.

Keep this one in mind for the future because Martin had no vision once he obtained power, and I can only hope that Dinning will not be the same, but from what I have seen so far I am not counting on it.

Update: It would seem that a few Dinning supporters are not happy with my comments judging by a few recent emails in my in box. Sorry folks but that is how I see it and NOTHING I have seen yet has convinced me otherwise. Ok the Paul Martin thing may have been a bit harsh, but the more I see Dinning the more I think of PM as well as another guy closer to home, Don Getty.

Think about it.