Monday, April 03, 2006

Stabbing your friends in the back for fun and profit.

I am not too impressed with the results from the Alberta PC's leadership review vote earlier this week, as I think Ralph deserved much better. After a long and very successful political career leading this province, he does deserve to go out on his own terms as suggested by Danny Wiliams and not be embarrased by those looking for his job and their supporters.

Say what you want it, but it shows no class and puts the entire party in a bad light to those who do not live politics but just know what the MSM tells them in 60 second clips or in newspaper headlines.

I do not know about how you rate values, but loyalty is very high on my list and also on the lists of many other of my fellow Albertans. If one puts his/her own personal gain over loyalty, I not only have to question their entire character but also wonder if they are right for the job and how they ever figure they can command any type of loyalty themselves in the future.

From Jim Dinnings website: "It's no secret that when Party Leader and Premier Klein decides that it's his time to step down, I will put my name forward. I met with the Premier two years ago and I talked with him about that. Said I would compete for the job, when the job comes available. But in the meantime, I'll be a loyal foot soldier, loyal to the leader."

Hmm, thats not how this played out now is it Jim?

Rant over, except for one last thing. The long good bye comparison used by the MSM and bloggers wishing Ralph to move on.

Comparing Ralph Klein to Jean Chretien has been a favorite for MSM and bloggers alike, but please do not leave out the other half of the comparison. Jim Dinning and Paul Martin. Both of them in charge of the public finances during some critical times, both have shown their lust for power by their actions, and both were the 'chosen' ones for their parties.

Keep this one in mind for the future because Martin had no vision once he obtained power, and I can only hope that Dinning will not be the same, but from what I have seen so far I am not counting on it.

Update: It would seem that a few Dinning supporters are not happy with my comments judging by a few recent emails in my in box. Sorry folks but that is how I see it and NOTHING I have seen yet has convinced me otherwise. Ok the Paul Martin thing may have been a bit harsh, but the more I see Dinning the more I think of PM as well as another guy closer to home, Don Getty.

Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you hear about Jim orchestrating that vote. He had nothing to do with it.

Matt said...

dinning has shown himself a deceptive cloak whenever the media and public come near - behind a progressive look. appearances, that's all. he quit the treasurers position when his own appointed auditor general got near to releasing his report. smooth. then he and his private health co buddies stacked the health boards and gutted the hospitals - and he pretends he's against the third way! smooth. then he flies around on transalta
business with enron men...and guess who stands to profit from all the deregulation? Dinning is like Iggy. They are both bad news for Alberta, bad news for Canada...what tower of l will JIMROD build? How many geneva conventions will herr iggy violate? but smooth? you bet.....smooth as an oily handshake and a fullerbrushman's smile....