Thursday, April 06, 2006

Belinda is out

It is official, Belinda Stronach is not going to seek the leadership of the LPC, well at least not yet. Her poor French speaking skills are being mentioned by others as the biggest reason for this decision, and this is probably the case but I also suspect she is thinking that unless the CPC totally screw up they are headed for a majority in the next election and being the Liberal leader at this time may not be the best career move. She is not known as a political mastermind, but waiting until next time may prove to be a brilliant political move.

It is too bad that she is not running as I was looking forward to the entertainment value of her being in the race, but all is still not lost as Bob Rae still has the chance to fill the comedy role.

Update: The latest poll numbers If this keeps up Belinda will have made the correct choice and can gain valuable experience sitting on the opposition backbench before her next shot at the leadership. Also the wait until 'next time' will allow her previous association with the CPC to fade away from memory which would have made her a sitting duck this time for her opponents.

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