Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Meat the Oilers

If anyone was watching game 2 of the Detroit Edmonton they saw an interesting event take place series during the Canadian national anthem. Oiler fans throw beef onto the ice.

A couple of radio DJs from Edmonton traveled to Detroit to watch the Oilers first 2 playoff games, but they also had another evil plan. There is a tradition in Detroit where fans throw octupus onto the ice, so these guys figured why not some throw Alberta beef as well to show some support for the good guys.

The plan was set and during game one an attempt was made but the beef never made it onto the ice as it had bounced off the netting and back into the seats. Game 2 was a different story, and a different plan was hatched.

The 2 Djs went into the seats on opposite sides of the arena near center ice away from the protective nets, and at a pre determined time at the end of the national anthem the beef was to be tossed. As the moment approached, Chris Scheetz stood perpared to make the toss even though an arena security guard was looking directly at him and soon pounced as the meat made its way over the glass and onto the ice. Chris was escorted to the bowels of the arena and was soon questioned by some of Detroits finest about the beef toss and eventually escorted out of the building; much to his relief as all sorts of thoughts were going through his head about the possible consequences of his actions.

Going all the way to Detroit and now not being able to see the game was not part of the plan but thankfully the Oilers themselves came to the rescue and managed to get Chris back into the arena where he watched the Oilers even up the series before heading back home to Rexall place in Edmonton on Tuesday.

Never underestimate the power of Alberta Beef.

Go Oilers!!!

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